Best Power Banks for iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus in 2024

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2024)

The iPhone 14 continues the legacy of its predecessors with some incremental updates. It features a faster processor and slightly larger batteries, but overall, it represents a modest upgrade rather than a major leap. For those with the iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Plus, these models are top-tier, offering significant power in a compact form. Due to their high power usage, this guide recommends well-suited power banks for charging the iPhone 14 on the go, especially in specialized scenarios. Notably, the iPhone 14 supports 25W fast charging via Power Delivery, a key feature in the recommended power banks.

UGREEN Magnetic 20W Power Bank

The UGREEN Magnetic power bank is an excellent choice for MagSafe-compatible iPhones because you can magnetically attach an iPhone 12 to the most recent iPhone to the power bank. The iPhone 14 can magnetically attach to the charging pad and charge at 15W, a fast wireless charge rate. To get faster charging, you can use the 20W Power Delivery USB-C port on the power bank; there is also a USB-A Quick Charge port. The 10,000mAh battery capacity of the power bank can charge the iPhone 14 to full power about two times.

In my review for the UGREEN 20W magnetic power bank, I could magnetically attach a Note 9 to the charging pad because I had a magnet at the back of my Note 9; I could also use the USB-C port for fast charging. I also found a kickstand at the back of the power bank that turns it into a charging stand.

INIU 20W Magnetic Power Bank

The INIU 20W, magnetic power bank, is similar to the UGREEN 20W power bank because it also has a magnetic wireless charging pad that lets you magnetically attach to the iPhone 14. The wireless charging speed is a bit slower at 10W. The USB-C port has a 20W Power Delivery charge rate that can fast charge the iPhone 14, but you will need a USB-C to Lightning cable. There is also a USB-A port. In my review of the INIU Magnetic 20W power bank, I found that I could charge three devices simultaneously even with this mini power bank.

ROMOSS Sense8PS Pro 30,000mAh 30W Power Bank

High-capacity power banks are among the most reliable because they have capacities that can last for days and charge many devices a few times before needing a recharge. They also have multiple ports. This ROMOSS Sense8PS Pro power bank is precisely that; it has a 30,000mAh capacity, so even if you have the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you’ll still be fair about three full charges before needing to recharge this ROMOSS power bank.

There are also three output and three input ports. This Sense8PS Pro has a 30W USB-C Power Delivery port that can fast charge your iPhone 14. There are also two USB-A Quick Charge ports. Just something to know is that once you’re charging three devices simultaneously, the max output for this power bank becomes 15W, so fast charge will not be available. That said, 30W is still available from the USB-C port when charging one or two devices. In my review for the ROMOSS Sense 8ps Pro power bank, I could use fast charging from the USB-C port when only charging a single device simultaneously, but charging multiple devices would result in standard charging.

This ROMOSS power bank recharges and is highly accessible because of three input ports. The best way to recharge it is to use the USB-C port at 30W. There is also a Micro-USB and Lightning input port that can recharge the power bank at 18W. In this case, using the Lightning input port would be more convenient as you’d likely use a USB-C to Lightning cable. Discover how it performs in my ROMOSS Sense8PS Pro 30,000mAh 30W Power Bank video review.

PowerAdd Pro 10,000mAh 20W Power Delivery Power Bank with Wall Charger

There aren’t too many power banks with wall chargers; if they do, it’s more convenient because you can recharge them right out of the box. This PowerAdd Pro 10,000mAh power bank is just that. This power bank comes with a 20W USB-C wall charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable that can be used to recharge the power bank.

The power bank has a 10,000mAh capacity, so there is nothing special with its capacity, but it fits most daily portable charging needs. The ports are powerful enough, with their 20W USB-C port that can be used to fast charge your iPhone 14, and there are two USB-A ports, each with a 22.5W output.

This PowerAdd Pro power bank can be recharged through USB-C or Micro-USB ports. I recommend using the USB-C port because it has a 20W recharging speed that you can use with the included wall charger and cable. In my review of the PowerAdd Pro 3 port power bank, I used the included wall charger to recharge the power bank and was able to recharge it at about 11W. Check out my video review of the PowerAdd Pro 10,000mAh 20W Power Delivery Power Bank with Wall Charger for more insights

MOMAX 10,000mAh 20W PD Power Bank with Wireless Charging

I know that the iPhone 14 is MagSafe compatible, and I’ve recommended another MOMAX power bank in this guide that does feature MagSafe, which you can find below. This MOMAX power bank does not feature MagSafe but still has wireless charging and a Lightning input port, making it reliable for iPhone users.

This MOMAX power bank has a 10,000mAh capacity, but the most notable is the charging. There’s a 20W UBS-C PD port, a USB-A Quick Charge port with an 18W output, and a 10W wireless charging pad at the top. The USB-C port is the best way to charge your iPhone 14, but if you don’t have a cable, you can also use wireless charging to charge your iPhone 14 at 7.5W.

The iPhone 14 is rated to charge at 7.5W Qi wireless charging pads and 15W from MagSafe chargers. This is not a MagSafe charger, but it’s still nice to have wireless charging. While reviewing the MOMAX 10,000mAh wireless power bank, I found a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box.

The USB-C port is the better way to recharge this MOMAX power bank because it has an 18W recharge speed, and the Lightning input has a 12W input speed. Still, the option of a Lightning input is excellent to have for iPhone users.

MOMAX 5,000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

If you don’t care about fast charging from a USB-C port or a capacity for charging your iPhone 14, this MOMAX power bank is an alright option. The charger has a 5,000mAh capacity, so you’ll likely get close to fully charging your iPhone 14.

This MOMAX power bank is a bit strange because it doesn’t have any output ports; the only way to recharge is from the MagSafe wireless charging pad that your iPhone 14 can magnetically attach to. The wireless charging is maxed out at 7.5W; however, if you want a fast charging speed, MOMAX has a 10,000mAh 15W power bank. In my review of the MOMAX MagSafe power bank, there were no cables included in the box with the charger, so you will have to provide your cable for the power bank.

You must use the Lightning input with 12W input to recharge this power bank. This MOMAX power bank is made for iPhone users because of its MagSafe feature, especially if you have an iPhone 12 to iPhone 14. The design is also one of the most beautiful on a power bank.

INIU B63 25,000mAh 65W PD Power Bank

If you’ve got a Macbook, as you likely may have if you own an iPhone, you may want to consider this INIU B63 power bank with a 65W Power Delivery output. With its 65W PD output from USB-C 1, you can fast charge your Macbook, and if you want to fast charge your iPhone 14, you can do so with the same USB-C 1 port or the USB-C 2 port with its 30W output. This power bank also features a USB-A Quick Charge port.

This power bank also has a 25,000mAh capacity that can charge the iPhone 14 a few times and help charge a laptop to full power if needed. To recharge this INIU power bank, I recommend using a 45W PD wall charger. For my review of the INIU B63 25,000mAh power bank, I could recharge the power bank at about 40W when using a UGREEN 45W Nexode charger.

Something that this power bank has that not too many others have is a kickstand that can hold up your phone while it charges. Gain a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities by watching my video review of the INIU B63 25,000mAh 65W PD Power Bank.

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