Deal: Anker [6-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB Cable Combo


Charging cables are the core part of charging, so why not have a bundle of them? This Anker bundle include 6 Micro-USB cables that follow Anker’s PowerLine cable construction that feature a Kevlar construction within the cables; This makes the cables extremely strong from the inside. Additionally the Micro USB cables have Hard and Soft PVC on the Micro-USB head for a very long bend life so the cables won’t tear open easily even after long-term use.

Here’s the lengths of the 6 cables within this bundle.

Two – 1 Foot

Three – 3 Foot

One – 6 Foot

You get 6 Micro-USB charging cables that are PowerLine strongly built at a price of $14.99. Individual charging cables cost near this bundle pack, if not as much, but in this case you’ll have a charging cable for nearly any situation. We think this is a deal well done.


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