Jackery Power Pro 500Wh Portable Power Station Review

Review: Jackery Power Pro 500Wh Portable Power Station

Portable power sources are among the most useful types of charging and powering devices that are available on the market. Sure, they’re very large and heavy and not meant for everyday use in normal circumstances. However, these types of devices have amazing capabilities that can be taken anywhere where there’s no power and enable you … Full Post

Review: Suaoki 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Power Supply

Portable power supplies are very useful and at the same time, they’re somewhat ridiculous. That’s because they have lots of powering and charging capabilities that you’re able to use while you’re far away from any stable source of power. At the same time, all that power requires a large place to be which results in … Full Post

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Review: Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

If you read our review for the Anker PowerHouse, then you probably know just how useful it is. These types of portable power sources are not very common mostly because they require a lot of work to be brought to fruition. With that said, there are still quite a lot of power sources that have … Full Post

Anker PowerHouse 120,000mAh Power Bank Review

Review: Anker PowerHouse 120,000mAh Power Bank

There are just a few of these massive behemoths, but this Anker PowerHouse is a portable charger that offers charging capabilities that you’ve probably never heard or even experienced before. It brings all the facets of many charging electronics together into one mega charger. It has a V12 Outlet, an AC Outlet, a DC Outlet, … Full Post

Review: RAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bank

Here at Charger Harbor, we have plenty of reviews for high capacity portable chargers and it’s easy to know that when a power bank has a high capacity, they’re able to offer more than just more power. In this case, there’s plenty of power capacity but there’s also an additional charging option and it’s called … Full Post

Review: ChargeTech – 27,000mAh Portable AC Battery Pack

AC Outlet power banks is a growing way to not only charge devices but it’s a great way to power devices as well. These kinds of chargers can be more than just being able to provide charging power to your smartphone or tablet. Instead, they’re also able to act as a portable wall outlet with … Full Post