Best AC Outlet Power Banks and Portable Power Stations

When it comes to portable charging, we think about power banks that have USB charging ports that can charge devices such as our smartphones and tablets.

That’s really what power banks are and they have changed quite a lot over the years, with there being very high capacity power banks that can basically last you for a week without needing a recharge.

There are also portable chargers that make use of USB-C Power Delivery, and so you can charge USB-C compatible laptops with them.

Then there are power banks that use AC outlets, and some of them go into the category of being called portable chargers and some of them get called Portable Power Stations.

An AC Outlet On-the-Go can be Very Useful

As some portable chargers that use AC outlets have a lot more power capacity than others and some of them make use of a DC port, too, along with their usage of USB ports and an AC outlet. That said, no matter how you look at it, the usage of an AC outlet with a portable powering device is possibly one of the most reliable types of devices that you can own.

It could come in handy if there’s ever an emergency if you’re going out camping or hiking, or you can simply keep it in your car if you ever needed it.

AC outlet power banks and portable power stations can be one of the most useful devices that you can own because they’re able to power appliances, something that regular power banks simply cannot do.

That’s why in this guide, we’re going to be going over the most useful AC portable charger and power stations.

RAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bankpic-1

The first AC outlet power bank that we’re recommending is from the brand, RAVPower.

RAVPower is actually quite a popular brand on the market for charging electronics and we dare say that they’re one of the best brands with the number of reviews that their received for their products.

This power bank of theirs is definitely a way of telling that they’re an innovative brand.

It has a 27,000mAh power capacity and you might think that’s barely any power capacity at all for an AC outlet power bank, but it’s still a lot of power for a portable charger and it gets to maintain a “portable charger” form factor that you can more easily take anywhere that you want.

It’s with the 27,000mAh power capacity that can you use this charger for charging smartphones to their full power about 7 times if you wanted to.

Powerful Standard Charging from its Ports

Of course, since this power bank makes use of an AC outlet, you’re also able to charge laptops and you can charge most laptops on the market to their full power about two times with this power bank.

There are three main ways to use this RAVPower portable charger. There are two USB-A ports and each of them has a 5V/2.4A charging speed, there’s also a USB-C port that has a 5V/3.0A charging speed and then there’s the AC outlet.

Really meant for more Simple Appliances

The AC outlet on is a 2-prong one, and it has a 100W power output, so you can only power appliances that fit under that 100W range.

The best use for the AC outlet on this RAVPower charger is for mini fans, mini fridges and of course laptops chargers that use a 2-prong connection.

One of the most useful types of chargers to plug into the AC outlet is a USB-C Power Delivery wall charger as those can require 30W, 45W, 60W and up to 100W, and so you can charge your USB-C compatible laptop at its max charging speed if you use the AC outlet on this power bank.

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Specs of the RAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bank:

  • Capacity:            Advertised: 27,000mAh             Output Capacity: 20,000-24,0000mAh
  • Output:

USB Port charging: USB Type-C / Two iSmart USB Charging Output Ports

USB Type-C: 5V/3.0A

iSmart Charging Ports: 5V/2.4A

  • Input: 19V/1.6A via DC Input Port
  • LED Power Indicators: 8 LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 5.5 x 6.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.87 Pounds

Jackery PowerBar 20,800mAh AC Outlet Power Bank

Moving onto the next portable charger with an AC outlet brings us Jackery’s PowerBar 20,800mAh AC outlet power bank. This charger definitely has a lower power capacity in comparison to many other power banks that use an AC outlet.

That said, it’s still a high capacity power bank that allows you to charge your smartphone and a tablet to their full power multiple times over.

There are three ways to use this charger, or four ways if you count the two USB-A ports to be different charging methods.

Three Ways to Charge from, but No Power Delivery

So there are two USB-A charging ports, with one using Quick Charge, and that basically allows you to charge Quick Charge compatible smartphones at their max charging speed.

The other USB-A port has a 5V/2.4A charging speed, which is quite a fast standard charging speed.

Something to know about the Quick Charge port is that you can still charge Non-Quick Charge compatible smartphones with it and they will charge at a 5V/2.4A charging rate.

One other charging port is the USB-C port that has a 5V/3.0A charging rate, and you can use a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to charge USB-C compatible smartphones, tablets and also laptops with the USB-C port.

