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Review: Amazon KeepinGreen 15,000mAh Portable Charger with USB-C

Amazon KeepinGreen 15,000mAh Portable Charger with USB-C











  • Uses Three Charging Ports to charge three devices at once
  • Features a USB-C Port for faster charging for USB-C Smartphones


  • Low Max Output of 15W

If you know of Amazon brands, then you know of AmazonBasics, which is their very own brand that they sell.

One of Amazon’s products that they sold were portable chargers, about two years ago. Unfortunately, if you knew about those power banks, then you likely know about the overheating that they had and they were unsafe.

Amazon pulled them from the market, and now they’re back with a totally different line of power banks, called KeepinGreen.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this Amazon’s KeepinGreen 15,000mAh portable charger. Let’s see how their revived line of power banks is holding up now.


Power Capacity:

This Amazon KeepinGreen power bank that we’re reviewing right here is highest capacity power bank that Amazon offers from themselves.

The power bank has a 15,000mAh power capacity, and since it just uses standard charging, you’re going to get an average conversion rate when it comes to using it.

3.7 x 15,000 = 55,500 / 5 = 11.100

So the output capacity that you’re really able to use from this power bank is about 11,000mAh. This is tons of power when it comes to charging smartphones, such as the Galaxy S9, iPhone XS, and basically all other moderns smartphones.

That’s because most phones these days have 3,000mAh batteries or higher. As a result, you’re able to charge your phone to full power about two or three times depending on what phone you have.

As for charging tablets and other large portable devices such as laptops, then this power bank can still do that. For charging tablets, the entire power capacity might be needed to charge it to full power.

When it comes to charging laptops, well, this power bank can charge only a select few USB-C laptops because it features a USB-C port, but even so, we recommend having this power bank sit it out when it comes to charging laptops. Why?

Well, let’s go over that.

Output Charging:

There are a total of three ports to use with this KeepinGreen power bank.

Two of them are USB-A ports, and one other is a USB-C port.

All of the ports on this power bank share a 3 Amp output and that’s the main weak point of its charging. That’s because if you’re charging three devices at once, then the 3 Amp max output is being split and giving slow charging speeds for all the devices that are charging at the same time.

However, 3 Amps of charging power is really only useful for using with the USB-C port, as it’s the port that meets the standard of actually using that much charging power.

This power bank does not feature Quick Charge, however, if you have a USB-C smartphone, the USB-C port can still prove to be useful for fast charging. As its 3 Amps (15W) charging speed is nearly on par with Quick Charge which is 18W.

To charge USB-C smartphones, you have to use a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to charge from the USB-C port.

Input Charging:

When it comes to recharging the power bank there are two ways to go about doing it. One is a USB-C port and the other is a Micro-USB input.

The USB-C port is the better port to recharge the power bank with, as it has a 3 Amp recharging speed. The Micro-USB input port has a 2 Amp recharging speed.


Size and Weight:

Even with this KeepinGreen power bank being the highest capacity one from Amazon, the charger still has a small form factor.

It has a length of 5.7 inches, a width of 2.5 inches, and a thickness of 0.8 inches. The weight of the power bank is 9 ounces. It fits into a pocket or you can carry it around in your hand, too.

Functional Components:

When it comes to actually use this Amazon power bank, you can find all the charging ports on a single side, from all the outputs to the input ports. There’s a power button to the side of the charger, and the power bank actually makes use of a digital power capacity display at the top.

You do have to press the power button to begin charging.


Structure and Material:

The entire power bank is made of plastic, and so you can expect its protection when it comes to falls to be mediocre. That said, it can still handle everyday use with ease and you can just throw it into a backpack and move on your with your day.


The tech side is where Amazon’s previous power banks failed because they had overheating issues.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case as the charger still stays cool during charging for one or three devices at once.


So who is this power bank going to be most reliable for?

We find that it’s mostly a standard power bank but a little higher than that, because of its use of a USB-C port. So if you have a USB-C smartphone, then this power bank is going to be more reliable than a power bank with just USB-A ports.

The USB-A ports on this power bank are helpful if you want to charge other devices at the same time.



Charging power could be better with the use of higher max output. The USB-C port really saves the day if you have a USB-C Android smartphone to charge from it.


The size of the charger is small enough that you can take it anywhere. It also uses a digital power capacity display that makes telling how much power capacity is left a lot easier.


The build quality of the charger is okay, and it does not heat up even if you’re charging multiple devices at once.


The reliability of this power bank is great for those that own a USB-C smartphone, otherwise, it’s a bleak standard power bank with its lack of Quick Charge or higher max output.

Specs of the Amazon KeepinGreen 15,000mAh Portable Charger with USB-C:

  • Output:

USB-A Ports: 12W

USB-C Port: 15W

Max Output: 15W

  • Input:

USB-C Input: 15W

Micro-USB: 12W

  • LED Power Indicator: Four Power Indicators
  • Size: 5.7 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 9 Ounces


Amazon has definitely stepped it up with its new KeepinGreen power bank, as this model features a USB-C port, and it also has a Micro-USB input, too.