Best chargers for Apple Watch Series 9 in 2024

You’ve acquired the highly-regarded Apple Watch Series 9 and even chosen a protective case. What’s next? A reliable charger is essential. While having the official charger is excellent, it’s wise to consider a backup for unforeseen circumstances. The Apple Watch Series 9, with its myriad features – from being a smartwatch, music streamer, fitness tracker, … Full Post

Best chargers for Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 in 2024

Lenovo offers top-notch laptops like the Yoga 9i. However, it’s not just the high-end models that stand out. Many Lenovo laptops, such as the IdeaPad Slim 5, give great value for money. This laptop has a bright screen and performs well without breaking the bank. The IdeaPad Slim 5 includes a 65W charger in the … Full Post

Best Wall Outlets With USB Charging Ports in 2024

Wall outlets, often seen as outdated, can be transformed into modern-day charging stations with built-in USB ports. In older homes, replacing outdated or loose plugs is a sensible move, but why not upgrade to an outlet primed for tech charging? This solution minimizes the constant search for chargers and frees up AC outlets. No more … Full Post

Best chargers for Lenovo Slim 7i in 2024

Lenovo’s Slim 7i (2023) is a top-notch, slim laptop. It’s an upgrade from the 2022 model with the latest 13th-gen Intel processors, more ports, longer battery life, and a 120Hz refresh rate. This makes it ideal for professionals. Although it comes with a 65W USB-C charger, you might need another one. If you’re looking for … Full Post

Best chargers for Apple Watch Ultra 2 in 2024

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is Apple’s latest and greatest smartwatch. It’s even more reliable, durable, and accurate and has cool new features. These include a new S9 chip, a feature where you double-tap, a screen that’s easier to see, a really good GPS and depth gauge, a loud siren that works from far away, … Full Post

Best Portable Jump Starters in 2023

Dead car battery and no help in sight? That’s where portable jump starters come in! They can get your car running again in no time, all by yourself. But you might wonder: Which one should you get? How strong does it need to be? Is there a “best” brand? Forget old-school jumper cables. Today’s jump … Full Post

Best Wireless Chargers for Galaxy S23 in 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is a big hit, offering everything from a handy smaller phone to a super powerful model. They all have excellent battery life, but going wireless is super easy when it’s time to charge. All three phones work with wireless chargers, which means no messing with cables – just set your … Full Post

Best Wireless Chargers for Google Pixel 7a in 2024

Google’s Pixel 7a marks a noteworthy upgrade in the mid-range smartphone category, boasting features like a full-HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate, exceptional camera quality, and the robust Tensor G2 chip. What sets it apart from its solid predecessor, the Pixel 6a, is the introduction of wireless charging—a first for the Pixel A-series, despite … Full Post

Best Chargers for OnePlus Open in 2024

The OnePlus Open marks the brand’s debut into the foldable phone scene, standing out with its unique design. It’s notably lighter than competitors like the Google Pixel Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 but doesn’t compromise quality. Expect sharp displays, superior cameras, and clever software tweaks to enhance the foldable screen experience. Moreover, OnePlus … Full Post