Review: Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Power Bank

Anker Astro E1 Power Bank

Smaller capacity power banks are still the most preferred version of power banks because they’re so so portable and capable at the same time. It makes sense for more charging electronic companies to put more of their time into developing power banks that are meeting super portable needs of their… Read Full Post

Review: Tronsmart 3-Port Car Charger Quick Charge 3.0

Tronsmart 3-Port Car Charger Review

Car chargers tend to be the type of charging electronics that most people don’t put much thought into because it’s just charging in your car, right? Car chargers aren’t expected to charge fast because people think that car chargers are actually a very primitive way of charging but the truth… Read Full Post

Review: UNU Superpak 15,000mAh 4.4A Portable Charger

UNU Power Bank Review

The first thing you need to know is that you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT purchase these UNU power bank from UNU’s website because their chargers are very overpriced on their website. The power bank that we’re about to review, The UNU Superpak I4 is $129.99 on the UNU website. The… Read Full Post

Review: Tronsmart Presto USB-C 10,400mAh Power Bank

Tronsmart Presto Power Bank Review

There are plenty of underrated power banks that simply don’t get the attention that they deserve and that’s a shame. These power banks match the quality of leading competitors or even surpass the quality of power banks that are already popular on the market. It’s vital to know about these… Read Full Post

Review: RAVPower 16,750mAh Deluxe Portable Charger

RAVPower 16,750mAh Power Bank

High capacity power banks are a norm nowadays. They are able to provide some fantastic portability while holding onto their high capacities, fast charging speeds, and amazing design. The RAVPower 16,750mAh power bank is an example of a power bank that holds its roots down for what it was made… Read Full Post

Review: Jackery Air 6 Power Bank

Jackery Air 6 Power Bank

Slim power banks are a highly preferable alternative to even the most capable of portable chargers that are bigger. This is because slim power banks offer a seamless experience because they’re about the size of your smartphone, lightweight and quite aesthetic. More so, they can be so portable that they… Read Full Post