Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus in 2024

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2024)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus rival Apple’s iPads with their high-end features. These Android tablets boast a Snapdragon 865+ processor enabling 5G and a superior display, especially the Tab S7 Plus with its 12.4-inch Super AMOLED screen and 120Hz refresh rate. They offer 6GB or 8GB RAM options and up to half a terabyte of storage. Despite large batteries (8,000mAh for S7, 10,090mAh for S7 Plus), battery life can diminish quickly due to high-spec usage.

This guide discusses power banks for charging the Tab S7 and S7 Plus. While these power banks support Power Delivery, they won’t match the 45W fast charging of the Tab S7’s original charger, which uses Programmable Power Supply (PPS), a feature rare in power banks.

ROMOSS PEA30 30,000mAh Power Bank

The ROMOSS PEA30 power bank is meant for charging larger devices because this ROMOSS power bank has a massive 30,000mAh battery capacity. This much power can change up the Galaxy Tab S7 to full power at least once, and you can end up using it for a few days, depending on how heavily you’re using it. For the charging ports, the ROMOSS PEA30 features two USB-A ports and a single USB-C port; the USB-C port can output 30W of Power Delivery that can fast charge your Galaxy Tab S7, and the USB-A ports have a 22.5W output. During my review of the ROMOSS PEA30 power bank, I found that fast charging did not work when I charged three devices simultaneously, so if you want optimal charging for your Galaxy Tab S7, charge it alone.

Recharging the ROMOSS PEA30 power bank can be done via three input ports, but I recommend using the USB-C port for recharging because it has a 30W recharge rate. You must provide your wall charger because the power bank does not have one. Watch my ROMOSS PEA30 30,000mAh Power Bank video review for more insights into its performance and features.

iWalk LinkPod Y2 9,600mAh Power Bank

If you want a power bank that has a built-in cable and don’t want to carry a separate cable for any reason, the iWalk LinkPod Y2 power bank has a built-in USB-C cable, and the power bank has a 9,600mAh battery capacity. So, the built-in cable may be short and limiting if you’re holding and charging your Galaxy Tab S7, but if you have your tablet set down, the built-in cable can prove useful. Also, the built-in cable can output 18W of Power Delivery to fast charge your Galaxy Tab S7. When reviewing the iWalk LinkPod Y2 power bank, I could recharge via the built-in cable by plugging it directly into a USB-C wall charger or using the USB-C port on the power bank for recharging. Check out my iWalk LinkPod Y2 9,600mAh Power Bank video review to learn more about its built-in cable feature and overall usability.

UGREEN 25,000mAh Power Bank

The UGREEN 145W 25,000mAh power bank is a good choice for fast charging your Galaxy Tab S7 and can be helpful for fast charging USB-C laptops. So if you’re getting this UGREEN power bank to charge your Galaxy Tab S7, that’s okay, but this is more of a universal type of charger because it has two USB-C ports; USB-C 1 can output 100W of Power Delivery at all times, and USB-C 2 can output 45W. There is also a USB-A port on this power bank. 100W and 45W of Power Delivery are more than enough to fast charge the Galaxy Tab S7 and are more meant for charging USB-C laptops. You can simultaneously use 100W from USB-C and 45W via USB-C 2. So it’s an excellent idea to get the UGREEN 145W power bank if you plan on charging a laptop, too, as it makes the power bank more worth getting.

In my review of the UGREEN 145W power bank, I could charge it faster using the USB-C 1 port because it has a 65W recharging speed. Explore the UGREEN 145W 25,000mAh Power Bank in my video review to understand its fast charging capabilities and design aspects.

Baseus 65W 20,000mAh Power Bank

The Baseus 65W power bank is one of the few portable chargers with PPS from its USB-C port. If you charge the tablet alone, you can get a 25W PPS charge rate for your Galaxy Tab S7. The Baseus power bank also has two USB-A ports, but you will lose that faster charging speed if you charge multiple devices simultaneously. The good news is that even when charging three devices, the USB-C port can still output 20W, which is still a decent charge rate for the Galaxy Tab S7.

Also, in my review of the Baseus 65W power bank, there are two options to recharge it, and you should go with the USB-C port because it has a 60W recharge speed.

PowerAdd Pro 10,000mAh Power Bank

The PowerAdd Pro 10,000mAh power bank is your run-of-the-mill type of charger, with the power bank having an alright capacity that can charge the Galaxy Tab S7 to a good point but not exactly to full power. Additionally, there is a 20W Power Delivery USB-C port for fast charging, and the PowerAdd Pro charger is slim. When it came to recharging the PowerAdd Pro power bank in my review, I just stuck to recharging the power bank via the USB-C port simply because I have a bunch more USB-C cables than micro-USB cables at this point. In my video review, I will delve into the details of the PowerAdd Pro 10,000mAh Power Bank, examining its design and charging power.

iWalk LinkPod USB-C mini Power Bank

If you need an emergency power bank for charging your Galaxy Tab S7 when it’s low on power and want to get through the day, the iWalk LinkPod USB-C power bank may fit your needs. The charger only has a 4,800mAh battery, which makes it very small, and the power bank uses a USB-C connector that you plug directly into the Tab S7. The one downside of the LinkPod power bank is that if the USB-C connector breaks, you have no other way to use the power bank. The USB-C port on the power bank can only be used as an input port, and in my review of the LinkPod USB-C power bank, I could plug the USB-C connector into the wall charger directly for recharging. My iWalk LinkPod USB-C mini Power Bank video review highlights its compact size and effectiveness for emergency charging.

Final thoughts about my choice of power banks for the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus are powerhouse devices that can deliver on every front that a tablet should provide. That said, the power does come at a cost, and if you’re not careful, you may be low on battery power and close to just having a powered-down tablet. Low-capacity power banks such as the iWalk LinkPod chargers are useful for one-time use but require a recharge, while higher-capacity power banks such as the ROMOSS PEA30 can be used for a few days. If you’re curious about general chargers that would work well for the Tab S7, please look at my choice of best chargers for the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus guide.

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