That said, the USB-C port only has a 15W output and can really only charge the USB-C MacBook, if we’re talking about using the USB-C port to charge laptops. Even then, a 15W charging rate for a MacBook is very slow.

A 3-Prong AC Outlet

Then there’s the 3-prong AC outlet and with the use of 3-prongs, quite a lot of doors open up with the types of appliances that you can use with this Jackery PowerBar.

The AC outlet has a 100W power output, but even so, the 3-prong outlet combined with that much power output yields no problems with using a DC port charger that usually does make use of a 3-prong power cord connection.

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Specs of the Jackery PowerBar 20,800mAh Power Bank with AC Outlet:

  • Capacity:

Initial Capacity: 20,800mAh

Output Capacity: 15,392mAh

  • Output:

USB-A 1: 5V/2.4A

USB-A 2 Quick Charge: 3.6V-6V/3A | 6V-9V/2A | 9V-12V/1.5A

USB-C: 5V/3.0A

USB Max Output: 4.8A

  • Input:

USB-C Input: 5V/3.0A

  • LED Power Indicator: Digital Capacity Indicator
  • Size: 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds

Suaoki D100 26,800mAh AC Outlet Power Bank with Power Delivery with Quick Charge

Most of the time a power bank that features an AC outlet already makes it enough of a reason to purchase it or to show that it’s capable of quite a lot.

This Suakoki D100 AC outlet power bank goes a few steps further and that’s because this charger not only has an AC outlet but it also has a USB-C Power Delivery port and two Quick Charge ports.

Surprisingly makes use of Power Delivery

USB-C Power Delivery is useful for charging compatible USB-C compatible laptops, and with the use of a 30W USB-C port on this power bank, you’re able to fast charge quite a few USB-C compatible laptops while you’re on the move.

So a USB-C MacBook is able to charge pretty quickly with the USB-C port on this power bank, and we’re glad that an AC outlet power bank didn’t opt to use a standard USB-C port with a 15W charging output.

Another impressive charging part of this power bank is that there are two Quick Charge USB-A ports.

Two Quick Charge Ports

Most power banks that do use a Quick Charge port, just use a single one and have the other one be a standard port. This power bank actually has two Quick Charge ports, so that allows you to charge two Quick Charge compatible smartphones at the same time. Or you can charge Non-Quick Charge devices with the USB ports, too.

Of course, there’s the AC outlet and the AC outlet on this Suaoki power bank is a 2-prong one, and it’s able to supply 100W of power.

So it matches the same power output of the previous two AC outlets on the power banks that we just mentioned.

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Specs of the Suaoki 26,800mAh AC Outlet Power Bank with Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0:

  • Capacity:

Initial Capacity:  26,800mAh

Output Capacity: 20,000mAh

  • Output:

USB-C Power Delivery: 5V/3A | 12V/2A | 14.5V/2A | 20V/1.45A – Non Power Delivery Charging: 5V/3.0A

USB-A Port: Quick Charge:18W | Standard Charging: 12W

  • Input:

USB-C Power Delivery Input: 5V/3A | 12V/2A | 14.5V/2A | 20V/1.45A – Non Power Delivery Charging: 5V/3.0A

AC Adapter: 18V/2A

Car Charger: 11V-14.5V/2A

Solar Panel: 12V-24V/10W

  • LED Power Indicator: 4 Blue LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 7.2 x 6.4 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 Pounds

DBPower 26,400mAh AC Outlet Power Banks with Two USB Ports

Coming from a brand that mostly specializes in portable car jump starters, we’re genuinely surprised that DBPower actually managed to make an AC outlet power bank.

The power capacity of this power bank is quite a lot at 26,400mAh, so you’re able to supply plenty of full charges for smartphones and tablets.

A Rather Low Watt Output

There are two main ways to use this power bank, there are two USB-A ports that each have a 5V/2.2A charging rate, and there’s also the 2-prong AC outlet that has an 80W power output.

The power output of the AC outlet on this power bank is lower, and so you do have to be more careful about what appliances you’re able to use with it.

The two USB charging ports have a standard charging speed, but it’s still quite useful to charge a smartphone and a tablet at the same time while you’re powering an appliance.

