Redroad V17 155AW Cordless Vacuum

A vacuum is likely the most common household product, and it doesn’t matter where you live; you’re going to need a vacuum to clean your house. Since it’s such a vital appliance for a household, you’re going to find many vacuums on the market from many different brands that each have something different to offer. One of the largest shifts in this part of the market, though, is a split between corded and cordless vacuums; the cordless vacuum has changed everything as most consumers don’t want to deal with a wire while they’re cleaning.

However, even at this point, only a handful of brands sell reputable cordless vacuums. One of the newer brands coming in is Redroad, with their V17 cordless vacuum looking to match and surpass competitors such as Dyson within this space.

Innovative Attachments with Performance

The Redroad V17 cordless vacuum was designed with the consumer in mind because of its design and power. One of the most notable parts of the V17 vacuum is its omnidirectional brush head that uses a dual roller brush design. The omnidirectional design of the brush head can’t be found on many cordless vacuums. This enables you to reach into the tightest hard-to-reach corners without moving yourself or the furniture in your home. A dual roller brush design makes for better cleaning as you have two rollers that call for less overlapping when vacuuming the same area.

The use of a dual roller brush design isn’t the only innovation on this V17, as the brush head has a modular part to it that lets you use certain brushes depending on what surface you’re vacuuming. That’s because the Redroad V17 comes with two soft brush rollers for hard flooring and two bristle brush rollers for softer carpet flooring.

An example of this modular cleaning design is that you may be vacuuming mainly hardwood flooring in your home, then you’d combine the two soft brushes with the brush head. On the other hand, if your home is a combination of hardwood, tile, and carpet, you can attach one soft brush roller and one bristle brush roller for an all-around better clean.

What you Get

Along with those attachments that you would use with the roller brush attachment, the V17 comes with all the accessories you’d need to take full advantage of what the vacuum offers. Included in the box is:

  • Main Motor
  • Metal Extension Tube
  • Dual Motorized Roller Brush
  • Electric Mite Removal Brush Head cleans up dust mites and pet dander
  • LED Crevice Nozzle that uses an LED light
  • Bottom Hose / Top Hose
  • Wide Brush Nozzle
  • Dust Brush for cleaning up keyboards, curtains, or car seats
  • Power Adapter for Charging

Power to Backup the Design

With all that said, the accessories of V17 are only one part that makes it a great competitor, as the power driving the cleaning is just as impressive. Behind the cleaning, the Redroad V17 is powered by a 120,000rpm digital maglev brushless motor with an optimized air duct design; this power makes the V17 one of the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market. With 450W rated power, this makes up to 155AW and a 25,600pa suction. This much power translates into deep cleaning that most similar vacuums are not capable of, especially cordless vacuums.

Powering the efficiency and prowess of the V17 is a Lithium-Ion battery that has a 2,500mAh battery capacity. The V17 can run for 60 minutes on its Eco setting, which is an ample amount of time and a great power setting for most households. Increasing the power setting will decrease usage time, but it is useful for deeper cleans if needed.

The filter for a cordless vacuum is one of the most important parts. The Redroad V17 used a Dual HEPA filter and activated charcoal; the combination makes the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner than the one in the environment.