EwinRacing Champion Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

EwinRacing Champion Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair




Build Quality





  • Comes with all parts and tools; easy to assemble
  • Has all sorts of adjustable features for maximum comfort
  • Has a reclining features and uses a lumbar and head cushion


  • Head cushion placement could be better
(Last Updated On: March 13, 2023)

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When it comes to gaming or office chairs, there are thousands of brands to choose from, making it challenging to select a chair for your needs. For the most part, many consumers have been choosing gaming chairs for all their working needs simply because these chairs offer nearly all the levels of comfort that most are looking for.

One brand that has been emerging lately is called EwinRacing; they don’t just sell a single chair. Instead, they have many categories of chairs with varying features and comfort levels. For this review, I’m looking at the EwinRacing Champion series chair; this one comes from a top-quality line, so let’s take a closer look at what it’s like using it.

What’s included in the Box

The first thing to know is that you get everything you need included in the box. You won’t have to provide any of your tools as you already get two hex wrenches in the Box. What you get in the Box is the chair itself, but it’s just in separate parts, and of course, you get instructions on how to put the chair together.

The instructions for the chair were pretty general, and it seems like all of the chairs from EwinRacing are likely using the same manual, which is fine. Putting the chair together was pretty easy and took just a few minutes; the only real tricky part was holding things in place to screw things in.

Features of the Champion Series Chair

Regarding features, this EwinRacing gaming chair is only missing a massage feature; everything I could need is right here. At the bottom of the chair is where you’ll find two pedals; the left pedal is used to adjust the height of the chair, and just like any other chair, you have to make sure you’re not on it to raise the height and be on the chair if you want to decrease the height.

The right pedal is used to adjust the forward lean of the chair and only has two adjustments. Also, at the bottom of the chair is where you’ll find the rocker adjustment, and the rocking of the chair is pretty good and will be smooth enough for most people that are looking for that feature; I can’t imagine a regular consumer being letdown by it as I sure wasn’t.

Going higher the chair, the arms rests are great and are one of my favorite features of this office gaming chair. That’s because the arms have adjustable height and angle, and you can change their placement by sliding them. Adjusting the armrests ensures you can find your most comfortable arm placement, whether gaming on a desktop or working on a laptop.


Then finally, this EwinRacing chair had an adjustable angle, and you can adjust the chair from 85° to 155°, and I think it’s incredible. I realize that reclining gaming chairs are nothing new, but simply having a reclining feature is always awesome to have because once you’re done working, you can lean back and relax in your chair; using a leg rest with this chair takes it to another level if you’re leaving way back. You could potentially spend all day in this char if you want to.

The other two not very adjustable parts are the lumbar support cushion and the headrest cushion. The lumbar cushion for your back is very adjustable, as you can easily change the height. On the other hand, the headrest cushion is practically not adjustable at all, and for me, it’s more of a neck cushion. To put it into perspective, I’m 5’11”.

Build Quality and Comfort

The build and comfort go together, in my opinion. The build of this chair is good, and it will hold well in the long run. Is it the best-built chair out there? No, but this chair uses high-density foam that will last and can support up to 400 lbs. As someone who weighs 175 lbs, this chair is comfortable, and I’ve been able to sit on it for hours without feeling tired. The lumbar cushion does do an excellent job of support, and I think that’s the main reason why this chair is so comfortable in the first place.

The overall build makes this feel like a heavy-duty gaming chair; this was especially the case when I was putting the chair together, as the seat and the back portion have quite a bit of weight. It’s awesome that this chair uses a metal base for the wheel, and the wheelbase uses five wheels.


EwinRacing gaming chairs are a good option whether you’re looking for a chair strictly for the home office or gaming. This chair is comfortable, easy to assemble, and has features that most regular office chairs don’t have.

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