AGM Lead batteries – A Worthy Solution

Lead batteries have become important accessories in the life of humans. We are living in the age when these are widely used in engines and power back up systems. We depend heavily on electricity these days to make our tasks easier. Hence we constantly look for automated and automotive mediums. And for fulfilling this task rechargeable batteries have played an instrumental role. Formerly, only flooded Lead batteries were in use but now manufacturers have developed a new variant. These are called AGM batteries. These come in various specifications and we are going to talk about the features, benefits, and effectiveness of these batteries further in this article.

Ever since the inception of lead batteries, these rechargeable batteries are in commercial and industrial use. There are two types of lead acids batteries, one is starter battery and the other is a deep cycle battery. Both types of batteries have certain uses. The deep cycle battery is known to provide continuous power to the equipment. Such equipment can be golf cars, wheelchairs, etc. the deep-cycle battery has moderate power output but permits cycling. Starter batteries have a very low internal resistance as compared to others. And there is no doubt that 1000 CCA AGM battery is one of the most prime variants of lead-acid batteries.

AGM CCA Lead-Acid Batteries

These batteries are designed to operate in tough conditions. They’re capable to withstand vibrations and other mechanical stress. They must be able to power various electric and electronic devices and these batteries fulfill this requirement big time. The other important requirement is when the engine gets started they must be able to provide large currents to start large. This factor should be in comparison to the start of multiple gasoline or even diesel engines. Such requirements significantly call for the potential of 1000 CCA marine battery models. This specification is well suited to most of the applications. 

AGM batteries Vs Lithium Batteries

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. These are sealed lead-acid batteries and different from the flooded version of the batteries. These are heavy in comparison to their counterparts but highly durable and sturdy. These batteries are highly reliable and are in use in numerous applications across the globe. The other kind of batteries that are prevalent in use of lithium deep cycle batteries. These are the emerging alternative because of old lead batteries. They are light weighted but their efficiency and effectiveness are debatable. These are mostly used in small and portable equipment. The AGM batteries have a clear edge over as they have longer battery life coupled with proven technology. To go with that AGM battery is cost-effective.

These come in many variants but the 1000 CCA AGM battery version is most widely used because of its innumerable benefits. Yes, we agree that many manufacturers have started to manufacture 700 CCA lithium batteries. And they propagate that these are as good and potent enough to match the durability of 1000 CCA AGM batteries but we always recommend the use of the tried and tested product at least in higher-order applications.

AGM CCA at a Glance

It is a more developed version of the flooded batteries that are used traditionally. This newly developed version of lead-acid batteries comes with higher performance than its traditional counterpart. In these AGM batteries, the electrolyte solution is absorbed in a mat that is made of glass fibers. In the earlier versions of the batteries, the plates were used to get submerged in the electrolyte solution. This makes it free from spillages and hence becomes the fundamental differentiating factor from the flooded batteries. As these batteries restrict the spillage thus becomes easy to transport over long distances. The plates that these batteries use can be put in both cylindrical cells and rectangular cells. It would work perfectly fine in both cases.

AGM Edge

AGM batteries come with a low level of internal resistance and these are quite capable of delivering a high level of electric current. These are durable and give long service to the users; these batteries are lighter in weight as compared to the flooded batteries which were used earlier and provide better electrical performance and reliability than flooded type lead-acid batteries. These batteries can withstand both high and low levels of temperatures. These come with self-discharge features which increases its reliability. Apart from this, these batteries offer numerous other advantages as well. Some of the major advantages are high load current, faster charging time over flooded lead-acid and lithium batteries.

Uses of AGM batteries

These batteries are built to size and are commonly used in high-end vehicles. The basic requirement of these batteries in high power vehicles is because of numerous accessories such as wipers, automatic mirrors, heated seats, etc. These batteries are also instrumental in running power navigation system, stability and traction control and premium music systems fitted in the vehicles. The various auto racing leagues across the world choose AGM products. This is by and large because they are vibration resistant. The Start-stop batteries which are used in high powered cars are almost exclusively AGM.

The main reason behind their preference is because the classic flooded type is not robust enough for such power applications. This grade of AGM batteries has always been preferred for upscale motorcycles and cars. As these batteries reduce the chance of acid spilling hence it increases the safety of the drivers in case of an accident. These batteries are of low weight and therefore these can be installed at different angles in the vehicle. This makes the task of the manufacturer easy. These batteries are known to perform well even at cold temperatures; this is why they are used in marine and robotics applications.

So it is quite evident that the lead-acid batteries are a great solution to the needs of human beings and have a clear edge over their counterparts in this category. And its variant of AGM CCA 1000 is a winning proposition for all. It satisfies most of the needs of the applications. Irrespective of its higher manufacturing cost it comes as a potent product that is well used in the automotive industry.

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