Best Fast Wireless Chargers for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

The iPhone XS, XS Max, and the iPhone XR are welcome additions for Apple’s new phones. They have newer specs that can compete with the other phones, and they have great cameras, too.

Of course, there’s still plenty of people that think otherwise, as the price of the iPhone XS and the XS max is absolutely insane. We’re basically getting to point where a $2,000 smartphone is now in the realm of possibilities.

Something that continues from the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 from last year, is that these new iPhones feature wireless charging, too.

Not just any wireless charging though, they also feature fast wireless charging and so if you’re going to use a wireless charger with any of these three new iPhones, then it’s best to go for one that can offer the optimal charging speed.

So we’ve chosen the fast wireless chargers that you should be using.

RAVPower 7.5W Wireless Charging Pad

The wireless charging pad is one of the of the most common types of wireless chargers on the market. This one from RAVPower is one of the best and the reason for that is because it has a great build.

With the charger having a large rubber grip at the top and the bottom. It also just feels solid and doesn’t feel flimsy or brittle at all.

This RAVPower wireless features fast wireless charging for Qi-compatible iPhones and also for wireless charging Samsung phones.

Samsung phones will receive a 10W charging speed. While phones like the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and XR will receive a 7.5W charging speed.

A 7.5W wireless charging speed is the fastest that iPhones can charge with a wireless charger.

Finally, the charger even comes with a Quick Charge wall charger, so you can rest assured that it’s charging at full power.

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Specs of the RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger 7.5W for iPhone X / iPhone 8 and 10W:

  • Output:

Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung smartphones: 5V/2.0A

Fast Wireless Charging for the iPhone X and the iPhone 8: 5V/1.5A

Standard Wireless charging for all other Qi Compatible smartphones: 5V/1.0A

  • Input:

Micro-USB input: Quick Charge wall charger

  • LED Power Indicator: Single LED indicator
  • Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charging Stand

This wireless charger comes from one of the best types of charging brands, Anker. It’s their PowerWave wireless charging stand.

A stand form factor can be a more preferable type of charger and that’s because you have easier access to use your smartphone. While with a wireless charging pad, you can really use your smartphone or else it might offset and stop charging.

This Anker wireless charger features two charging coils. One at the top and one at the bottom. So you can either place your iPhone vertically or horizontally.

There is fast wireless charging, for the iPhones and Samsung smartphones. If you’re charging any other wireless charging compatible smartphones, then they will charge at a 5W charging speed.

The only negative part of getting this charging stand is that it does NOT come with a Quick Charge wall charger. Therefore you can’t use fast wireless charging right out of the box.

As a result, you have to purchase it separately.

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Specs of the Anker Powerwave Fast Wireless Charging Stand:

  • Output:

Samsung Qi Compatible Smartphones: 10W

iPhone X and iPhone 8: 7.5W

Standard Qi Wireless Charging: 5W

  • Input:

Micro-USB: Quick Charge

  • LED Power Indicator: 4 White LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 4.6 x 3 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 12 Ounces

RAVPower 4-Coil Wireless Charging Pad

Another wireless charging pad from RAVPower, but this one is quite a bit different. The reason for that is because it features four coils.

Most wireless pads feature just a single coil, such as the first one that we recommend. As a result, you have to make sure that your phone is centered so that it can actually charge.

This one, with it, using four coils means that you can place your smartphone all over the place while your phone is on it and your Qi-compatible smartphone will charge.

The fast wireless charging from this charger is only available for Samsung smartphones and they will charge at 10W.

While other wireless charging smartphones, such as the iPhone XS and XR will charge at 5W.

So the main reason that we’re recommending this charger is that it features a better user experience in terms of being a wireless charging pad.

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Specs of the RAVPower 4 Coil Fast Wireless Charging Pad:

  • Output:

Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Smartphones: 5V/2.0A

Standard Wireless Charging: 5V/1.0A

Fast Wireless Charging for the iPhone X and the iPhone 8: Not Available, but they will charge at 5V/1.0A

  • Input:

Micro-USB input: Quick Charge

  • LED Power Indicator: Single LED Light
  • Size: 6.6 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 Ounces

Belkin 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Another fast wireless charging pad from Belkin, and this wireless charging pad, and the next one are best to use because they’re partnered with Apple.

