USB-C MacBook Pro Air Charger, Charger Harbor SAIL01 65W Dual USB-C Power Delivery GaN PPS Wall Charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21, iPad Pro, Pixel, Switch
  • Fast Charging Speed: 65W Power Delivery charging speed can charge most compatible devices at max speed and can power up the Macbook Pro 15.4” from 0% to 100% in just under 2 hours
  • Dual USB-C Charging: Simultaneously charge two devices with 45W for your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Chromebook, or most other USB-C laptops; you also have 18W available for fast charging an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21, Pixel smartphones, and more.
  • Perfect for Traveling: About half the size of a Macbook Pro USB-C charger and the use of a foldable plug, this charger can be taken anywhere without any problems.
  • Powered by GaN Tech: Uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology that makes the charger more compact, delivers more charging power, and runs cooler.
  • Wider Compatibility: With the use of USB-C Power Delivery, you’re able to fast charge a wide range of devices such as the Macbook Pro, Dell XPS 13, XPS 15, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and many others.

Best Power Banks for Asus ROG Phone 5

Most smartphones use a lot of power because they use the best specs, such as having the latest processor, more RAM, better cameras, and higher resolution screens that use higher refresh rates. As you compare phones, you begin to notice that most of them have a lot in common, as it’s becoming more difficult for brands to differentiate from each other. Then there’s the Asus ROG Phones, with the most recent ROG Phone 5.

Gaming smartphones are a niche category smartphone, as not everybody wants a gaming smartphone or even knows they exist. We will say that they are absolutely extraordinary because they take all the features that the average consumer would want from the latest smartphone and crank it up even more. The ROG Phone 5 Ultimate is the perfect example of this as the phone uses the latest Snapdragon 888 processor, 18GB of RAM, an AMOLED display that has a 144hz high refresh rate, and you get a 6,000mAh battery. It doesn’t just stop there; there’s the host of other features with the Asus ROG Phone, with the Ultimate model having a back display that allows you to have a custom flash screen, there are two USB-C charging ports, and the phone has two separate batteries inside to make charging faster.

A lot is going on; Asus has implemented a feature that allows you to set power options depending on your phone usage. Even then, the ROG Phone will use a lot of power, and if you’re using it for its primary use, which is gaming, then the phone will be using a lot of power. In this guide, we’re covering power banks to use with the ROG Phone 5 and previous ROG Phones you may also own as those are absolute powerhouses, too.

Silicon Power QP70 10,000mAh USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

Since the ROG Phone 5 has a large 6,000mAh power capacity and is Power Delivery compatible, it’s best to get a power bank that features a high capacity and Power Delivery (PD) charging. The wall charger that comes with the ROG Phone is a 65W Programmable Power Supply (PPS) PD charger, and you can only charge your ROG Phone at 65W if it uses PPS; most power banks don’t use PPS charging, so the next fastest charging speed you can get from power banks are an 18W Power Delivery charging speed.

We’re starting with the Silicon Power QP70 portable charger, one of the smallest 10,000mAh power banks you can own. Like we mentioned, the charger has a 10,000mAh power capacity, enough to charge the ROG Phone to full power only a single time. The charging from the power bank is impressive as it has a USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port and a USB-C Power Delivery port with an 18W charging speed. It’s impressive that the charger has two fast charging ports because it’s so small, with the charger having a length of 3.4 inches and a thickness of 0.8 inches.

You can use either the Quick Charge or Power Delivery port to fast charge your ROG Phone. The power bank comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, so you can start using the USB-C port right out of the box. Recharging this power bank is also fast, as you can recharge it at 18W Via the Micro-USB input or USB-C port.

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 Silicon Power QP70 10,000mAh Power Delivery QC Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity10,000mAh
USB-A Quick Charge Port5V 3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V 3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A
USB-C (Input)5V/2A | 9V/2A
Micro-USB (Input)5V/2A | 9V/2A
Size3.4 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches
Weight7 Ounces

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JIGA 30,000mAh 3 Output and 3 Input Power Bank

Stepping off the fast charging for this power bank, this JIGA portable charger is a good option if you want a lot of power capacity to use and don’t want to worry about recharging the power bank every day. That’s because this JIGA power bank has a 30,000mAh power capacity, a lot of power, but for the ROG Phone 5 using a 6,000mAh battery, you can get about three or four full charges from the power bank.

This JIGA power bank does not feature any fast charging such as Power Delivery or Quick Charge. Instead, it has three USB-A ports that each have a 5V/2.0A (10W) charging speed. Three input ports can be used to recharge the power bank, with the charger using a Lightning input, Micro-USB, and USB-C input port. Yes, you can only use the USB-C port on this power bank to recharge, and it cannot be used as an output port.

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 JIGA 30,000mAh 3 Output - 3 Input Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity30,000mAh
USB-A Ports (Output)5V/2.0A
Micro-USB (Input)5V/2.0A
Lightning (Input)5V/2.0A
USB-C (Input)5V/2.0A
Size6.1 x 3 x 1.3 inches
Weight1.1 Pounds

RAVPower 90W 30,000mAh USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

Following the same 30,000mAh power capacity trend, this RAVPower charger is more on par with charging the ROG Phone 5 if you’re looking for a power bank that has a lot of power and fast charging. There are two ports; one is a USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port, the other is a 90W USB-C Power Delivery port. A 90W USB-C PD port on a power bank is uncommon as that charging rate is usually found on wall or desktop chargers.

With the 90W USB-C PD port, you’re able to fast charge the ROG Phone, and you can use it to charge most USB-C chargeable laptops, such as Macbooks. You can also use the Quick Charge 3.0 port to fast charge the ROG Phone 5 and use the USB-C PD port to charge a laptop simultaneously; charging two devices at the same will result in the PD port to output 65W. It is a low charging speed but more than enough for most USB-C laptops, and you still get to fast charge your phone wherever you go.

