Review: Jackery New Spark

Here at Charger Harbor, we’re big fans of Car Jumper Power Banks. This is because they’re the ultimate kind of device that you can have in your car because they’re able to jump start your car and they can charge your smartphone too. In addition to those two awesome features, these … Read Full Post

Review: OutdoorTech 10,000mAh Kodiak Plus Power Bank

Generally speaking, rugged power banks are usually larger. For one reason it’s because they’re built to withstand water and they’re also able to take falls and as a result, they have to have a lot of protection built on them to take heavy damage. Another reason why rugged power banks … Read Full Post

Review: iMuto 20,000mAh LEO SL200QC Power Bank

Charging electronic companies usually make multiple different versions of their power banks because they know that the needs of everyone are different. Some power banks have smaller power capacities and therefore they have smaller sizes and are lightweight; those kinds of power banks aren’t very useful for multiple charges, though. … Read Full Post