Best Chargers for Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro in 2023

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2023)

The Google Pixel is one of those smartphones that has risen in rank over the years and now has a good foothold among specific consumers. Sure, the Pixel may not be as big as the Samsung Galaxy phones or the iPhone, but the Google Pixel is still popular enough to receive hype when a new one is announced. This year is no different because the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are now using Google’s very own Tensor chip. This is the moment when Google finally differentiates itself from the competition.

Along with the new Tensor chip, the Pixel 6 has a 90Hz refresh rate display, and the Pixel 6 Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate display; you also get 8GB of RAM for the base Pixel 6, and the Pro has 12GB. Google has also mentioned an adaptive battery that prioritizes power to the apps you’re using; however, according to MKBHD’s review for the Google Pixel 6, that new tech doesn’t do anything. You end up with an average battery life.

The good part is that the Pixel 6 now uses 30W Programmable Power Supply (PPS) fast charging, but if you use a regular USB-C Power Delivery charger, the Pixel will charge at 18W. So even though the adaptive battery doesn’t improve battery life too much, you will want a fast charger to recharge the larger batteries of the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. That’s why, in this guide, we’re recommending chargers to use for these latest phones from Google.

VOLTME 35W Port Charger

The first charger I recommend for fast charging your Pixel 6 is this VOLTME 35W charger. Regarding single port charging, PPS is available; therefore, you can charge your Pixel 6 faster if you’re charging it alone with this charger. If you’re charging two devices simultaneously with this VOLTME charger, the max output bumps up to 36W, and each port can output 18W. You won’t be able to charge your Pixel 6 at max speed when charging two devices, but it’ll charge faster than a standard 12W USB-A port; you’ll also be able to fast charge another phone simultaneously.

VOLTME 35W Dual USB-C PD Charger Review

VOLTME 35W Dual USB-C PD Charger Specs
Single Port Charging35W
Dual Port Charging18W
Size1.8 x 1.8 x 1.1 inches
Weight2.4 Ounces

UGREEN 45W Nexode 2 Port Charger

This UGREEN 45W charger is an upgraded version of the previous VOLTME charger I recommended, with this one having 45W of Power Delivery available if you’re charging one device. 45W of Power Delivery is enough to charge most USB-C laptops, and when charging your Pixel 6 alone, you have access to PPS that can charge the Pixel 6 faster. For dual charging, the power split between the two ports becomes 25W and 20W of Power Delivery, so you can at least charge your Pixel 6 at around 18W while fast charging another phone or tablet.

Review: UGREEN Nexode 45W Power Delivery Wall Charger

UGREEN Nexode 45W Power Delivery Wall Charger Specs
USB-C 1 | USB-C 25V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/2.25A, 45W Max. PPS: 3.3-11V/4.05A
Dual USB-C ChargingDual Ports - C1+C2:PD25W+PD20W/ PD20W+PD25W
Input100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.2A Max
Size1.56 x 1.56 x1.94 inches
Weight3 Ounces

GravaStar 65W 3 Port Charger

This GravaStar 3 port charger takes a bit of a different design than other chargers because it looks like a robot. However, the charging power is still there. This GravaStar charger has a 65W max output, and you can pull the total 65W via the USB-C 1 port if you’re charging one device at a time. Yes, this is more than enough charging power for your Pixel 6, but if you have a USB-C laptop, this GravaStar charger can fast charge your Pixel 6 and your laptop. PPS is available if you’re charging your Pixel 6 alone via the USB-C 1 port on this charger, and you can still get 20W via USB-C 2 if you’re charging from the two USB-C ports simultaneously.

Gravastar 65W 3 Port GaN Fast Charger Review

Gravastar 65W 3 Port GaN Fast Charger Specs
USB-C 1 (Single Port Charging)65W
USB-C 2 (Single Port Charging)20W
USB-A (Single Port Charging)18W
Total Charging Output65W
Size4.8 x 3.62 x 2.76 inches
Weight4.5 ounces

UGREEN RG 30W Robot Charger

Yes, I again recommend a cute robot charger; this time, it’s from UGREEN. This UGREEN RG charger is much more on the minimal side because it only has a single 30W Power Delivery USB-C port. The USB-C port does feature PPS for fast charging your Pixel 6 and can fast charge most phones with its charging protocols. Also, since this charger only has one USB-C port, it’s very small and easily portable. Design-wise, this charger looks like a robot and has a screen showing a smiling face during charging. It’s an excellent charger if you only want to fast charge your Pixel 6 and want a change of pace with all the other boring chargers on the market.

