ALLPOWERS R600 600W 299Wh LiFePO4 Power Station Review

ALLPOWERS R600 600W 299Wh LiFePO4 Power Station









  • LiFePO4 batteries that are able to deliver 3500 charge cycles and still maintain 80%+ battery capacity efficiency
  • Customizable AC charging all the way up to 430W; 300W max solar recharging available
  • Detailed screen and the power station has app compatability


  • Fan noise can be loud
(Last Updated On: May 12, 2023)

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Power stations may become the new smartphone because they have improved drastically in recent years. You may or may not remember when smartphones had some leaping improvements every year, and now things have slowed down. For power stations we’re currently in that phase where power stations are coming with all sorts of new and improved features that make getting newer models worth it.

In this review, I’m looking at this ALLPOWERS R600 power station. This power station is a definite upgrade from ALLPOWERS, using LiFePO4 batteries, a more detailed screen, and fast charging. Let’s take a closer look.

Battery Capacity

So as I mentioned before, this R600 power station uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. That means after 3500 charge cycles, the batteries can still maintain 80%+ of their original battery capacity. Compared to Lithium-Ion batteries that can only get 500-1000 charge cycles, the R600 power station is already off to a great start, as you can use the unit for a long time over the years.

Then when it comes to the 299Wh battery capacity of this R600 power station, it’s mainly on the lower side. What matters most is the efficiency of the 299Wh capacity, meaning how much you can use.

I first started with testing the DC capacity efficiency; with the load tester set to about 120W, I ran the test until the power station ran from 100% to 0%. I ended up with a 277Wh capacity, which gives me a 92% DC capacity efficiency which is very good.

I used a watt meter and powered a crockpot for the AC capacity. Once the power station reached 0%, I ended up with a 250Wh capacity, which gives me an 83% efficiency for the AC capacity. Overall, the capacity efficiency of this power station is excellent, and you can use most of the capacity that this power station has to offer.

When it comes to the unit’s runtime, that will depend entirely on the wattage of the appliance that you’re powering from the power station; for the DC capacity test, I pulled 120W, and that test ran for about 2.5 hours. So if you’re powering a device within a 100W or below range, the power station can run for a few hours.

That said, the AC outlets can output 600W; however, if you power an appliance 300W or 600W, you will have about 1-hour or 30-minute runtime for the power station.

Output Charging

The output ports on this ALLPOWERS R600 power station are what you can expect from a 600W power station. The unit has two DC 5521 ports, a single cigarette lighter port, two AC outlets, and four charging ports.

Each of the two DC 5521 ports and the cigarette lighter port can output 120W; I didn’t have any devices to test with the DC ports, but I used my load tester during the DC capacity test and could pull the total 120W from the cigarette lighter port.

The charging ports on the R600 power station are incredible; these are some of the best charging ports I’ve seen with a power station in this capacity range. There are two USB-C 100W Power Delivery ports, yes, TWO. These power stations may only have a single 60W or 100W Power Delivery port. There are also two USB-A Quick Charge ports.

For my testing, I could charge my Excitrus power bank at 100W and my Lenovo laptop at 30W from the two USB-C ports while fast charging my Galaxy Note 9 from the USB-A port. For my other test, I also charged my Baseus power bank at 65W while still charging my Excitrus power bank at 100W so that you can use the full 100W of Power Delivery from each USB-C port on this power station.

Yes, I know I didn’t quite hit the full 100W of PD from the two USB-C ports, but it’s close enough. This charging power from the ports ensures you can fast charge two phones simultaneously while charging two from the USB-A ports. It’s awesome seeing such powerful ports on a power station with this low of a capacity.

Fast wireless charging my Galaxy Note 9 using the wireless charging pad on top of the power station

AC Outlets 

The AC output of the ALLPOWERS R600 is 600W Pure Sine Wave output. There are two AC outlets, so there’s nothing too special happening here. I did test a heater on its low setting with the power station to see what would happen if I went over the 600W max output and the unit automatically shut off. So the power station does have a 600W max limit, which is fine.

So what can you power from the AC outlets? Well, anything that requires 600W of power or lower. I could easily power a large crock pot with a 200W draw of power and a mini crock pot with about 100W, and the power station could supply 300W continuously.

You can power a mini heater, a TV, a blender, possibly a mini fridge, and any other appliances as long as it’s within the 600 Watt power range.

