Review: AUKEY PowerHub Mini with 2 AC Outlets and 4 USB Ports

Power strips are thought to be appliances that usually just have AC outlets and you’re right for thinking that because that’s mostly what they are. However, with most charging electronic companies, they’re now releasing power strips that have AC outlets and also use USB charging ports. The great thing about this is that you longer … Full Post

EasyAcc Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports

Review: EasyAcc Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports

At Charger Harbor, we’ve reviewed quite a lot of Surge Protectors because the Surge Protectors that we’ve reviewed have charging ports. If this is your first time hearing about Surge Protectors with USB Ports then you’re probably weirded out right now, but yes, there are Surge Protectors that have USB ports to charge your devices. They’re … Full Post

Review: AUKEY PowerStrip 43W/8A USB Charger 8 Outlets

Most Powerstrips that have USB charging ports usually have just 4 charging ports and that’s already enough as we’ve seen with Anker’s Powerstrip that has 4 USBc charging ports, as well as Aukey’s Powerstrip that also has 4 USB charging ports. Having charging ports directly on a PowerStrip practically erases the need of using a wall charger because … Full Post