5 Ways You Can Avoid Purchasing Bad Chargers

Quality over Quantity. Forever and Always. This standard goes for nearly everything you buy because if it doesn’t fit the standard of quality, then you’re most likely going to be returning what you bought or have a damaged product and having to buy another one. Purchasing low quality products is a terrible thing because it … Full Post

Review: RAVPower 10,050mAh Rugged Power Bank

You’re someone that wants to go all out, you’re not a careless person, rather you’re the type of person that wants to not worry about the little things in life. You’re carefree. Being carefree means that you know things will handle themselves because you’ve put trust into whatever you think will hold up. It’s a … Full Post

The Best Power Banks for Pokemon GO

Now that Pokemon GO is all the rage and will be for…..as long as it’s available for download on the app stores, it’s more important than ever to keep your devices charged and ready to go. Since you’re going out Pokemon catching and using an app on your phone most of the time, there’s a … Full Post

The Best Electronics Gifting Guide

Gifting is a fragile subject because it’s an action that requires a lot of planning. When you’re going to gift someone something, the gift must pertain to the person that you’re giving it to in some way. To give someone a great gift, you should know their interests, and if you don’t know anything about … Full Post

What’s the difference between Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer

There are two main battery types that you’ve probably heard of. One being Lithium Polymer and the other being Lithium Ion. Many devices use either, but what’s the difference between the two battery types, and should you really care what battery your device has? Lithium Polymer Lithium Polymer is the more flexible battery type, meaning … Full Post