Recharging the R600 Power Station

The R600 power station is recharged through the AC or XT60 input port. Included in the box are the AC charging cable and an XT60 to MC4 solar charging that you would use with a solar panel

The AC recharging for this power station is fantastic, mainly because it’s so fast, and you can change the recharging speed via the ALLPOWER app. The app features three charging speeds: Mute, Standard, and Fast. The Mute AC recharging mode has a 120W recharging rate, and this barely makes the fan turn on, so the power station is mostly quiet when recharging.

The Standard recharging mode is the default recharge mode, and it can recharge the power station at about 330W, which is pretty fast.

Then the fastest recharge mode is the Fast mode which can recharge the power station at 430W; so you’re looking at nearly a 1 hour recharge time from 0% to 100% with the Fast recharging mode.

Solar recharging from the XT60 port is also very good because the power station has a 300W max solar recharging speed, higher than other power stations within the same class. In my testing, I used an ALLPOWER’s 100W solar panel to recharge the power station and got about a 70W solar recharging speed. So using a 100W panel to recharge a 299Wh power station is pretty good if you already have one.

A 200W or 300W solar panel recharging this R600 power station would be incredible and much better than a 100W panel, provided you have excellent sun exposure.

Size and Design

The R600 power station has a length of 11 inches, a width of 7 inches, and a height of 7 inches. The weight of the power station is 16 pounds. The handle at the power station’s top makes it easier to hold and move around.

You’ll find nearly everything at the front of the power station, including all the ports, buttons, screen, and flashlight. At the top, you’ll find the handle and the wireless charging pad.

The AC outlet has one power button, and the charging and DC ports have a power button. The screen for the power station is detailed, showing the remaining battery capacity, estimated runtime, output wattage, and input wattage. It also shows what sections of the power station are turned on. The screen is bright and easy to read.

To the right side of the power station is where you’ll find the input ports to recharge it, which can be found under a covering.

The flashlight at the front has its power button, and the flashlight has two settings with a constant on mode and an SOS mode.

Build Quality

The build of the R600 power station is solid and is on the same level as flagship brands such as Bluetti and EcoFlow. The same rules apply here, though, which means that you should not drop the power station or expose it to water, as those things could damage it. Other than that, this power station is great for general use and has a strong put-together build.

ALLPOWERS R600 600W 299Wh LiFePO4 Power Station Specs
Power Capacity299Wh
Battery TypeLiFePO4 (3500+ Cycles up to 80%)
AC Ouput600W / 230V, Surge 1200W
Cigarette & DC5521 Output2 x DC5521, 1x Cigarette Port, 12V, 10A 120W Max Total
2x USB-C Output100W max.
2x USB-A Quick Charge Port18W max.
AC Recharging400W max.
Solar Recharging300W max.
Size7.6 x 7.5 x 11.2 inches
Weight16 Pounds


The ALLPOWERS R600 power station is a well-done upgrade from ALLPOWERS. They wanted to release a power station with up-to-date specs, and that’s exactly what they did. The R600 has LiFePO4 batteries, a fast recharging speed, app compatibility, a UPS feature, and a detailed screen. It matches up to the competition, and you should consider this one in your purchasing decision if you’re looking for a power station in this capacity and power output range.

ALLPOWERS 299Wh 600W Portable Power Station R600, LiFePO4 Battery Backup with UPS Function, 1 Hour to Full 400W Input, MPPT Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping, RVs, Home Use
  • 【600W Huge Stable Output】Up to 600W Pure Sine Wave AC inverter included (1200W surge), ALLPOWERS R600 portable power station can power 8 essential devices simultaneously with stable 110V voltage. 2 AC,2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, 1 Cigarette lighter, 1 Wireless Charger meet all your needs.
  • 【299Wh LFP Battery】With durable LiFePO4 battery cells and more capacity of 299wh, R600 can be used and recharged more than 3500 times. Eco mode can shut down R600 at a fixed time, and BMS can optimize the internal current cycle, making R600 regular use up to 10 years.
  • 【Fully Charged Within 1 Hour】 400W max AC input with 3 charge mode (Mute/ Standard/ Fast Mode) meets your multiple charging requirements. Solar 220W max input with XT60 port can save your outdoor recharged time. You can charged R600 from 0-100% in 1 hour!
  • 【Start UPS in 10 ms】ALLPOWERS R600 equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function. When wall outlet is interrupted, UPS will supply 110V AC power to the load in less than 10ms, which is faster, safer and more intelligent than the UPS of ordinary power stations.
  • 【5-Year Warranty】 ALLPOWERS R600 is designed with LFP battery pack to use 6X longer than other battery. Additionally, we offer superior 5 years warranty for worry-free experience. Package: ALLPOWERS R600 portable power station, AC charging cable, user manual, warranty card.
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