Best Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When it comes to using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, of course, you already know that you’re using one of the best phones on the planet.

It makes use of the latest specs with its Snapdragon 845 processor, a whopping 8GB of RAM, a large Super AMOLED display and some great cameras.

Also, finally, Note 9 has an upgraded battery of 4,000mAh, a lot better than the previous Note 8’s 3,300mAh battery that would burn out rather quickly.

With that said, just because the Note 9 has a larger battery doesn’t exactly mean things are a complete 180° change. You can still burn through the battery capacity of the phone rather quickly, simply because Note 9 is an absolute powerhouse.

The Power of Portable Charging

Of course, you can use a power bank with the phone while you’re out and about. However, if you don’t want to use a completely separate power source, then a battery case is the next best option.

Using a battery case with your Note 9 can be a great experience because if you’re running out of power, then you can simply press a button and the case will charge it.

In this guide, we’re going to be covering the battery cases for Note 9. Just something to know is that we’re only mentioning a few because the brands that do sell battery cases for the smartphone aren’t exactly well-known.

So we’re recommending brands that are well-known and trustworthy to purchase from.

Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Mophie is a leading brand when it comes to battery cases and for good reasons, too. As their cases are high quality, by being made of great materials and they’re designed well.

This Juice Pack of theirs for the Note is has a rather low power capacity when it comes to battery cases, that said, it’s what we expect from Mophie in the first place.

Just Enough Power

The Mophie case has a 2,525mAh power capacity and even though this is quite a bit lower than another case for Note 9, the design of the case is pretty good because of it.

With the power capacity, you’re able to at least charge the Note 9 halfway. You’re definitely not going to be getting a full recharge.

The form factor of the case is slim though and this is something that a lot of people worry about when it comes to battery cases. As they’re a lot larger than just your regular case.

Has a Somewhat Slim Form Factor

With the case having a length of 6.8 inches, a width of 3.2 inches, and a thickness of 0.7 inches.

The design of the case is pretty good with it having a slim top at the back, so the entire case isn’t thick.

It’s also easy to use with the power button and four White LED power capacity indicators being at the back.

Access to the Samsung Pen is easy as there’s a small hatch in the corner to get the pen from, even with the case on.

A Blast to Use

Also, the Mophie Juice Pack battery case is Qi wireless charging compatible, meaning that you can place it on a wireless charger to recharge it.

You also recharge the battery case through the USB-C port at the bottom of the case.

This Mophie case also has priority charging, meaning that when you connect a cable to the case, your Note 9 will charge first, then the case.

You can also sync through the case, too.

Specs of the Mophie Juice Pack:

  • Output: 5V/1.5A
  • Input:

Wired: 5V/1.0A

Wireless: 5V/1.0A

  • LED Power Indicator: 4 White LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 6.8 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 Ounces

ZeroLemon 5,000mAh Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case

Another brand that is well-known for creating battery cases, is ZeroLemon. In this case, though, ZeroLemon is a brand that is more about creating high capacity battery cases.

It’s more about having power with battery case, rather than making it as slim as possible. It makes sense at the same time, as ZeroLemon knows that a battery case is larger and thicker than a regular case in the first place.

A Lot more Power

So this ZeroLemon battery case has a 5,000mAh power capacity. Practically double than the previous Mophie case that we mentioned.

So you can expect at least one full charge for your Note 9.

The case has a length of 6.5 inches, a width of 3.1 inches and a thickness of 0.8 inches.

Sync and Fast Charge

So the charger does not feature wireless charging, but you can still sync and charge your Note 9 through the USB-C port at the bottom.

You can even fast charge your Note 9 with a Quick Charger, through the case, too.

One of the standout parts of this case is that it offers protection for the Note 9. So you get charging power and protection in one product.

Specs of the ZeroLemon 5,000mAh Battery Case:

  • Output: 5V/2.0A
  • Input: 5V/1.0A
  • LED Power Indicator: 4 White Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 6.5 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces

RUNSY Samsung Galaxy Note 9 5,000mAh Battery Case

One other battery case that’s actually not from a well-known brand is this RUNSY case.

We’re recommending this case based on quite a lot of good reviews for it.

The battery case also has a 5,000mAh power capacity that can be used to charge the Note 9 to its full power one time.

Something that this case features that not many other battery cases feature is a USB-A port.

Yes, you can use the USB-A port on this case you charge other devices. This is quite innovative because this case doesn’t act only has a battery case for your Note 9, it’s also a power bank for other devices that might need charging.

Using this RUNSY case is just like any other one. As the case has a power button and four White LED power capacity indicators at the back.

The build is pretty good, and it even provides protection to the back and the front the Note 9. That said, it is more plasticky than the Mophie and ZeroLemon battery cases.

Specs of the RUNSY 5,000mAh Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case:

  • Output: 5V/1.0A
  • Input: 5V/1.0A
  • LED Power Indicator: 4 White Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 6.5 x 3.1 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 4.7 Ounces

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