USB-C MacBook Pro Air Charger, Charger Harbor SAIL01 65W Dual USB-C Power Delivery GaN PPS Wall Charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21, iPad Pro, Pixel, Switch
  • Fast Charging Speed: 65W Power Delivery charging speed can charge most compatible devices at max speed and can power up the Macbook Pro 15.4” from 0% to 100% in just under 2 hours
  • Dual USB-C Charging: Simultaneously charge two devices with 45W for your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Chromebook, or most other USB-C laptops; you also have 18W available for fast charging an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21, Pixel smartphones, and more.
  • Perfect for Traveling: About half the size of a Macbook Pro USB-C charger and the use of a foldable plug, this charger can be taken anywhere without any problems.
  • Powered by GaN Tech: Uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology that makes the charger more compact, delivers more charging power, and runs cooler.
  • Wider Compatibility: With the use of USB-C Power Delivery, you’re able to fast charge a wide range of devices such as the Macbook Pro, Dell XPS 13, XPS 15, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and many others.

Best Chargers for Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

The new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is Samsung’s next shot at making an all-around great Chromebook laptop that can deliver what most users want at a great price point. Last year’s model didn’t quite hit the right marks as the price was a bit too steep for the features that it offered, but with the Chromebook 2, you get better specs at a lower price.

With the Chromebook 2 now having a bit of a larger size, the size difference isn’t noticeable at all, and you won’t have any trouble being portable with the laptop. As for the Samsung Chromebook screen, it has a QLED 1080p display, and some may be disappointed by that; however, if it were a 4K display, the Chromebook 2 price would soar. Even with its 1080p resolution display, the QLED backlit display is sharp and color accurate to the point that using a 4K resolution would have barely made a difference on this small of a screen.

One of the features that most are not talking about when it does come to the Chromebook 2 is just how easy it is to charge. The laptop has an abundance of USB-C ports that you can use with USB-C Power Delivery chargers. In this case, you can use many types of PD chargers to charge the Samsung laptop, and in this guide, we’re covering the various types of chargers that are compatible with the Galaxy Chromebook 2.

Aukey Focus 36W Dynamic Power Delivery USB-C Wall Charger

As we mentioned before, you can basically use most Power Delivery chargers to charge a Chromebook, and that’s because Chromebooks are not heavy power usage laptops. So if you want to have a reliable laptop and a flexible charging experience, then a Chromebook is a good option.

This Aukey Focus Power Delivery wall charger with dynamic charging is a compact but powerful PD wall charger that can change its charging power depending on how you’re using it. The port has two USB-C PD ports, and if you’re using each of the USB-C ports simultaneously, you get an 18W charging speed. An 18W charging speed is just enough charging power to charge the Chromebook. However, it’s more of a charge rate that is meant for fast charging smartphones. So you can fast charge two smartphones at the same time with this Aukey charger, as the max output is 36W.

The Dynamic part of this Aukey PD wall charger is that you can charge a single device, and the single USB-C port can output 30W. A 30W charging speed is more of what you use to charge your Chromebook at a fast speed.

The charger itself is tiny and has a foldable plug that is great for portability.

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 Aukey Focus 36W PA-D2 PD Wall Charger Specs
Each Port when used at the same time18W Each Port | 36W Max Output
One USB-C Power Delivery Port Used30W
InputAC 100–240V 50/60Hz
Size2.5 x 2.3 x 1.4 inches
Weight4.1 Ounces

PowerAdd 45W USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

If you want a more normal charging experience with USB-C Power Delivery charging, this PowerAdd wall charger is the way to go. The charger has a 45W USB-C PD port at the top and two standard USB-A ports. A 45W PD charging speed can charge your Chromebook 2 at its max charging speed, and you may also use it to charge other laptops. The PD port can fast charge Android phones and iPhones, and don’t worry; the port will not damage your smaller devices as the charging speed is adjusted.

Another benefit of this PowerAdd wall charger is that the max output is 57W, and with the two USB-A ports outputting a 12W power output, it means you can use the max power of the USB-C port while charging another two devices. The charger itself is small and has a foldable plug.

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 PowerAdd 45W Power Delivery Wall Charger Specs
USB-C Power Delivery port5V/3A | 9V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/2.25A (45W)
Both USB-A PortsShare 5V/2.4A (12W)
Max Output57W
Power IndicatorRed Light
Size2.6 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches
Weight5 Ounces

UGREEN 65W 3-Port USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

Now, if you’re someone that owns a few USB-C Power Delivery compatible devices, and want to charge your Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 while charging another one or two PD devices, then this UGREEN PD wall charger is a good choice.

Few wall chargers use multiple USB-C Power Delivery ports, but this UGREEN charger is one of them. The first two PD ports have a 65W charging speed, and the third PD port has an 18W charge rate. There is also a USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port at the bottom of the charger.

However, depending on how many devices you’re charging, each of the port’s output can change. For example, if you’re charging from the first two USB-C Power Delivery ports, USB-C 1 will be able to output 45W, while the USB-C 2 will output 18W. The first port will always be useful for charging your Chromebook 2, and other ports can be used to fast charge your smartphone.

