Best Charging Cable Bundles

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2016)

Charging Cable Bundle

Charging cables are an integral part of charging. You may be using a wireless charger at times but we know that most of the time and for the majority of people, that charging is mostly done with a charging cable. Sometimes there are bad choices with the charging cables that you may buy and so they break after about 2 weeks of use. You can learn how to make the best choice for buying a charging cable here.

We’re here to tell you the best deals for purchasing charging cables in bulk. These bundles have quality charging cables that you can rely on. Buying charging cables in a bundle is a great choice for a few reasons:

  1. One Charging cable may become too damaged to use after a long period of time. Now you can rely on the other great charging cables that you have because you bought a bundle pack.

2. You want to have multiple charging cables because you can have them in different situations. If you want to have a charging cable at home, for work, and for the car; That can be done by purchasing a bundle.

Buying charging cables within a bundle is better than buying multiple singular cables because most of the time the cost of the bundle is much less than if you were to buy it separately.

Let’s get started on the best bundles for charging cables.

Best Micro-USB Bundle Packs

Micro USB cables are one of the most used charging cables. That’s because they’re simple to use and for charging purposes they are very efficient. Although there’s just one problem with Micro-USB cables, they are not very durable when it comes to the charging head, because the charging hooks on the head become worn down. After the charging hooks wear down, keeping the charging cable in the device for charging can become frustrating as it always falls out. This is when having another charging cable is always helpful because then you don’t have to deal with the unhinging charging hooks.

Anker PowerLine Micro-USB Bundles

Anker’s PowerLine charging cables are the top of the line variation of charging cables. They have structural integrity that makes them last longer than other cables. This is done by having the inner construction of their cables enveloped with Kevlar wrapping. The Kevlar construction makes the inside of the cable stronger and less susceptible to damage even if it were bent to the extremes. If the cable were ripped open, the Kevlar constructions would still make the cable usable.

Heads of the PowerLine charging cables are enveloped with PVC. The bottom head of the charging cables is enveloped with Soft PVC, the pressure of being bent doesn’t do any damage and rip the cable open. The top part of the charging head is hard so that the charging piece of the head doesn’t fall out or bend. The construction of a PowerLine cable is meant to make the cable more resilient with continuous use.


[6-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB Cable Combo

Pic 1

The Anker PowerLine 6 Pack cable bundle is the apex of bundles that Anker has for its Micro-USB cable bundle. With a total of 6 charging cables, the bundle is great if you want to have high quality charging cables in nearly every charging situation. Best of all, the cables within this bundle are all PowerLine, so they’re very durable.

  • # of Cables: 6
  • Length of Cables: Two – 1 Foot / Three – 3 Foot / One – 6 Foot
  • PowerLine: Yes
  • Price: $14.99

It would be far better purchasing this bundle because a 6 Foot PowerLine Micro-USB cable costs $6.99. Buying two of those single PowerLine Micro-USB cables already puts it into the price range of the 6-Pack, that has 6 cables.

[5-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB

PowerLine Micro 5 PACK

On from the PowerLine 6 Pack bundle of charging cables, the bundles go down with how much cables they include. The next bundle includes an assortment of 5 PowerLine Micro-USB cables. This bundle is about $2 less than the 6 pack bundle, so you’re not going to see or get much of a difference with the experience that this bundle brings or the cost of it.

  • # of Cables: 5
  • Length of Cables: Two – 1 Foot / Two – 3 Foot / One – 6 Foot
  • PowerLine: Yes
  • Price: $12.99


[4-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB

PowerLine Micro 4 PACK

The 4 pack Micro-USB bundle is for those that are alright with having short charging cables. That’s because the four Micro-USB cables within this bundle are all 1 foot. So if you don’t mind having a really short cable for most of your charging uses, then this bundle is for you. We recommend purchasing this cable if you’re a frequent power bank user, because power banks are usually kept close to the user, so it’s perfect to use a short cable with power banks.

  • # of Cables: 4
  • Length of Cables: 4 – 1 Foot
  • PowerLine: Yes
  • Price: $9.99


[3-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB

PowerLine Micro 3 PACK

Last of the PowerLine Micro-USB bundle is the 3 pack bundle that includes 3 three foot Micro USB cables. It’s quite an awesome bundle for those that want 3 charging cables that are at a universal length because they can be used everywhere. That’s because 3 feet for a cable is just long enough so that you can still use your device and short enough that the charging cable isn’t going to be a hassle to use. Wall charging, power banks chargers and car charging are perfect for these kinds of cables.

  • # of Cables: 3
  • Length of Cables: 3 – 3 Foot
  • PowerLine: Yes
  • Price: $9.99


Best Lightning Cable Bundles

Lightning cables are the second most used type of charging cable because they are used for Apple’s devices like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. There are lots of people that own those devices and as a result need Lightning cables. However, Lightning cables are known to not have a high durability level and as a result, people purchase Lightning cables constantly. Here are the best Lightning Cable bundles that will offer the most quality and last you a longer time.