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Specs of the DBPower 26,400mAh Laptop Power Bank with AC Outlet and 2 USB Ports:

  • Capacity:

Initial Capacity: 26,400mAh

Output Capacity: 19,500mAh

  • Output:

Each of the two USB-A Ports: 5V/2.2A

AC Outlet: 80W

  • Input: 16.8V/2.0A
  • LED Power Indicator: Yes
  • Size: 7.2 x 4.8 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 Pounds

Anker PowerHouse

Now going into the portable power stations, these are basically beyond portable chargers and that’s because they have a lot more power capacity that can be used and quite a few more charging and power options to use too.

Power to Last for Days

First, let’s start off with the power capacity of this Anker PowerHouse portable power station and that would be 120,000mAh. Yes, you read that right, this power station basically has four 30,000mAh power banks combined into one power station.

You can basically charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops with the PowerHouse to their full power into the double digits.

Definitely a PowerHouse of an Appliance

Then there’s the total of four ways to use the PowerHouse.

There are four USB-A charging ports that each have a 5V/2.4A charging speed, which is quite fast in standard terms. The max output of the four USB-A ports is 6A altogether.

Then there’s a DC port that has a 12V/10A output and a 12Volt outlet, too.

Finally, there’s a 3-prong AC outlet that’s able to provide about 150W of power to appliances.

So many Options and Yet it’s Easy to Use

The user experience with this PowerHouse is also quite easy because all you have to do to activate any section of the power station is to just press the power button right next to each output. So there’s a button for activating the USB charging ports, and also a button for activating the AC outlet. There’s also an LCD display that shows what’s currently active and also how much battery power you have left to use.

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Specs of the Anker PowerHouse 120,000mAh Power Bank:

  • Capacity:            Advertised: 120,000mAh            Output Capacity: 90,000mAh
  • Output:

USB Output Port:     Per Port: 5V/2.4A      Max Output: 5V/6A

DC Output: 12V/10A

AC Output: 110V

V12 Outlet

  • Input:      DC Input: 16-17V/6A
  • LED Power Indicators: LCD Display
  • Size: 7.9 x 6.5 x 5.7 inches
  • Weight: 9.3 Pounds

Jackery PowerPro

Quite similar to the above Anker PowerHouse, this is Jackery’s PowerPro portable power station. In a few ways, this might actually be better, and the first reason for that is because of its high power capacity of 140,000mAh.

So you’re able to get a few more charges on top of the already insane amount of full charges that you can get for smartphones and other devices such as tablets and laptops.

You can very well get about 50 full charges for some smartphones with this PowerPro, and get about 20+ full charges for a few tablets on the market.

Another one with Plenty of Options for Usage

There are four ways to use the Jackery PowerPro power station. There are two USB-A charging ports and each of the ports has a 5V/2.1A charging speed.

There are also two 12V DC 6MM Ports that can be used to use with a laptop charger if you have a compatible one.

There’s a 12V DC port that can be used with appliances that use a DC power cord or you can basically hook-up a car charger to the 12V DC port and charge even more smartphones and tablets at the same time.

It can even Power more Powerful Appliances

Then there’s the 3-prong AC outlet and it’s the best part of the PowerPro and that’s because the AC outlet on this PowerPro is able to supply 300W of power.

That’s a lot of power, even for a portable power station and because it’s a lot of power, you’re able to power even more powerful devices under that power usage.

So you can still use laptop chargers with the AC outlet with no problems, but what’s even better is that you can use more powerful appliances such as larger fans, heaters, and also fridges.

The PowerPro also makes use of two ways to recharge, and that would be either using an AC adapter charger or you can use Jackery’s very own large 102W Solar charging panel to recharge the PowerPro.

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Specs of the Jackery Power Pro 500Wh Portable Power Station:

  • Capacity:            Advertised: 140,000mAh            Output Capacity: 103,600mAh
  • Output:

USB Port: Each port is 5V/2.1A

AC Outlet: 300Watts

12V Outlet:  10A/120W

12V DC 6MM Ports: 12Volts

  • Input:

AC Adapter: 25.2V/4.0A

Solar Charger: Same Charging speed as Adapter but less consistent due to reliance on light

  • LED Power Indicators: LCD Power Capacity Display
  • Size: 14.8 x 13.3 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 20 Pounds

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