The Best Reasons To Buy Products From Online

When you go into a retail store, and you’re looking at what you want to get, you’re going to notice something that is missing. Options. Retail stores really lack the options for the products they sell and this is a major reason why retail stores are becoming a thing of the past.

Let’s say that you’re looking for Mosquito repellent from a store, and they have all the same brand. For this example, the brand is OFF and you didn’t really like OFF’s products the last time you used it and now you’re back to look for something else. The problem here is that since OFF is the leading brand of mosquito and insect repellent, OFF products are mostly what you’re going to see. How can you, as a consumer be satisfied if there aren’t any other options? The simple answer is that you cannot be satisfied and the fact is that just because a product is popular does not make it the best.

Why aren’t retail stores the best choice, though?

The best way to put it is that retail stores are old. They have been here a long time and they just aren’t as modern as they were. Retail stores don’t know what’s the best and latest among society until some time has passed and then the retailer might stock the products that were once popular. At that point, everyone has already ordered the high demand product from online stores because that’s where they heard from it first.

Another thing about retail stores being obsolete is their physical existence. When it’s really cold outside or really hot outside, a lot of people simply don’t want to leave their house because they don’t favor the weather or because they don’t want to get in their car and burn fuel. Retail stores actually require someone to be there to get the product, sure retailers now have websites that you can order products from but retailers were physical retailers at first and that is their strength, not the online space.

Why should I buy my products from online?

It’s simple because it’s an overall better way to buy things. Some people may argue that buying their products from online is a bad idea because the physical product cannot be seen and assessed for what it is. Although that is true, if you know what you want to get, the same way you’d walk into a retail store and knowing what you want, buying things from online is just as trustworthy as buying something in person.

For example: Buying a bed sheet or jeans may not seem like the most normal thing to order from online but it can be very normal by knowing a few things.

For purchasing jeans from online you’d want to know:

  • What size you are
  • What the difference between Regular, Straight and Skinny jean sizes are

The same can go for electronics such as buying a charging cable or a power bank.

If you were going buy a power bank online then you’d need to know what you want from it:

  • The capacity
  • The size
  • The Tech
  • The Shape
  • The weight
  • How it looks

All of these traits that you want for a product can be found on the product page. This is great because the product page is usually from the actual manufacturer that created the products, so the information that they leave about the product is very accurate and true.

Most of all, there’s variety and quality when it comes to purchasing products online. In a retail store, there’s just a normal wall charger that doesn’t have any special features or there might not be many USB ports with the wall charger.

However, online shopping alleviates the search for variety because there are so many options for what you’re looking for. Some wall chargers will have only one port but the port may have Quick Charge. There are even 10 port USB Wall chargers that are available online that provide great quality.

Pic 1
Anker PowerPort 10

Just a take a look at the Anker PowerPort 10. It has 10 ports that feature Anker’s PoweriQ charging and any safety concerns or questions are answered on the Amazon page or you could simply contact the company directly by emailing them.

That is the main reason why products like the Powerport 10 aren’t sold in the store, it’s because many people have safety concerns for the wall charger that has lots of ports and the box casing, telling the customer that it’s safe just isn’t enough. Sometimes people want to know more about what they’re buying before they buy it. The online community, through reviews and questions being answered, is what helps people understand and make informed decisions about what they choose to buy.

What if I can’t find the specifics about the product I’m looking at?

This is the best part about online shopping. You can contact the company that produced the product and the support team will get back to you and do their best to help you.

Getting info straight from the source from people that are very well informed about a product because they’re the creators is nearly the best part. For a physical retailer, the problem is that they generally hire anyone, people that are looking for a job and get paid. People that work at a retail store are not knowledgeable about many products that are in the store because they have either not bought it or they simply don’t know what it is or does.

For retail stores to reach the same efficiency as online stores, they’d need to train each employee specifically for select products. This way, if a customer were to ask a question about a product, then the answer can a be accurate and true. That is not the case, though, retail workers cannot realistically be trained to be masters for each product because stock changes and training takes time away from their normal duties at the job.

However for online stores, there is no training, there are only experts that know what they’re selling because they are heavily involved in the production of the product, so the information that you request is straight from the source and not a third-party.

Are products that are listed online better than products in retail stores?

Yes. Products are better online because they are being listed online which means that the company is heavily involved with the internet and social media communities. Companies that do business online are in a much better position because the internet is a place where businesses can take a look at what consumers want, what’s popular at this very moment, what might become popular and most importantly what ISN’T popular so they can avoid wasting money trying to promote products that are not in demand.

Products that are listed online also have more options, like we mentioned before. The competition online is high because businesses know just how much people use the internet and just how much people use the internet to purchase things. Since there is high competition, companies are able to push each other to do better.

Take a look at the Electronic Charge Space on the internet. There are quite a few companies that we mention here at Charger Harbor:

  • Anker
  • Aukey
  • EasyAcc
  • RavPower
  • Mophie
  • BlitzWolf


All of them are mostly in the same space of tech, which is the charging space. Power banks, charging cables and wall chargers are some things that the companies listed above have in common. They all see a space in which people desire better tech and since each of them has their competitors, they have made their products better. Most of them have their own smart tech charging for their products, they have accepted that Quick Charge is a great innovation to implement within their products because it adds immense value for people that have Quick Charge compatible devices.

Take a look at the two products below:

myCharge – RAZORMAX Portable Power Bank                   Astro E5 16750mAh Portable Charger

39.99                                                                                       32.99

Pic 1                     Pic 1

Which one do you think is better?

The power bank to the left is a 6000mAh capacity power bank with two USB ports and power indicators at $39.99

The power bank to the right is a 16750mAh capacity power bank with power indicators, two USB ports that feature Anker’s PoweriQ smart charging and an overall smaller size compared to the power bank to the left. You get the Astro E5 for 32.99.

You’d be paying less for a better product when it comes to buying the Astro E5! The Astro E5 has better tech, a much bigger capacity, and smaller size, yet it has a lower cost than Best Buy’s power bank. This is because Best Buy has put their power bank at a ridiculous price due to a lack of knowledge of what a power bank’s true worth really is. Best Buy overestimated the worth of the power bank which is why the price is so high.

When you’re buying something from online, you’re paying for a product that has been refined to be the best that it can be. That’s what the Anker Astro E5 demonstrates. The power bank has the smart tech and a higher capacity, along with it the capacity that is much greater than the power bank that Best Buy sells. You’re not likely to see any Quick Charge products within retail stores either or high quality charging cables because the retailer is not updated on the tech and quality of modern products

Ultimately, shopping online is better because:

Better Quality Products: Products are up to date with the standards of what people desire and need.

Better Prices: The prices of products are better because companies that sell online know the worth of their product.

More Variety: Since there’s more competition, that means there are more choices to choose from, with companies competing against each other to create an overall better product.

Faster Searching: In a physical store, you’d probably spend an hour or more trying to search for what you want, in the end, you may not find what you were looking for. However with the internet, you can just type in a few words and you’re search will be over in just a few minutes, even if what you’re looking for is specific.

Online shopping is here to stay and grow due to its overall convenience that it offers to the shopping experience. To know more about why it’s overall a bad idea to purchase products from a retail store, read about it here.