New Autel 12KW 50 Amp Level 2 MaxiChargers

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2022)

[SALE ENDS 11/20/2022]

Autel MaxiCharger 50A EV Charger With Separate Holster (Sale Price $499)

Autel MaxiCharger 50A EV Charger With In-Body Holster (Sale Price $499)

Autel Maxicharger AC Lite 50A

Autel MaxiCharger 40A EV Charger With Separate Holster (Sale Price $459)

Autel MaxiCharger 40A EV Charger With In-Body Holster (Sale Price $459)

After conquering the niche drone and automotive diagnostic tool market, Autel has innovated the electric vehicle charging market. Autel has five different MaxiCharger Wall Box home chargers, with the W10-N14 and the W10-N14-H model being the two 40Amp / 9.6Kw models from Autel. The 40 Amp MaxiChargers are great. However, Autel has newer 50Amp / 12Kw models that can charge electric vehicles faster and can compete even better with other brand at-home chargers.

We’ll cover three models: the Maxi US AC W12, Maxi US AC W12-H, and the Maxi US AC W12 Lite. All of these models are 50 Amp chargers and are slightly different from Autel’s previous EV chargers, but the high power output can make all the difference for most consumers.

What are the Differences between Autel MaxiCharger Models?

The Maxi US AC W12 and the Maxi US AC W12 Lite are practically the same models with different designs, and they both have an in-body holster for the charger. The Maxi US AC W12-H has a body holster for the charger. Other than the minimal differences between the Autel 50 Amp chargers, you will be getting the same performance from all of them; it’s just a matter of how you want the set-up to be.

Incredibly Fast Charging

Okay, so coming from the Autel 40 Amp MaxiChargers, these 50 Amp chargers have one main difference: they must be hardwired to receive power. The 40 Amp chargers use a NEMA 14-50 input cord, so you may want to call an electrician to set up these newer models. Also, something to note is that to use the full 50 Amps from these Autel chargers, they should be connected to at least 60 Amp circuits or higher.

Compared to older level 1 chargers with slower charging speeds, this Autel 50 Amp Maxicharger is nine times faster than the previous level 1 charger. With its charging speed, you can gain up to 37 miles per hour; as a result, your car will be fully recharged by the morning when you plug it in at night and go to bed.

Weather Resistance

These new 50 Amp Autel Maxichargers also have an excellent build quality that matches other models. In this case, the chargers have a NEMA 4-grade enclosure that makes them withstand indoor or outdoor applications. This means the Autel 50 Amp Maxicharger will survive heavy rain, high winds, snow, and whatever else the outdoors have to throw at the charger; it can take on the rain because the charger has an IP65 water-resistance rating. So even if you don’t have a garage, you can install this charger in your driveway.

Also, if you’re worried about over-temperature or under-temperature operating, then don’t be because the Maxicharger can function in -40°C ~ +55°C (-40°F ~ 122°F). As for the technical build, Autel has mentioned that they are currently working on an AI algorithm analysis feature that can perform load balancing and reduce battery loss; however, that feature will be coming in the future.

Key Features

When it comes to using the Autel Maxicharger, there are a few neat parts on the charger itself. For example, on the charger, you’ll find power, internet, charging, and Bluetooth LED indicator to show the status of each one. 

Of course, the most significant part of owning this Autel 50 Amp Maxicharger is the user experience with the app. You have to create an account to connect your charger to the app; after that, you can access all sorts of functions when charging your electric vehicle. These functions include starting and stopping charging, giving you info about electricity cost, the amount of your battery that is currently recharged recharging time, and many other features that could be added in the future. The electricity cost features are fantastic because you can set charging to happen when electricity is cheaper than at other times, ultimately saving you money. You can’t do that with a gas car.

To update the firmware of your charger, you can do that via the app. This ensures your charger functions the best way possible every time you use it.

Adaptive Load Management (ALM) is something we mentioned a little before, which allows the charger to either stop, slow, or speed up charging depending on the cost of electricity. Also, ALM may fluctuate charging speed depending on the power load of the household to prevent an overcurrent trip.

A worthy Upgrade for EV Charging

The Autel 12KW 50Amp Maxichargers are worth the price if you have sufficient power in your home and don’t mind the slightly higher price tag. Charging speed for EVs has always been a troublesome situation, and thankfully, with a 50 Amp charger, it looks like things are speeding up, and there’s only more to come in the future.

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