FlexSolar 40W Foldable Solar Panel with USB-C PD Review

FlexSolar 40W Foldable Solar Panel with USB-C PD









  • The panel features a 40W DC 5521 port, a 40W USB-C PD port and a USB-A Quick Charge port
  • Small and lightweight, comes with two carabiners to hook the panels onto something
  • Great for charging phones and tablets, possibly laptops


  • Does not come with any charging cables to use with the ports
(Last Updated On: January 13, 2023)

Solar panels have improved over the years, and this has caused there to be many types of solar panels that have varying sizes, wattage output, charging ports, and of course, price ranges. So you don’t have to purchase a 100W solar panel if you don’t want one, as those can be quite expensive. Instead, if you want a personal solar panel that can charge small devices such as your phone or tablets and even a power station, you may want to consider lower-wattage solar panels.

In this review, I’m looking at this FlexSolar 40W solar panel. Yes, this is a 40W solar panel, so it’s inexpensive, and in my testing, I found this useful for charging personal devices. Let’s take a closer look.

Output Charging

There are three ways to use this FlexSolar 40W solar panel: the DC 5521 port, USB-A, and USB-C Power Delivery port. The DC 5521 port and the USB-C Port can output 40W. The USB-A port features Quick Charge, which means that it’s able to output 18W and can fast charge most Android phones.

When using any solar panel, you have to ensure that the solar panels are getting optimal sunlight; if they’re not, then the charging power you receive from the panel will not be very good. The same is true here. When completely unfolded, this FlexSolar 40W solar panel has six panels that can receive sunlight. What I found most helpful was placing the panels at an angle; in my case, I just used two chairs, which worked well. Most solar panels have a kickstand at the back to be placed at an angle, but these don’t.

In my testing, while the panels were receiving nearly full sun exposure, I began by charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and the Note 9 was able to fast charge from the USB-C Power Delivery port. I charged my Lenovo laptop from the USB-C PD port for my test, which could charge at about 8W. So the charging speed for the laptop was relatively slow, but it’s still able to charge it, so if you don’t have any other way to recharge your laptop, this solar panel can do an alright job if you have long enough sun exposure on the panels.

I charged a VigorPool Lake 300 power station for my next test via the USB-C PD port, which could charge at about 20W to 25W.

Overall, I recommend using this FlexSolar 40W solar panel to charge small devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. Charging devices such as power stations can be useful, too, that said, the charging speed may be too slow for what you’re getting, and a higher-wattage solar panel will service you better.

Size and Weight

When the solar panel is folded, it has an 11 .1 inch width, a length of 8 inches, and a 1.8-inch thickness. When the panel is unfolded, it has a length of 48 inches. So it’s pretty long when fully unfolded. The panel weighs 2.8 pounds. So this panel could easily be taken hiking and camping because it is just that small and lightweight.

Functional Components

On the functional side of it, the solar panel is just like any other one; make sure that the panels are receiving direct sunlight and the ports are ready to use. Where the ports are located, you’ll find a red light that turns on to show that the ports are being powered.

Included in the box are carabiners that can be used to hook onto the panels, and then you can hook the panels onto your backpack or wherever else that makes it convenient for the panel to receive sunlight.


The build quality of this Solar panel is good, and it felt solid to me. The panels are made of monocrystalline and have an IP67 water resistance. That said, I’d consider the panels to have IP67 water resistance, meaning that they can withstand rain with no problem, but the charging ports are not water resistant, so you should keep them away from water.


The most reliable way to use this 40W solar panel is to charge phones and tablets. If it’s your last resort, this panel can also charge a laptop, as I could charge my Lenovo laptop. This isn’t meant for recharging power stations, as most have a higher solar input than 40W, but it can be done.

FlexSolar 40W Foldable Solar Panel with USB-C PD Specs
Rated Power40W
Solar Cell TypeMonocrystalline
DC 5521 Port40W
USB-C PD Port40W
USB-A Quick Charge Port18W
Size (Unfolded)48 x 11.1 x 1.8 inches
Weight2.8 Pounds


This FlexSolar 40W foldable solar panel is a low-cost option for solar charging on the go. If you’re hiking or camping and want to keep your phone or tablet charged up, this is what I’d take.

FlexSolar 40W Foldable Solar Panel Charger with USB-C and USB-A Outputs for Phones, Power Banks, Tablets - Waterproof for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking
  • 【Solar Panels Chargers】Built-in 1* QC3.0 USB-A max 18W , 1*PD 2.0 USB-C max 18w(5v-3A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A) and 19V DC (5.5*2.1mm) max 40W outputs to directly connect and charge phones( (Android and Apple) , iPads, power banks, small power stations and other daily electronic devices. USB-A and USB-C allow you to charge both electronic devices at once. But don't recommend that DC and USB ports use toghter in case of the charging is a little slowly. Note: Solar Panels cann't store the power.
  • 【SMART IC CHIP TECHNOLOGY & SAFETY FEATURE】Integrated IC automatically detects the connected devices and provides the optimized charging, and an included LED light shows the charging status.FlexSolar ensure 100% safe charging with overcurrent, overheating and short-circuit protection.
  • 【Portable Camping Solar Panel】Made for mobile camps and off-grid adventures, the 40W foldable solar panel is perfect for longer trips when you need more power without sacrificing portability. With a small size of 8.0x 11.1x 1.8 inches (when folded) and a lightweight design of 2.86lbs(1.3kg) that can be easily squeezed into your backpack, offering portability and simplicity.It is also a must have for stashing in an emergency kit.
  • 【HIGH SOLAR CONVERSION & IP67 DUSTPROOF WATERPROOF】Highly efficient solar panels convert 24% of solar energy into free energy in enough sunlight. IP67 dustproof waterproof and ETFT laminations make the solar panel work under unexpected weather and last longer than other PET solar panels and the most durable panels available, withstanding wear and tear better .Note: the junction box isn't waterproof.
  • 【PACKAGE & SUPPORT】You will get a FlexSolar Solar Charger, 2 Carabiners and User Manual. Note:Any clouds or coverings can affect the charging speed, although our solar chargers have an automatic restart feature, which we still no recommend. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.
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