ALLPOWERS 288Wh 300W Portable Power Station Review

ALLPOWERS 288Wh 300W Portable Power Station









  • App compatability that lets you remotely control the power station
  • Wide selection of output ports
  • Very small and lightweight for a 300W power station


  • Internal fan is always running when the AC outlets are powered on
(Last Updated On: March 7, 2023)

Searching for a power station is like searching for a laptop; you must ensure that the specs and the price work for you. Power stations have improved drastically in recent years with all sorts of specifications you need to consider before purchasing one. Some have different battery types, capacities, power output, ports they feature, and many other differentiating features.

In this review, I’m looking at this ALLPOWERS 288Wh 300W mini power station that can meet most people’s needs when powering smaller appliances. The charging on this power station is also great, and the most unexpected part is that this unit does feature Bluetooth because it’s compatible with an app.

Power Capacity

The capacity of this ALLPOWERS power station is 288Wh, and that is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to being a power station. That said, the matters most is knowing how much of the initial capacity you can use, which is why I ran an AC and DC capacity test.

For the AC capacity, I used a Watt meter to measure the Watt Hours and powered a large crockpot at its high setting, and that pulled about 200W; I ran the crockpot until the ALLPOWERS power station ran from 100% to 0%. Once the power station was fully depleted, I returned to a 230Wh capacity that was used up, so the AC capacity has about 79% efficiency. A 79% efficiency is alright, although I would have favored a bit more, but it works well enough.

I used my load test for the DC capacity test and powered it from the DC cigarette lighter port on this power station and had about a 130W output that I ran from 100% to 0%. The DC capacity test gave me a 251Wh capacity, which is about 87% efficiency.

Overall, the capacity efficiency of this ALLPOWERS 288Wh power station is good, and you can make use of most of it. Just how long with the capacity last? That will depend entirely on what you’re powering from this power station and the draw of power. For example, if you’re powering a 250W appliance, you can expect about an hour of runtime using this power station.

If you want this power station to last a few hours, the appliance you run should be rated 100W or lower. It’s a decent capacity that can last a long time, but only if the device you’re powering has low power usage.

Output Charging

The output selection on this ALLPOWERS power station is excellent and fits into the power output and capacity of the unit. There are two AC outlets, four charging ports, a single cigarette lighter DC socket, and two DC barrel ports.

This power station’s two DC barrel ports are rated at 12V/5A, and the DC cigarette lighter port also has a max output of 12V/5A. However, when I ran the DC capacity test from the cigarette lighter port, I got a 12V/10A output from the port. Hence, the cigarette lighter port on this power station is much more powerful than they say it is, as I ran it at nearly 120W from full down to 0%, and the port kept supplying power to my load tester, which was impressive.

The charging ports on these power stations are good, including the single 100W USB-C Power Delivery port and the three USB-A ports. The three USB-A ports each have a 5V/3.0A (15W) charging rate, so these USB-A ports don’t feature Quick Charge, but 15W is good enough. The most impressive part is the 100W Power Delivery USB-C port because that can be used to fast charge most phones, tablets, and laptops.

In my testing, I could fast charge my Lenovo laptop without problems while standard charging my Note 9 from one of the USB-A ports.

The two AC outlet selection is good and fits within the power output of this power station. To test out the 300W max output, I plugged in a large and mini crockpot, set them to high, and had about a 303W output; I ran both of the crockpots continuously for about 10 minutes, and the power station still provided power after 10 minutes. So this ALLPOWERS power station is indeed able to supply 300W continuously.

Also, as you saw, you have to consider what you want to power from this power station. Anything that fits within the 300W range will work with this power station.

Input Charging




This ALLPOWERS power station does dual-feature recharging. The unit has an AC charging brick to recharge the power station via the DC input at 65W. You can also recharge this power station from the USB-C port at 60W, provided you have a 60W or higher Power Delivery charger. When you use the two input ports simultaneously, this power station can recharge at about 125W, much faster than the 65W AC recharging.


I also used ALLPOWERS 100W solar panel to recharge this power station, which got me about a 55W recharging speed. In my solar recharge test, I could recharge the power station from about 34% to 88% over about 5 hours.

