Charging Cables

Cable Chargers


Charging Cables are the basic tools when it comes to not only charging but overall how you want to use a device. Charging cables are also known to be syncing devices, with the ability to connect your device to another device allows for the sharing of information.

Cables are very portable as well and with the portability comes the necessary rigidity for the charging cable to last a long time.

The main 3 charging cables are:


Micro USB
  • Micro USB dominates Android phones & and many none smartphone devices because the Micro USB design has become universal for many devices to use.


Lightning Cable
  • Lightning Cable is the premier charging cable for the Apple’s products. The Lightning cable features a dual head that allows for any orientation for it to charge. The Lightning cable will usually follow an “MFi” certification for companies that do produce Lightning cables. The “MFi” means Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod and is basically a way of telling consumers that a Lightning Cable is up to standards with Apple.


USB Type C
USB Type-C
  • USB Type-C is the rising charging & sync cable for newer devices. USB Type-C allows for faster charging, faster sync/file sharing between devices and it features a dual orientation just like the Lightning cable. It’s a cable that has basically taken all the good of charging cables and put it into one. Apple’s Macs & and Google’s Nexus phones now use the USB Type-C.

A charging cable can be many things but here at Charger Harbor we know what makes up the fundamental principles of a charging cable:


Sync and Charge

  • It has length whether it’s a 1-foot cable 3-foot cable, length for a charging cable matters because people want to be as free as possible while charging their devices and using them.
  • A Charging cable is meant to Charge & Sync
  • A Charging Cable is meant to last and have a long life with the great material being used in a great way for resiliency.

When all is put into the account, a charging cable is meant to be the basis of charging and be used frequently. A low-quality charging cable will be destroyed quickly and have you spending more of your money. Choosing a great charging cable can be the difference between saving or wasting money.

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