Aukey Power Delivery USB-C Wall Charger with Quick Charge Review

Review: Aukey Power Delivery USB-C Wall Charger with Quick Charge

If you own a smartphone that’s compatible with a powerful charging technology then you should absolutely be the taking advantage of it. What types of fast charging tech is there? Well, there are two main ones, there’s Quick Charge which is used with many Android smartphones on the market. Another fast charging tech is Power … Full Post

Review: DuaFire Universal/International Travel Adapter

Travel adapters are mandatory to use if you’re someone that travels quite a lot and that’s because you have to adapt to the changing power adapters that each country has. Of course, we’re talking about international travel in this case, and if you’re someone that does travel internationally quite a bit then you know that … Full Post

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter Review

Review: BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

If you’re someone who travels internationally a lot, then you’ve probably noticed that you have to adapt to the constantly changing environment. Whether it’s converting currency, knowing a little language for the place that you’re visiting, learning their customs and of course knowing where you want to go once you’re there. There are lots of … Full Post

Mosche 3-In 1 Power Bank

Review: Mosche 3-In 1 Power Bank

There are a lot of options that we have to charge our electronics. Car chargers are for when we’re driving, USB wall chargers are useful for stationary power and also when we want to charge many devices at once. Power banks are one of the best charging electronics though because portable power means that you … Full Post