Size and Weight


Considering the size and weight of this power station, it’s a mini one. The unit has a length of 8 inches, a width of 4 inches, and a height of 6 inches. The power station weighs 7.5 pounds. So you can easily carry it around, which is made easier because of the large handle at the top.

Functional Components

The ports on this ALLPOWERS power station are a bit everywhere. At the front of the power station is where the screen, AC outlet, power buttons, and flashlights are located. Off to the left side is where the cigarette lighter port, Anderson, and DC input port.

To the right of the power station where the charging ports and the DC barrel port are located. At the top is where the wireless charging pad and the handle are.

Press the DC power button to turn on the wireless charging pad, DC, and USB port. The AC button is used to turn on the AC outlets.

The other button activates the Bluetooth because this power station is compatible with an app from ALLPOWERS. Connecting the power station to the app is pretty easy, and once connected, the app can show the input and output wattage. The app also lets you remotely activate sections of the power station, such as the AC outlets and DC ports, and you can even activate the lights from the app.

Overall, the app compatibility is something that I wasn’t expecting, but it’s great to have.

Build Quality

The build quality of this power station is solid, and it’s honestly just made like most other power stations on the market. It’s made of plastic; you only have to worry about dropping it and exposing it to water.

On the inside, there is an internal fan whenever you have the AC outlets turned on; that is one part of this power station that I found surprising. The internal fan on most power stations turns on when needed, but the internal fan is always on when you have the AC outlets powered on this unit.


For a mini power station, this ALLPOWERS 300W unit is pretty good. The port selection, power output, and capacity all match; the best part is that it’s small, lightweight, and even compatible with Bluetooth.

ALLPOWERS 288Wh 300W Portable Power Station Specs
Power Capacity288Wh / 78000mAh
AC outlet300W, Peak Power 500W
USB-A Port5V 3A (Max.)
USB-C Power Delivery Port100W
DC Port12V 5A (Max.)
DC Cigarette Lighter Port12V / 5A (Max.)
Wireless Charging10W
AC Recharging65W
USB-C Recharging60W
Size8.1 x 6.5 x 4.3 inches
Weight7 Pounds


The ALLPOWERS 288Wh 300W portable power station is a low price but heavily reliable power station. In a market with so many options, this one is great for the price with all its powerful features.

ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 300W (Peak 500W), 288Wh Backup Battery Power Supply with Pure Sine Wave 110V AC Outlets, Portable Solar Generator for Home Use Outdoor Camping Travel RV Emergency
  • 【120W Max Dual Ways Input】: ALLPOWERS portable power station can recharge from AC Adapter (included) and USB-C PD60W simultaneously that takes only 2 hours from 0-80%. You can also fully recharge it by clean solar power(80W max) or 12V/24V cigarette lighter. Multiple charging methods keep your portable generator always full whenever you are at home, camping or on road trip.
  • 【Charge 10 Devices Simultaneously】: Portable power station features 2*AC ports , 1*USB-C port, 3*USB ports, 2*DC ports, 1* car cigarette lighter and a wireless charger. Pure sine wave AC inverter make it working faster, quieter and more stable. Protect the safety of the device being charged, completely healthy and environmentally friendly. With USB-C PD 100W fast charging port, ALLPOWERS portable charger can power PD laptops 40% faster more than normal laptop adapter.
  • 【Portable and Powerful】: ALLPOWERS portable power station 300W (Peak 500W) is equipped with 288Wh 78000mAh capacity in a smaller, lighter and more compact battery pack design(only 7.5 lbs). It is powerful enough to charge a CPAP or lamp for whole nights, smartphone 40+ times, laptop 4+ times, mini-refrigerator 5+ hours, camera 25+ times.
  • 【Phone Remote Control】: ALLPOWERS portable power station can be controlled by your phones via Bluetooth needn’t network. With excellent Battery Management System (BMS), ALLPOWERS generator extends battery service life for more than 10 years with protection of short-circuit / over-voltage / overload / overheating. Passed international UN38.3, UL2743, FCC safety standards certification.
  • 【5 Years Warranty】: ALLPOWERS provides amazing 5 YEARS product warranty and 24*7 friendly customer service. Package list: 1* 288Wh ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station, 1* AC Adapter with cable, 1* User guide.