Zeus Products: Lightning Cable 4 Pack

Pic 1

This pack of Lightning cables has 4 charging cables. Overall it’s a great charging cable pack because the cables are 3 feet long. Also, the cables are all MFi certified which means that they’re at the quality of Lightning cables that you’d purchase from Apple themselves. The length of the cables are standard, and just long enough for nearly any charging needs. Lightning cable bundles are usually thought to be rip offs but that’s not the case here. The cables are actually at the quality you’d expect with them being able to charge and sync to share files.

If you’re worried that this bundle if too good to be true, there’s no reason to worry because Zeus Products has a created a quality path with selling Lightning cables within a bundle. Overall, what would be the use in selling a bad product? That would result in fewer sales!

  • # of Cables: 4
  • Length of Cables: 4 – 3 Foot
  • MFi Certified: Yes
  • Price: $12.99

[3 Pack] Anker PowerLine Lightning

Pic 1

If you’re looking for a bundle of Lightning charging cables that are even higher on the quality spectrum, then there’s always Anker’s PowerLine charging cables. Yes, Anker even has a PowerLine lineup of Lightning cables and as well as USB Type-C cables which we’ll get to soon. The Lightning charging cables feature the Kevlar construction within the cable and PVC protection at the head of the cable so the cable is damn near impossible to damage.

The above 3 pack PowerLine Lightning cable has 3 Lightning cables that are 3 feet long. This pack of Lightning cable is quite pricey in terms of charging cable because it’s $23.99. Yes, the price of the 3 pack cables is quite high but it’s the result of creating a quality product. The cables are long enough so they can be used freely. The structural integrity of the cables is great with the PowerLine construction methods providing longevity. This Lightning cable bundle provides the best quality of Lightning cables and as a result, the price matches the quality.

  • # of Cables: 3
  • Length of Cables: 3 – 3 Foot
  • MFi Certified: Yes
  • Price: $23.99

[2-Pack] Lightning to USB Cable

Standard Lightning Cable

However if you’re looking for an alternative for high-quality Lightning charging cables that still holds their quality but with a lower price tag, the standard two pack Lightning cables are your best bet. It’s a set of two cables that are 3 feet long. The cables are not PowerLine but still have a very long bend life.

  • # of Cables: 2
  • Length of Cables: 2 – 3 Foot
  • MFi Certified: Yes
  • Price: $12.99


Best USB Type-C Cable Bundles

USB Type-C cable is the latest and greatest type of charging cable. The cable is compatible with only a handful of cables but it’s going to be compatible with many devices in the future because of the faster charging and syncing capabilities. The Type-C cable can achieve charging speeds up to 3.0A charging speed. That charging speed is as fast as Quick Charge charging speeds. Another aspect of Type-C cables is that they are reversible, meaning that both sides of the cable are able to go into a device and charge it. USB Type-C brings the best aspects of charging cables and bring it all together. Getting a bundle of Type-C cables is actually like getting the best charging cables but within a pack.

[5 Pack] AUKEY USB-C to USB 3.0

Aukey offers a 5 pack Type-C bundle. The cables are at the quality that you’d expect from the PowerLine products that Anker offers. The most notable quality is the very bendable bottom piece on the head of the cable. It offers resiliency for when the cable is bent even into the extremes. The cables within the bundle vary in length but it’s a bundle that anyone looking for a Type-C cable bundle would love.

  • # of Cables: 5
  • Length of Cables: 1 – 6 Foot / 3 – 3 Foot / 1 – 1 Foot
  • Price: $24.99

Aukey also offers a 3 pack of Type-C cables that are 3 feet each, but the above 5 pack is much more worth the money, because it already has three 3 foot cables and plus two more cables. The 3 pack is priced at $19.99 and although cheaper, it’s simply not worth the price drop.

USB Type C Cable, CHOETECH [6 Pack]

Chotech Type-C Bundle 6

Then there’s a Type-C bundle from Chotech that has 6 USB Type-C cables. Yup, 6 Type-C cables that offer the blazing fast charging that Type-C cables are known to give. This means that you can have fast charging nearly anywhere you go. Whether it’s at work or at home and even if you going hiking. This bundle has got you covered at nearly every turn. The six pack bundle has some cables of different sizes but four of the same. Take a look below for the contents of this Type-C bundle. Most of all, the price of the bundle is not bad at all. Coming in at $19.99, you’d think that the price would be greater but Chotech might just be playing it real and pricing the bundle for what it’s really worth.

  • # of Cables: 6
  • Length of Cables: 1 – 6 Foot / 4 – 3 Foot / 1 – 1 Foot
  • Price: $19.99

Conclusion: Charging cable bundles is great way to purchase charging cables because owning charging cables can be a tricky situation. Some cables break, some cables go missing or you may have left your one charging cable at home and you have your power bank with you at work that you can’t use. Whatever the reason, charging cables are good to have in numbers because they’re a necessity when it comes to charging your electronics.

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