In fact, this charger and the Mophie wireless charging pad that we’re recommending after this one are sold in Apple stores. So if you have to make a purchase and want to be 100% sure that the charge will fast charge your iPhone XS, then these two chargers are your best option.

This Belkin charger has a large form factor too, with its 4.7-inch length. Even though the charger does only make use of one coil, there’s simply more space to place your smartphone where you want and to use your iPhone while it charges without offsetting it.

This specific model can only fast charges iPhones at 7.5W. You can still charge Samsung smartphones and other Qi-compatible phones with this charger, but they will charge at a 5W charging speed.

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Specs of the Belkin BOOST UP 7.5 W Wireless Charging Pad Optimized for iPhone X, 8, & 8 Plus with AC Adapter:

  • Output:

Charging Speed for iPhone X/iPhone 8: 7.5W – 5V/1.5A

Charging Speed for all other Qi Compatible Smartphones: 5V/1.0A

  • Input: AC Power Adapter
  • LED Power Indicator: Green Charging Indicator
  • Size: 4.7 x 4.7 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 Ounces

Mophie iPhone Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Mophie is another brand that has strong ties with Apple and it’s one of the main reason that Mophie has many of their products for the iPhone.

This charging pad of theirs also features a 7.5W wireless charging speed for the iPhone XS and XS Max. Other wireless charging phones will simply charge at a 5W charging speed.

The build quality of this charger is pretty good, too. With a fully rubberized top to ensure that your phone won’t slip and the same with the bottom to make sure that the charger itself doesn’t move around.

The only real problem with this charger and one that we emphasized in our review for this charger is that it features a DC connection port, rather than a universal Micro-USB or USB-C port.

Definitely, something that should be changed, because if your DC power cable for the wireless charger broke, then you would have quite a bit of trouble finding a replacement.

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Specs of the Mophie 7.5W Apple Optimized Wireless Charge Pad:

  • Output:

Fast Wireless Charging for iPhone X / iPhone 8: 5V/1.5A

Standard Wireless Charging: 5V/1.0A

Samsung Fast Wireless Charging: Only Standard

  • Input:

DC Input

  • LED Power Indicator: Single LED Power Indicator
  • Size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.3 Ounces

iOttie Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount

This wireless charger is different than the other ones that we’ve mentioned and that’s because it’s a wireless charging car mount.

So there are two main things that come with this iOttie product. There’s an actual car charger that makes use of a built-in Micro-USB charging cable that’s used to power the wireless charger. The car charger also has an extra port.

Then there’s the actual wireless charging mount that you would place your iPhone XS into and charge from.

This way, you’re knocking out two birds with one stone. You have a car mount and a wireless charger, and therefore you don’t have to worry about connecting a cable to your iPhone, as it’s already charging from the mount that’s being used.

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Specs of the iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charge Car Mount:

  • Output:

Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Smartphones: 10W

Fast Wireless Charging for iPhone X and iPhone 8: 7.5W

Standard Wireless Charging: 5W

USB-A Port: 5V/1.0A

  • Input: DC 12-24V
  • LED Power Indicator: Single LED Light with Green and Red
  • Size: 3.7 x 5.2 x 9.1 inches
  • Weight: 14.2 Ounces

IBIS Dual Wireless Charging Pad

One other wireless charger that we wanted to recommend was this IBIS dual wireless charging pad.

So this wireless charger is actually capable of charging three devices at once.

There are two charging coils on either side of the charger and you can place a Qi-compatible smartphone on either of them for them to charge.

The one other way to charge from this IBIS charger is the USB-A port at the back.

So this is a great charger if you want to have a charging hub for your family or friends as you can wirelessly charge two smartphones at the same time.

The combination of the smartphones charging can be any, as you can have an iPhone XS fast wireless charging and also a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 charging, too.

One of the best parts of this charger is that it makes use of a USB-C input port, so it has a more standard input port. Rather than using an old Micro-USB that is becoming a thing of the past.

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Specs of the IBIS Dual Coil Fast Wireless Charging Station:

  • Power Capacity: 26,800mAh | Output Capacity: 20,000mAh
  • Output:

Samsung Qi-Compatible Smartphones: 10W

Other Qi-Compatible Smartphones: 5W

  • Input:

USB-C: 5V/1.0A | 9V/1.0A

Micro-USB: 5V/2.0A

Lightning: 5V/1.0A

  • LED Power Indicator: Blue and Green Indicators
  • Size: 7.9 x 3.6 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 Ounces

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