UGREEN Nexode Robot RG 30W USB-C Charger Review

UGREEN Nexode Robot RG 30W USB-C Charger Specs
USB-C PD Port30W
Size1.68 x 1.85 x 2.65 inches
Weight6 Ounces

Baseus 100W 4 Port Charger

Recommending this Baseus 100W charger is a bit odd, considering that it’s a 100W charger that can fast charge your Pixel 6 from USB-C 1 or 2. The main reason I’ve recommended this charger is if you want to fast charge a laptop and charge your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro simultaneously while you charge a laptop. Even if you’re charging four devices simultaneously with this Baseus charger, the C-1 port can still output 60W, while the C-2 can output 20W.

Baseus 100W GaN II 4 Port Wall Charger Review

Baseus 100W GaN II 4 Port Wall Charger Specs
USB-C 1 (Single Port Charging)100W
USB-C 2 (Single Port Charging)100W
USB-A 1 (Single Port Charging)60W
USB-A 2 (Single Port Charging)60W
Total Output100W
Size3.35 x 1.20 x 2.16 inches
Weight7.23 ounces

INIU 30W Power Delivery Wall Charger with Quick Charge

This INIU wall charger with a USB-C Power Delivery port is a much more straightforward and lower-priced option and a USB-A Quick Charge port. This INIU charger has a 30W max output shared between the USB-C and USB-A ports; if you’re charging two devices simultaneously, you can’t use the fast charging from either of them. You can only fast charge if you’re charging a single device.

The USB-C port does use PPS, so you can fast charge the Pixel 6 at 30W, but that can only be done when charging the Pixel 6 alone. The USB-C Power Delivery port can be used to charge USB-C laptops, but with a 30W charge rate, you are mainly limited to charging Macbooks or Chromebooks, as most laptops that charge via USB-C require more than 30W.

The charger does not have a foldable plug, but it makes that up with its small form factor.

Review: INIU 30W Fast Power Delivery Wall Charger

INIU 30W Fast Power Delivery Wall Charger Specs
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V⎓3A | 9V⎓3A | 12V⎓2.5A | 15V⎓2A | 20V⎓1.5A PPS 3.3~11V⎓2.5A 30W(Max)
USB-A Port5V⎓3A | 5V⎓4.5A | 9V⎓2A | 12V⎓1.5A 22.5W(Max)
Both Ports at the Same Time15W
InputAC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.8A (Max)
Size1.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
Weight1.9 Ounces

UGREEN Magnetic 20W Power Bank

Charging your Pixel 6 with a power bank and any other phone can be a must if you’re someone who heavily uses your phone throughout the day. This UGREEN power bank features a wireless charging pad that you can use to charge your Pixel 6 without needing a cable. This power bank has a magnetic charging pad compatible with iPhones, so you won’t be able to attach your Pixel 6 magnetically, but you can at least charge from it. That said, if you want faster charging, you can use the 20W Power Delivery USB-C port on this power bank, and there is a USB-A port, too.

This UGREEN power bank has a 10,000mAh battery capacity to charge the Pixel 6 to full power about one or two times.

UGREEN Magnetic 10,000mAh 20W PD Power Bank Review

UGREEN Magnetic 10,000mAh 20W PD Power Bank Specs
Battery Capacity10,000mAh
USB-C Port20W
USB-A Port22.5W
Wireless Charging5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W
USB-C Input20W
Size0.75 x 2.68 x 4.45 inches
Weight7.9 Ounces

iWalk LinkPod 4,800mAh Power Bank

This iWalk LinkPod USB-C, mini power bank is one of the most easily portable and easy-to-use types of power banks I have reviewed. The charger is tiny because it has a 4,800mAh battery capacity to charge the Pixel 6 nearly to full power and get you through your day. The best part about this iWalk power bank is that it has a built-in USB-C connector that you plug directly into your Pixel 6, and the USB-C connector has a 20W Power Delivery charge rate for fast charging.

The USB-C connector can also recharge the power bank by plugging it directly into a USB-C port on a wall charger. There is a USB-C port on this iWalk power bank that you can use to recharge the power bank directly.

iWalk LinkPod USB-C Mini Power Power Bank Review

iWalk LinkPod USB-C Mini Power Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity4,800mAh
USB-C PD Output5V/2.4A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
USB-C Input5V/2.4A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
Size4.61 x 3.31 x 1.34 inches
Weight6 Ounces

Baseus 160W Car Charger

Fast charging your Pixel 6 while you drive is possible with this Baseus 160W car charger, and you can charge a laptop simultaneously. This Baseus car charger has a 100W output via C-1 and a 30W output via the C-2 and USB-A ports. The car charger can output a total of 160W if the car socket you have it plugged into is powerful enough to provide enough power, and included in the box is a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Baseus 160W 3 Port Car Charger Review

Baseus 160W 3 Port Car Charger Specs
USB-C 1 Port100W
USB-C 2 Port30W
USB-A Port30W
Max Output160W
InputDC 12-24V
Size3.03 x 1.69 inches
Weight1.59 ounces