ALOGIC Rapid Power 30W Mini Car Charger Review

ALOGIC Rapid Power 30W Mini Car Charger









  • 30W Power Delivery output when charging a single device
  • Features two USB-C ports to charge two devices at the same time
  • This car charger is very small and it has a pull tab for taking it out of the outlet


  • Does not come with a USB-C to USB-C cable
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)

A car charger can be the most reliable type of charger you can own because you may drive, your phone may be low on battery power, and you can use a car charger with fast charging. At this point, car chargers come with all sorts of charging speeds; for example, I’ve recently reviewed an ALOGIC 100W car charger that can be useful for charging laptops, phones, and tablets. If you’re only looking to charge phones while you drive, going with a lower-wattage charger is a good idea.

In this review, I’m looking at an ALOGIC Rapid Power 30W mini car charger with two USB-C ports. The first thing you’ll notice about this charger is its tiny size, which is why I find it surprising that it can output 30W. Let’s check out what this charger is capable of.

Charging Power

This ALOGIC car charger has two USB-C ports; if you’re only charging a single device simultaneously, each port can output 30W. A 30W Power Delivery charge rate can charge some USB-C laptops such as Macbooks. For the most part, though, I recommend relying on this charger to fast charge phones. For testing purposes, I did recharge my Excitrus power bank, which has a max input of 100W, and it was able to recharge at 30W from this ALOGIC car charger, so the charger can output 30W when charging a single device.

For my next test, I still had my Excitrus power bank charging and plugged in my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to the other USB-C port; the Excitrus power bank recharge speed dropped to about 14W, and my Note 9 was still able to fast charge. When it comes to charging two devices simultaneously, the max output of this car charger becomes 24W, with each port outputting 12W.

On the River 2 power station screen, you can see that the car charger could only output 24W when I had the Excitrus power bank and Note 9 charging.

For my other test, I had my Galaxy Note 9 and an LG G7 charging simultaneously, and somehow my Note 9 continued to charge fast, and my LG G7 standard charged. Considering that each of the ports is outputting 12W when charging two devices, I would think that both phones would standard charge, but it seems my Note 9 was still able to pull enough power to fast charge.

Overall, charging power is good for charging phones or tablets; you may be able to charge some laptops, but I don’t think a charger is meant for that.

Size and Weight

This ALOGIC 30W car charger has a 1.2-inch length. This charger is so small that it fits entirely into your 12V cigarette lighter port. Seriously, this charger has a pull tab at the front where the ports are that you will likely have to use to take the charger out. It’s almost like the charger becomes part of your car.

Functional Components

As I mentioned, this car charger is so small that it has a pull tab to take the charger out of the outlet. A blue LED power light turns on once the charger is powered.

Build Quality

This charge is made of Aluminum Alloy and has a great build. The pull tab also feels high quality, and the charger doesn’t look like it would break apart even if you pull out of your outlet.


If you want to fast charge your phone while you drive, this ALOGIC car charger is a good choice. You can fast charge most Android phones and iPhones using this car charger. For iPhones, you will need a USB-C to Lightning charging cable. You cannot fast charge two phones simultaneously as the max output becomes 24W.

ALOGIC Rapid Power 30W Mini Car Charger Specs
USB-C PD Output (Single Device Charging)30W
USB-C PD Output (Dual Charging)24W Max output | 12W Each Port
InputDC 12-24V
Size1 x 1 x 1 inch
Weight6 Ounces


This ALOGIC Rapid Power 30W mini car charger is one of the smallest chargers I’ve ever reviewed. The fact that it can output 30w is surprising to me, but it can do it. This charger will be out of the way in your car, and you’ll be able to fast charge your phone while you drive. I recommend it.

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