Review: ALCLAP Google Pixel Battery Case

ALCLAP Google Pixel Battery Case











  • Has enough power capacity to charge your Google Pixel to full power.
  • 1.8A charging speed, quite fast for a Battery Case.
  • Protective for the parts that are covered by the battery case.


  • A very thick battery case.
  • It doesn't protect the screen.
(Last Updated On: December 3, 2018)

Most people think that power banks are their only option to have very portable charging and that’s simply not true because there are power banks that come in the shape of smartphone case and they’re called battery cases.

Battery cases are very helpful because they’re just smartphones cases that also double as power banks.

They’re a very famous product in the charging electronic world because the charging electronic companies always keep an eye and ear hour for new smartphones that are being released soon so that they can have readily available battery cases for those new smartphones and people are always going to want to have readily available power.

In this case, this is the Google Pixel battery case, and for a smartphone that was released in October, this goes to show just how important battery cases are for smartphones. Let’s see if this battery case is able to match up to this highly elite and powerful smartphone.


Power Capacity:

Since the Google Pixel itself has a higher power capacity of 2,770mAh, so does this battery case because it has an initial power capacity of 4,000mAh.

However, remember this is a battery case and that’s a lot of power that’s squished into such a small area. As a result, the battery case uses Lithium Polymer batteries, also there’s the fast charging speed that comes with it, or at least it’s a fast charging speed for a battery case at 5V/1.5A.

Ultimately, the company that created this Google Battery case, ALCLAP, has actually stated that you’re going to be receiving about 70% of the total power capacity.

Which means that you’re going to have 2,800mAh of power capacity that you’ll actually be able to use and that means your Google Pixel will be able to have 1 full charge with the battery case.

Overall, even though a LOT of its power capacity is gone during charging because of a conversion process, we think that ALCLAP did a good job at fitting enough power to make sure that there’s enough power to charge the Google Pixel to its full charge.

ALCLAP Google Pixel Battery Case
(Output Power Capacity = 2,800mAh)
Phone CapacityALCLAP Google Pixel Battery Case Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
Google Pixel2,800mAh2,770mAh30mAh Left Over

1.0 Full Charges

Output Charging:

Of course, if you’re recharging the Google Pixel through normal charging means like a USB wall charger or a power bank, then it most likely should be done through a Quick Charge port or a USB-C Output port.

As the Google Pixel is normally able to recharge at charging speeds of 3 Amps which have it at a 70% recharge within 20 minutes.

Well, even though this battery case can’t charge at 3 Amps, for a battery case it makes a good effort at providing 5V/1.5A charging. We say “For a battery case” because battery cases usually don’t have a charging speed that is faster than 1 Amp, and in this case, the ALCLAP battery case is at least able to recharge it at half of its charging speed.

Input Charging:

Input charging is also pretty good because it’s nearly the same as the Output charging speed at 5V/1.8A. With that said, you’re going to be recharging the full 4,000mAh of power capacity and that can take about 4 hours, just make sure you use a 2 Amp wall charger or higher to recharge the power bank as fast as possible.

Also, the Input uses a USB-C port and so you’ll need a USB-C charging cable.

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Size and Weight:

It’s basically the same size as your Google Pixel with just a little bit of added length because it’s a case. However, you’re probably wondering just how thick the battery case is and well, it’s really thick because this battery case adds 0.42 inches to your Google Pixel once you put it on.

So if you’re looking for the slimmest battery cases on the market for your Google Pixel, then this isn’t is and there aren’t even many battery cases for the smartphone yet. Using the ALCLAP battery case does indeed make it take up a lot of space in your pocket.

Functional Components:

It’s an easy to use battery case and that’s how battery cases should be designed.

The battery case has 2 separate pieces, which is the bottom large piece and the top piece.

You should first place your Google Pixel into the large piece and make sure that the USB-C charging head is within the phone, and then place the top piece on the bottom portion of the battery case. To remove the top portion of the battery case, you just have to squeeze it from the sides and pull.

To actually turn it on there’s a power button on the back bottom of the charger and once you press that, the LED power capacity indicators come on in the front. At the bottom is where there’s the USB-C Input port to recharge the battery case.

The battery case has very large recess windows for the fingerprint scanner and the camera and they don’t block either of them. The battery case is made of rubber and it can actually prove to improve the grip over the use of the Google Pixel alone.


Structure and Material:

It’s a durable power bank because it’s really thick and the thick rubber build is able to protect it from falls very well.

However, it doesn’t have too much of a bevel and that can result in the screen being at risk if it were to fall with the screen facing the ground.


With just a small space of charging, we didn’t expect too much from the build side but the battery case delivers quite well. Since it has a Short-Circuit protection and Over-Charge protection to make sure that charging automatically stops when your Google Pixel reaches its full power capacity.


It’s very reliable if you know what you’re getting yourself into.

This ALCLAP battery case has enough power capacity to charge your Google Pixel to its full power only once and it can charge it at pretty good speeds, just not as its max charging speed. It’s also easy to use and all of the functional purposes and cut-outs are accurate.

With that said, it’s the thickness of the battery case that makes it highly unreliable since smartphone cases, in general, are supposed to be thin. This one is not, which can make it difficult to maintain portability.

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Even though there’s a lot of power capacity lost during charging, it still has enough power to provide your Google Pixel for one full charge and the charging speed of 1.5A is faster than what most battery cases are able to provide.


It’s really thick and that can provide problems for when you need to place it into your pocket. Other than that, it’s easy to use.


It has a thick rubber build and it can withstand drops quite well, but it doesn’t have protection to protect your screen.


This battery case for your Google Pixel is highly reliable for all of its aspects but if you’re searching for a very low profile case, then this isn’t it.

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Specs of the ALCLAP Google Pixel Battery Case:

  • Capacity: 3,350mAh
  • Output: 5V/1.5A
  • Input: 5V /1.8A
  • LED Power Indicator: Yes
  • Size: Adds 0.42 inches to the Google Pixel
  • Weight: 3 Ounces


A Google Pixel battery case be very useful because it’s going to provide you with one whole charge and that can be very good for when your Google Pixel is running low on battery through half the day.

With that said, the thickness of the battery case may be a deal breaker for you.

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