Omni Ultimate 40,300mAh AC Outlet Power Bank with Even More Power

The OmniCharge is a power bank that is quite well-known on the market in terms of being a portable power source that offers more than just charging. It features an AC outlet, USB ports, and a high power capacity.

However, time has passed and so the Omnicharge has created a newer power bank that is definitely an upgrade from the previous charger. It’s called the Omni Ultimate.

So what does the Omni Ultimate feature?

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Omni Ultimate is that it looks different than the first models. With this one looking much more rugged and built for falls. Well, that’s because it really is built for falls, as the outer shell protrudes more from the main body of the power bank and therefore, there’s more protection.

The next thing is that the Omni Ultimate features a 40,300mAh power capacity which is basically double the amount of power that the original had. So you can charge smartphones, tablets, laptops to their full power multiple times.

You can also use the power bank for a longer duration in terms of powering a small appliance.

Then there’s actually using the Omni Ultimate with the ports that it features.

On one side of the power bank is where you’ll find the DC output port that you can use and it actually features adjustable charging speed. This is great if you’re charging a device that requires a specific amount of charging power.

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Features Powerful Power Delivery

The other two ports near the DC port is a USB-C Power Delivery port and two USB-A ports. The USB-C Power Delivery port is very powerful with 60W of charging power.

Most Power Delivery power banks feature a 30W Power Delivery charging speed, but this one has double that. So you can definitely fast charge a USB-C MacBook, Power Delivery compatible laptops, and also more powerful USB-C laptops that require more charging power.

Such as the Dell XPS 13 or XPS 15 that require more charging power than 30W.

The two USB-A ports each make use of Quick Charge so you can also fast charge Quick Charge compatible Andriod smartphones. Such as the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, S9, LG V40 ThinQ and other phones that may be Quick Charge compatible.

The one other way to use the power bank is a 3-prong AC outlet that has a 120W power output. So you can use it with laptops chargers, and other small but powerful appliances that you otherwise cannot use with a USB or DC port.

Two Ways to Recharge

There are two ways to recharge the Omni Ultimate power bank. You can use the USB-C Power Delivery port to recharge the power bank, as it can also be used as an input port. USB-C port is able to recharge at 60W, but that’s only if you’re using a 60W Power Delivery wall charger to recharge it.

We recommend either getting Aukey’s 60W Power Delivery charging station or the Satechi 60W Power Delivery charger that makes use of Quick Charge.

The other option is to use the DC input port, and the Omni Ultimate comes with its own AC adapter to recharge from the DC port.

You’re able to Replace the Battery (Kind of a Big Deal)

Finally, one other thing that makes the Omni Ultimate a true next-gen charging and powering experience, is that you’re able to replace the battery.

Nearly all power banks on the market have non-removable batteries, and this is bad because those batteries eventually degrade over time. With this Omni Ultimate, you’re actually able to remove the battery brick and replace it with a new one if the battery that you have is depleted.

This basically ensures that you don’t have to purchase a new Omni charger, and it also ensures that you’re able to once again take advantage of the 40,300mAh power capacity at its fullest.

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