HyperDrive USB-C Charging Hub for 2018 iPad Pro

The new 2018 iPad Pro was definitely an awesome unveiling from Apple, with them being a brand that nearly everyone knows. Also, because Apple does release some of the best products on the market, despite what some people might say.

With the new iPad Pro, it, of course, featured some of the latest specs, it has a new design with the bezels being smaller and having a larger screen ratio.

Finally, the iPad uses a USB-C Port. Just one Though?

Perhaps the biggest change for the iPad this year is that it now makes use of a USB-C port. This is something few people were expecting as the iPad was using a Lightning port. Which is Apple’s very own port.

Instead, they opted for something more universal, as USB-C is being used with many types of devices on the market now. They did this so the iPad was more accessible to other devices and basically future-proof. Just as they’re now using USB-C ports with the MacBook.

That said, the only port on this iPad Pro is the USB-C port, and that can be quite daunting.

How are you supposed to connect multiple devices at once?

The answer is the HyperDrive USB Charging HUB.

This HUB from HyperDrive features a total of six ports that you can use with the iPad Pro.

What does the HyperDrive USB HUB Feature?

  • 4K HDMI port
  • 35mm Audio Jack as the iPad no long features a headphone jack anymore
  • SD Card Slot
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • A USB-C Power Delivery port for Charging

Provides an Overall Better Experience

This is one of the best accessories that you can purchase if you’re getting the 2018 iPad Pro as it drastically improves your user experience with the device.

Sure, you can say that Apple is wrong with using only a single port with the iPad Pro. At the same time, that’s what Apple does, they want minimalism.

The solution is what this HyperDrive USB Charging HUB is offering.

The color of this USB charging HUB also matches the iPad with it coming in two different colors, Space Grey and Silver. So when you’re using it, it practically looks like an Apple accessory.

One other thing is that the siding of where the USB-C end of the HUB is, that’s where there’s a plastic shield to ensure that the HUB doesn’t cause any damage to your iPad.

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