Review: Alxum 10-Port 60W Charging Station with Quick Charge

Alxum 10-Port 60W Charging Station









  • The charger is able to charge ten devices at the same time
  • Uses a Quick Charge port and the charger comes with a panel holders that are placed on top of the charging station


  • Does not come with any cables

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Having the ability to charge many devices at the same can usually be done with a wall charger or a desktop charger. These types of stationary chargers have many ports, and they also have a few ports that use fast charging tech such as Power Delivery or Quick Charge.

What about when you want to charge more devices though? We’re talking about a lot more. Then your best option is to take a look into getting a charging station. Charging stations have even more ports, and that’s why we’re here to review this Alxum 10-port charging station which enables you to charge ten devices at the same time.


Output Charging:

Alright, so the charging from the Alxum charging station is good, and that’s mostly because you’re able to charge ten devices at the time. So this charger makes a hub for charging your smartphones or tablets.

The charging speed of the ports is good, but we think that having a bit more variation and charging power among the ports would have been better. Nine of the ports each have a 5V/2.4A (12W) charging speed, and the one other port features Quick Charge 3.0.

The max output of this charging station is 60W. The max output is pretty good, as you can use many of the standard 12W USB-A ports at the same time without losing charging power, and you’re still able to fast charge a Quick Charge compatible Android smartphone at the same time. Such as how we were able to fast charge an LG G7 from the Quick Charge port.

With all that said, the use of more Quick Charge ports would have have been better as most people that own Android smartphones have a Quick Charge compatible one. Also, because fast charging matters now more than ever. We also think that use the use of Power Delivery ports would have been nice, too.

For what this charging station has though, we think that it does well. Being able to charge ten devices is very useful and you likely won’t slow down charging even when charging ten devices because of the high 60W power output.


Size and Weight:

With so many ports, the charger is large, but it’s by no means too large, and it’s very lightweight. The charger has a length of 10 inches, a width of 4 inches, and a thickness of 1.5 inches. The weight of the charger is 1.9 pounds.

The form factor is flat, and of course, you’re going to need some space to place the charger, but the charging stations comes with holder panels that you can place on the charger to place your smartphones and tablets on. So everything is in the same proximity as the charger.

Functional Components:

Coming out of the box, this 10-port Alxum charging station comes with everything that you need to use it. It comes with the power adapter that you have to plug into the charging station, and once powered, the charging station has a blue power light that turns on at the corner.

All the ports are on the same side, and the Quick Charge port is colored green.

Also in the box are the plastic holders that go on top of the charging station. Using the holders is optional, but they give you better organization when it comes to charging many devices at the same time. The panels are easy to slide in and out.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this charging station is good. It’s made of plastic, and we think that it’s going to last a long time so long as you don’t drop it or expose it to water. It’s a charging station, it’s not meant to move too much and just stays in a single place.


With a much larger size than a desktop charger or a wall charger, this Alxum charging station makes good use of its extra size and many ports, and that’s because the charger does not overheat. At least in our case, it did not and most of the heat is dissipated through the many openings of this charging station.


When it comes to charging tablets and smartphones, and lots of them, then this Alxum charging station is a great purchase. It also has a single Quick Charge port for fast charging an Android smartphone. We just wish it had more Quick Charge ports or Power Delivery ports to accommodate more fast modern charging. You won’t be able to charge laptops from this Alxum charging station as it does not have any USB-C Power Delivery ports.



The charging power from this Alxum charging station is good, for the most part because it has ten ports, so you’re able to charge many smartphones and tablets. Also because the charger has a 60W max output. The use of a single Quick Charge port is nice, but using more fast charging ports, would have been better.


The charger is large, but it’s lightweight. The main concern would be where you would place the devices you’re charging, and that’s easily solved by the holder panels that this charger comes with and are placed at the top.


The charger has an alright build. It’s made of plastic, but then on the plus side, it doesn’t need to have a premium build because it’s going to stay stationary for most of the time.


The charger is reliable for charging many devices at the same time, it can be a go-to charger if you want to have a hub charger in the living room or for general charging. On the fast charging side, this charger is not so reliable because it only uses a single Quick Charge port and the rest of the ports are 12W USB-A ports. The other reliable part is that the max output of 60W makes it so that even when charging ten devices, charging does not slow down.

 Alxum 10-Port Charging Station Specs
Standard USB-A Ports12W
USB-A Quick Charge Port18W
Max Output60W
Size9.37 x 4.65 x 1.02 inches
Weight1.9 Pounds


Charging stations are worth getting if you want to make sure that you’ll never run out of ports to charge from when it comes to charging multiple devices at the same time. This Alxum 10-port 60W charging station is great at doing that, and the use of more fast charging ports would make it even better.

Alxum USB Fast Charging Station with Quick Charge 3.0, 10 Port Charging Stand for Multiple Devices, Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Black
  • WHAT You Get - Alxum professional full of patient customer services to eliminate your worries. Package with 1*Charging Station, 1*15V/4A DC Power Adapter, 11*Dividers(5 tall+6 short), 1*user manual. (Charging Cable Not included.)
  • Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 - Fast charge efficiency up to 75%, which means full charge your devices from 13%-51% just in 21 minutes.
  • Adjustable Dividers - Alxum Provide 11pcs baffle, 5pcs tall+6pcs short for better organize. Suggestion: Dividers are tilt 45° aim at the slots and put forth your finger's strength press it. We don't suggest devices with heavy case while charging. (Pls check the video for more information)
  • Power Adapter with UL Certificated - Alxum's Multi-Protect safety system: Over-charge Protection, Over-voltage Protection, Overheating Protection, Short circuit Protection, Overcurrent Protection. Worldwide AC 100-240V input voltage.
  • Satisfy Daily Needs - Alxum aim to satisfied with Family/School/Hospital's demands for charging multi devices. Charge 10 cell phones or 4 iPad at the same time. Rapid charging with BC 1.2 technology, provides power up to 5V 2.4A of power per port.