Since this RAVPower charger has a 30,000mAh power capacity, you’re going to recharge it as fast as you can. Fortunately, you’re able to recharge this power bank at 60W with a PD wall charger, but you have to provide your own. This power bank does come with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

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 RAVPower 30,000mAh 90W Power Delivery Power Bank PB232 Specs
Power Capacity30,000mAh
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/4.5A, 90W Max
USB-A Quick Charge Port5V/3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A, 18W Max
Max Output when using Both PortsPD 65W + iSmart 18W, Total 83W Max
USB-C (Input)5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/3A, 60W Max
Size5.9 x 3.4 x 1 inches
Weight1.1 Pounds

Xcentz 5,000mAh USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

The ROG Phone 5 does have a large battery size, so this Xcentz power bank may not be the best to get if you want the power that will last you a few days. However, this portable charger is great to own if you want fast charging for a single day. That’s because this charger has a 5,000mAh power capacity so that you won’t be charging your phone to full power, and this is likely the case for most phones on the market as most phones have large batteries. That said, the power bank gives you just enough power capacity to get you near full power and lets you keep using your phone for the rest of the day.

You will have to recharge this power bank at the end of the day if you’re using it.

The ports on this power bank are the better part, as the charger has a USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port and an 18W USB-C Power Delivery port. You can use either of the ports to fast charge the ROG Phone 5, and you can recharge the power bank at PD speeds with a PD wall charger. The Xcentz Mini power bank may not come with a wall charger, but it does come with a USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cable, both of which can be used to recharge the power bank and charge your ROG Phone from both ports.

This charger’s size is tiny, with a length of just 3 inches and 1-inch thickness, making it very easy to place the charger into your pocket.

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 Xcentz 5,000mAh Power Bank with PD and Quick Charge Specs
Power Capacity5,000mAh
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A Port5V/2.1A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
USB-C PD Input Port5V/2.1A | 9V/1.4A | 12V/1.0A
Size3 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches
Weight3.6 Ounces

Anker PowerCore 26800 3-Port Power Bank

Going back to a power bank that doesn’t feature fast charging but does have lots of charging ports and pretty good standard charging, this is Anker’s PowerCore 26800 portable charger. The charger has a 26,800mAh power capacity, a good amount for charging the ROG Phone 5 to full power four times. The power bank doesn’t have Quick Charge or Power Delivery. Therefore the conversion rate of the power capacity is better.

There are three USB-A ports with a 5V/3.0A (15W) charging speed, and the charger has a 6A (30W) max output. So you can charge your gaming smartphone and two other devices at the same time without losing much-charging power.

Recharging this Anker power bank is faster than most other high-capacity power banks, as the charger uses two Micro-USB input ports. If you use both input ports at the same time, the power bank recharges at 20W.

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 Anker PowerCore 26800 Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity26,800mAh
Each USB-A Output Port5V/3.0A (15W)
Max Output6A (30W)
Micro-USB Input5V/2.0A (10W)
Max Input4A (20W)
Size7.1 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches
Weight1.1 Pounds

Crave PowerPack 50,000mAh 60W USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

If you’re traveling with your ROG Phone for a road trip, basically a situation where you won’t have a stable of power to charge your phone for a while, consider this Crave power bank. This Crave PowerPack has a 50,000mAh power capacity; that’s a lot of power that can keep your ROG Phone 5’s battery charged up for a few days, possibly a week, depending on your charging needs.

The ports on this power bank do not lack charging power, as there are two USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 ports and two USB-C Power Delivery ports. You can use either of the two USB-A ports to fast charge your ROG Phone, or you can use the 18W USB-C Power Delivery port for fast charging. The other USB-C Power Delivery port on this power bank has a 60W PD charging speed, most useful for charging USB-C laptops; another reason to get this power bank for road trips. However, to be completely clear, this Crave power bank cannot be taken on an airplane because the power capacity is too high for TSA standards.

The Crave PowerPack does come with a 45W PD wall charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable. You can use the included wall charger to recharge the power bank at max speed, and you may use it to charge your ROG Phone directly, too.

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 Crave Powerpack 50,000mAh 60W Power Delivery Quick Charge Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity50,000mAh
USB-C Power Delivery Port 15V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A | 15V/1.2A (18W)
USB-C Power Delivery Port 25V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A | 15V/1.2A (60W)
Both USB-A Ports5V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
USB-C PD Input 15V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A | 15V/1.2A (18W)
USB-C Input 25V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/3.0A | 15V/3.0A | 20V/2.25A (45W)
Size8.2 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches
Weight3 Pounds

CHOETECH 10,000mAh Power Bank with Built-in USB-C PD Cable

If you want a reliable 10,000mAh power bank that will always be reliable to charge with as long as the power bank is charged up, this CHOETECH is definitely the one. The power bank has a built-in USB-C and Lightning cable; the best part is that both cables feature Power Delivery, so you can fast charge your ROG Phone, or you can fast charge an iPhone. When you’re not using the power bank, the cables go inside the charger and are completely out of the way so you can place the power bank into your pocket.

This CHOETECH portable charger does not feature any output ports but does have a USB-C PD input port to recharge the power bank only.

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 CHOETECH 10,000 B688 Power Delivery USB-C / Lightning Built-in Cable Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity10,000mAh
Built-in USB-C Cable5V 3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A
Built-in Lightning Cable5V 3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A
USB-C (Input)5V/3A | 9V/2A
Size5.75 x 2.72 x 0.67 inches
Weight8 Ounces