Best Chargers for Steam Deck in 2024

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2023)

The Steam Deck is likely the most innovative console to be released recently, and that’s because it’s a powerful portable gaming console. Yes, I know there’s the Nintendo Switch, but if we’re being honest, the Switch is a pretty low-powered console and can have trouble running certain games simply because the hardware is not strong enough.

The Steam Deck is a beast that lets you play certain triple-A video games no matter where you are; it’s pretty amazing to play Read Dead Redemption 2 on a portable gaming console. Of course, the one concern is the charging for such a powerful device, and in this case, I’m covering chargers that would work well for charging the Steam Deck in case you’ve lost your original one.

RAVPower 100W Dual USB-C Wall Charger

The first charger I want to recommend to charge your Steam Deck comes from RAVPower, a well-known brand. This 100W of theirs has two USB-C ports, and you can use the total 100W of Power Delivery when charging a single device from either of the ports. Also, to be clear, it’s best to have a 45W charger for charging your Steam Deck; anything lower will be too slow.

So you can charge the Steam at its maximum speed when charging it alone with this RAVPower charger. Also, when it comes to charging two devices with this charger, it has a 65W and 30W split of power; that said, in my review, I found that the first device that you plug in is the one that will get the 65W and then the second device that you plug in will get 30W. So, when you are charging two devices simultaneously, remember to plug in your Steam Deck so it gets the priority charging power. Explore more in my review article or watch my RAVPower 100W Dual USB-C Wall Charger video review.

Buy RAVPower 100W Charger

MOMAX 100W 4 Port Desktop Charger

If you’re searching for more charging ports to charge other devices while charging your Steam Deck, this MOMAX desktop charger is a good choice. Like the RAVPower charger, this one also has a 100W max output, but you get four charging ports in this case. There are two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports.

USB-C 1 and USB-C 2 can output 100W if charging a single device from the charger, while each USB-A port can output 22.5W. To get the fastest charging speed for your Steam Deck, I recommend always charging from USB-C 1 because when it comes to charging four devices simultaneously, the USB-C 1 port will still be able to output 45W of Power Delivery.

The design of a desktop charger means that it uses a power cord, making it easier to charge your Steam Deck and use it simultaneously. Also, this MOMAX charger comes with a stand that lets you place the charger vertically. Dive deeper into my review article or check out my MOMAX 100W 4 Port Desktop Charger video review.

Baseus 100W Power Delivery GaN Wall Charger

If you’re searching for a dedicated charger for your Steam Deck, then this Baseus charger is a good choice. The reason is that this charger has a single USB-C port with a 100W Power Delivery charging speed. So you can rest assured that your Steam Deck will charge at its maximum rate. Also, with only one port, this charger is tiny, with a length of only 2.6 inches, and with its foldable plug, you can take it anywhere you want. Included in the box is a USB-C to USB-C charging cable. Read my review article or view my video review of the Baseus 100W PD GaN Wall Charger for detailed insights.

VOLTME 140W Power Delivery 3.1 Wall Charger

One of the top-tier Power Delivery chargers I’ve ever reviewed has to be this VOLTME 140W charger because it has insanely high power output. Among its three charging ports, the power allocation is excellent.

This VOLTME charger has two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. No matter how many devices you’re charging, the USB-A port will always be able to output 22.5W. The USB-C 1 port can output 140W if you’re charging a single device simultaneously, while the USB-C 2 port can output 100W.

If you’re charging three devices simultaneously, USB-C 1 will output 65W, and the USB-C 2 port will output 45W. The best reason to get this VOLTME charger is that you can still fast charge your Steam Deck from USB-C 1 or USB-C 2, even if you’re charging from all ports; this will allow you to fast charge even a laptop while you also charge your Steam Deck. Learn more by reading my review article or watching my video review of the VOLTME 140W PD 3.1 Wall Charger.

Baseus Blade 100W PD Power Bank

Since the Steam Deck is a portable console, you want to charge it with a power bank. The Baseus Blade 100W PD power bank is one of the highest-rated power banks. I’ve already reviewed this charger, and it performed great; the best part is that it has two 100W USB-C Power Delivery ports, but you can only use the full 100W if you’re charging a single device. Two USB-A ports have a 30W output.

With the Baseus Blade power bank having a 20,000mAh capacity, you can get countless hours of gaming time because the Steam Deck has a 5,313mAh battery. Also, you can even see the output charging power of this Baseus power bank because it has an LCD that shows the Voltage and Amperage. Get the full scoop in my review article or my video review of the Baseus Blade 100W PD Power Bank.

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