Best Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2024

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2024)

A decent amount of time has passed since the release of the Galaxy Note 9; it’s still a great phone that can meet most people’s expectations. From my view, phones peaked around the time the Note 9 was released, and if you’re still using one, know that I get it. The Note 9 is a powerful phone that is still pretty fast all these years later. However, what can’t hold up is the battery.

If you’re searching for a replacement charger or want a new one for your Note 9, I’ve selected a few. The Galaxy Note 9 maxes out at 15W of charging power, so the good news is that you don’t have to go with very high-output chargers.

VOLTME 35W 2 Port Charger

This VOLTME 35W charger is simple but capable. The charger has two USB-C ports, and the maximum output of the charger is 35W; you can use the total 35W of power if you’re charging a single device at a time. You can fast charge the Note 9 during single-port charging and fast charge it when charging two devices. When charging two devices, the VOLTME charger’s max output becomes 36W, and each USB-C port outputs 18W. In my review of the VOLTME 35W charger, I could fast charge my Note 9 and an LG G7 simultaneously; the 35W of single port charging could only slow charge my Lenovo laptop.

AOHI 40W MagCube 2 Port Charger

On a slightly higher power output is this AOHI 40W charger. This charger also has two USB-C ports, and you can use its total 40W of Power Delivery if you’re charging one device at a time. Then, each USB-C port will output 20W of Power Delivery during dual charging. So, the Note 9 can be fast charged if you charge one or more devices. In my review of the AOHI 40W charger, I found the placement of the charging ports strange because they’re at the bottom; however, this design makes the charger more slim. Discover the features of the AOHI 40W MagCube 2 Port Charger in my detailed video review.

UGREEN 30W Robot Charger

If you want a change of design compared to most chargers on the market, the UGREEN 30W Robot charger does look like a robot, and it even has a smiling face at the front that turns on during charging. This UGREEN robot charger only has a single 30W Power Delivery USB-C port; you’ll always be able to fast charge your Note 9 from the charger. In my review of the UGREEN 30W robot charger, I could super fast charge a Samsung Galaxy S20, meaning this charger does feature PPS. When the time comes for you to upgrade to a newer Samsung phone, you can still use this charger for fast charging.

UGREEN Nexode 45W 2 Port Charger

If you want the option of charging a laptop and fast charging your Note 9, the UGREEN 45W charger can do so. You can use the total 45W of Power Delivery if you’re charging one device, while dual charging results in a 25W and 20W power split when charging two devices simultaneously. This makes charging a laptop faster when charging it alone, and you can opt to fast charge two phones. In my review of the UGREEN 45W charger, I could charge my Lenovo laptop at max speed alone, and even during dual charging, my laptop charged at a slower speed while still fast charging my Note 9. In my video review, I will explore how the UGREEN Nexode 45W 2 Port Charger works for both phones and laptops.

ROMOSS PEA30 30,000mAh Power Bank

If you’re looking for long-lasting portable power, the ROMOSS PEA30 power bank has a 30,000mAh battery that can charge the Note 9’s battery to full power about four times. You can use this power bank for a few days without recharging it. The ROMOSS power bank has a single 30W USB-C port and two USB-A ports; you can use any of the ports on the power bank to fast charge your Galaxy Note 9, but I recommend charging your Note 9 alone to get the fast charging. In my review of the ROMOSS PEA30 power bank, I could recharge it the fastest when using the USB-C port because it has a 30W recharge rate, while the other two input options were much slower. Watch my video review to understand the capacity and efficiency of the ROMOSS PEA30 30,000mAh Power Bank.

PowerAdd Pro 20W Power Bank

On the more minimal side, I recommend the PowerAdd Pro 20W power bank for portable power. This is one of the simplest power banks you can own for charging any phone because it has a 10,000mAh battery that can charge the Note 9 to full power at least once. The charger has a 20W USB-C port and a USB-A Quick Charge port, and you can use any of the two ports to fast charge the Note 9. In my review of the PowerAdd Pro 20W power bank, I could easily fit the charger into the same pocket as my Note 9 because the PowerAdd Pro is that slim. Learn about the compact design and functionality of the PowerAdd Pro 20W Power Bank in my video review.

Final thoughts about my choice of chargers for the Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a stellar phone; in my opinion, it can’t compete with modern phones, I know that. However, if you still have one, you likely already know that it performs well, and if you’re searching for a used Note 9 that is in good condition, I’d say go right ahead and get it if you’re using an older phone than the Note 9.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new Samsung phone in the near or far future, take a look at my best chargers for the Note 10 or chargers for the Note 20 guides.

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