Oraimo 120W 4 Port USB-C HyperGaN Fast Charger Review

Oraimo 120W 4 Port USB-C HyperGaN Fast Charger









  • 120W max output that provides fast charging for multiple devices at the same time
  • 100W Power Delivery output available when charging from either USB-C 1 or USB-C 2 alone
  • Small sizes thanks to GaN


  • Adaptive power allocation design may not charge your desired device the fastest when chargnig three or more devices at the same time
(Last Updated On: June 7, 2023)

Power Delivery chargers come with all sorts of ports and power output. Some may only need a low-wattage PD charger to charge smaller devices. However, we’re now at a point where a single charger can charge many devices. If you own a laptop, chances are that it can charge via USB-C, and so can your phone.

I’m looking at this Oraimo 120W 4 port HyperGaN wall charger in this review. The charger has a ton of power and many charging ports that let you fast charge many devices simultaneously. Let’s see what it can do.

Charging Power

So this Oraimo charger has a 120W max output, which can be shared with all the ports when you charge multiple devices simultaneously. There are three USB-C ports on this charger and a single USB-A port.

For single-port charging, you can use each port at its max power. The USB-C 1 and USB-C 2 ports can simultaneously output 100W when charging a single device. At the same time, the USB-C 3 and the UBS-A port can output 30W when charging a single device from the charger.

For dual-port charging, if you charge from USB-C 1 and USB-C 2 simultaneously, each can output 60W. That said, charging from USB-C 1 OR USB-C 2 and charging from USB-C 3 or the USB-A port simultaneously gives a 90W and 30W power split. When charging from the USB-C 3 and the USB-A port simultaneously, the max output becomes 20W.

When charging three devices simultaneously, power allocation for this Oraimo charger becomes a bit complicated because the charger doesn’t have a set power output for each port when charging this many devices simultaneously. This is because Oraimo has gone with a more adaptive charging solution that detects what device requires more, and that device gets faster charging.

Charging four devices at the same time is a bit less complicated when it comes to power allocation because USB-C 1 will output 65W, USB-C 2 will output 30W or vice versa depending on what is being charged; the output from USB-C 3, and the USB-A port is a shared 20W charge rate.

For my testing, I first began by charging my Excitrus power bank, which has a 100W recharging speed, so I could test if the USB-C 1 and the USB-C 2 port can output 100W of Power Delivery. The USB-C 1 and the USB-C 2 ports were able to recharge the Excitrus power bank at 70W, not the total 100W, unfortunately. I’m not sure why the recharge rate was not 100W, but it could be because of Oraimo’s adaptive charging tech.

The next device I plugged in while charging the power bank from USB-C 1 was a Lenovo laptop that I charged from USB-C 2. In this case, the power bank recharged at 60w, and my laptop charged at about 36W.

With a power bank and the laptop still charging, the third device I plugged in was a Galaxy Note 9 that I charged from the USB-C port. My Note 9 was able to fast charge from the USB-C 3 port. The Excitrus power bank charging from USB-C 1 was now charging at 30W, and my Lenovo laptop was charging at about 35W.

So this means when I plugged in my Galaxy Note 9 to the USB-C 3 port, the Oraimo charger found my Lenovo laptop to be the priority for faster charging and the USB-C 2 port had a 60W output, and the USB-C 1 port has a 30W output hence the 30W charge rate for the Excitrus power bank.

The fourth device I plugged in was an LG G7 to the USB-A port. With four devices charging, the Excitrus power bank was charging at 30W, the Lenovo laptop was charging at about 38W, my Note 9 was fast charging, and the LG G7 was standard charging.

This tells me that the Lenovo laptop is getting priority charging from USB-C 2, which has a 65W PD output. Overall, I find this charger’s power allocation design to be a bit strange, but it’s pretty cool at the same time that the charger figures out on its own what should charge faster.


Also, to test if the USB-C 1 and the USB-C 2 port were able to output 60W each when chargin from the two at the same time, I charged my Excitrus and Baseus power bank from the two ports, and they were both able to charge at 60W.

I also charged my Excitrus power bank from USB-C 1 and my Baseus power bank from USB-C 3, and ended up getting a 75W and 30W split of power, so the power allocation works how it’s supposed to.

It seems like the adaptive power allocation of this charger does have limits, and that would be when you’re powering something way over its limit.

Size and Weight

Since this Oraimo charger uses GaN, it’s tiny for a 120W 4-port charger. The charger has a length and width of 2.7 inches and a thickness of 1.2 inches; the weight of the charger is 10 ounces. Okay, so the size is tiny, but the weight of these powerful chargers is pretty noticeable as it’s nearly one pound, but that’s the case for nearly all of them.


The Oraimo charger does use a foldable plug that makes portability easier. Also, design-wise, the charger has a green power light on the front and a neat-looking design with grooves to the side of the charger.

Oraimo 120W 4 Port USB-C HyperGaN Fast Charger Specs
USB-C 1 (Single Port Charging)100W
USB-C 2 (Single Port Charging)100W
USB-C 3 (Single Port Charging)30W
USB-A (Single Port Charging)30W
Total Output120W
Size2.79 x 2.79 x 1.22 inches
Weight10.6 ounces


The Oraimo 120W 4 port wall charger is a pretty awesome universal charger that you can use to fast charge nearly any device you plug into, at least when charging two or three devices; when charging four devices, the one you plug into the USB-A port may not fast charge.

The adaptive power allocation of the charger is the smart feature as it figures out what device requires more charging power. It did fall short when I tried to recharge two power banks simultaneously from USB-C 1 and USB-C 2. Besides that, this is a good choice for an all-around charger for all your devices.

120W USB C Charger, oraimo Fast Charger Type C (HyperGaN), 4-Port PD PPS Foldable Wall Charger for MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS 13, iPad Pro, Galaxy S22/S21, Note 20/10+, Pixel and More
  • High-Speed Charging: MacBook Pro charger that provides total 120W max output, connect a single device to charge at up to 100W, that’s enough to fully charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro in just 1.7 hours! Can charge two 13-inch MacBook Pros at a time!
  • Intelligent Power Allocation: Smart distribution of 120W of power able to charge 4 devices at a time; ensure all your connected devices get simultaneous high-speed charging. Use multiple ports at the same time with l Intelligent distribution, prioritizing maintenance of high-power equipment output
  • One for All: oraimo 120W GaN charger - Power up your MacBook, iPhone, and AirPods all at the same time from a single charger that's smaller than an original 96W MacBook power brick. Retains effective performance in a much more lightweight and condensed size that can easily fit in your coat pocket
  • Powered by HyperGaN: Tech comes together to give lower power consumption whilst maximizing charging efficiency to over 93%. Engineered to completely guard against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage & short-circuit issues to deliver a safe performance.
  • Huge Charging Capability: USB C charger block supports USB PD 3.0 and PPS to provide fast charging to virtually all USB-C and USB-A powered devices, from USB-C laptops to Samsung to iPhone and more
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