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 UGREEN 65W Power Delivery Wall Charger Specs
USB-C Port 1 - Port 25V/3.0A | 9V/3.0A | 12V/3.0A | 15V/3.0A | 20V/3.25A (65W)
USB-C Port 35V/3.0A | 9V/2.65A | 12V/2.0A (24W)
USB-A Port4.5V/5.0A | 5V/4.5A | 5V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (22.5W)
Power IndicatorNone
Size3 x 3 x 1 inches
Weight5 Ounces

Hyppr 100W Dual USB-C Power Delivery Dynamic Wall Charger

Going back to a simple wall charger, similar to the Aukey one that we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, there’s this Hyppr PD wall charger. This Hyppr wall charger has two USB-C Power Delivery ports, and the max output of the charger is 100W.

If you’re using a single USB-C PD port, then that single port can output 100W, and that can basically charge most USB-C chargeable laptops, and it can definitely charge the Samsung Chromebook at its max charging speed. The other benefit of this Hyppr wall charger is that it also has dynamic charging, so if you’re charging two devices simultaneously, then each of the ports will be able to output 45W.

Despite its high power usage, this Hyppr wall charger uses a GaN chip that allows it to have a smaller size while still being able to output lots of power.

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 Hyppr 100W Dynamic GaN Dual Power Delivery Wall Charger Specs
USB-C Power Delivery - Single Port5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/5A (100W)
USB-C Power Delivery - Two Ports5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/2.25A (45W Each Port)
InputAC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 2.5A Max
Power IndicatorBlue LED
Size2.7 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches
Weight6.95 Ounces

Excitrus 9,600mAh 45W USB-C Power Delivery Mini Power Bank

A power bank may be the best type of charger that you can use for the Chromebook, as the Chromebook 2 itself is very lightweight, slim, and small; you can easily take it anywhere, and if you’re portable with it a lot, then a power bank is the best way to charge it anywhere you go.

This Excitrus portable charger has a 9,600mAh power capacity, and that’s on the smaller side when it comes to charging laptops. The Chromebook 2 has a 45Wh battery size, and that’s about 4,500mAh so this Excitrus power bank can charge the laptop to full power about a single time.

What’s more impressive is that this low-capacity power bank has a 45W USB-C Power Delivery port, a Quick Charge 3.0 port, and a standard port. Most power banks within this capacity range have slower charging, but this one goes well beyond, and it can fit into your pocket. Not directly charging related; this power bank also has a digital display that shows how much power capacity you have left to use, unlike most power banks that use a few LED lights.

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 Excitrus 9,600mAh 45W Power Delivery Power Bank Specs
USB-C Power Delivery Port20V/2.25A | 15V/3A | 12V/3A | 9V/3A | 5V/3.0A (45W)
USB-A Quick Charge Port3.6V-6.0V/3A | 6.0V-9.0V/2A | 9.0V-12.0V/1.5A (18W)
USB-A Standard Port5V/2.1A (10.5W)
Max OutputUSB-C Power Delivery Port Alone: 45W
When Charging Multiple Devices: 25W
USB-C PD Input20V/2.25A | 15V/3A | 12V/3A | 9V/3A | 5V/3.0A (45W)
Size4.3 x 2.5 x 0.9 inches
Weight7 Ounces

RAVPower 30,000mAh 90W USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

If you’re searching for a higher-capacity power bank that can last you a long time, then consider this RAVPower charger. This RAVPower power bank has a 30,000mAh power capacity, capable of charging the Chromebook 2 to full power about three or four times if that’s all you’re using this power bank for.

The charging is minimal but very powerful with this power bank using a 90W USB-C Power Delivery port and a Quick Charge 3.0 port. So you can charge your Samsung Chromebook at its max charging speed with this power bank no matter where you are. Even if you’re charging two devices at the same time, the USB-C PD port lowers its charging speed to 65W, which is still more than enough for the Chromebook 2.

Recharging this RAVPower power bank is just as fast as you’re able to recharge it at 60W with a Power Delivery wall charger. However, this power bank does not come with a wall charger, but it does come with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

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 RAVPower 30,000mAh 90W Power Delivery Power Bank PB232 Specs
Power Capacity30,000mAh
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/4.5A, 90W Max
USB-A Quick Charge Port5V/3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A, 18W Max
Max Output when using Both PortsPD 65W + iSmart 18W, Total 83W Max
USB-C (Input)5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/3A, 60W Max
Size5.9 x 3.4 x 1 inches
Weight1.1 Pounds

Nekteck 45W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger

Nekteck 45W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger

Charging is versatile enough with the Samsung laptop that you can even use a car charger to charge your Chromebook while you’re driving. This Nekteck car charger is one of the best that you can find, with it using a 45W USB-C Power Delivery port and a standard port to charge another device.

The max output of the car charger is 57W, so even if you’re charging your Chromebook via the USB-C PD port and a smartphone via the USB-A port, charging power is not lost. This Nekteck car charger even comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable that lets you start using it right out of the box.

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 Nekteck 45W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger Specs
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/9V/12V/15V-3A | 20V-2.25A (45W)
UBS-A Port12W
Max Output57W
InputDC 12-18V
Size2.9 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches
Weight3.2 Ounces