Review: Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

Anker PowerCore 20100











  • High Capacity
  • Very Small Size
  • Solid Build
  • LED Capacity Indicators


  • Smudges
(Last Updated On: May 10, 2019)

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Possibly one the best-known power bank chargers that’s bought across the internet because it’s been raved about with customers that have bought it, this Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank may very well be the epitome of high capacity portable power banks.

Charger Harbor has taken an in-depth look at what makes this portable charger so great and well…here is what we found.

Other Types of 20,000mAh Power Banks:

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The power capacity of the PowerCore 20100 portable charger is definitely in the high capacity range as it has a 20,100mAh of power.

It’s a lot of power to be used when it comes to charging smaller devices such as smartphones and it’s still a good amount of power to use even when you’re charging larger devices such as tablets.

That said, let’s take a look at how much Output power capacity you’ll actually be receiving.

3.7 x 20,100 = 74,370 / 5 = 14,874

PowerCore 20100
(Output Power Capacity= 14,800mAh
Phone CapacityLeft Over Capacity for PowerCore 20100 after one Charge Cycle

# of Full Charges
iPhone SE14,800mAh1,624mAh13,176mAh

9.1 Full Charges
iPhone 614,800mAh1,810mAh12,990mAh

8.1 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus14,800mAh2,915mAh11,885mAh

5.0 Full Charges
iPhone 6s14,800mAh1,715mAh13,085mAh

8.6 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus14,800mAh2,750mAh12,050mAh

5.3 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S614,800mAh2,550mAh12,250mAh

5.8 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge14,800mAh2,600mAh12,200mAh

5.6 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S714,800mAh3,000mAh11,800mAh

4.9 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge14,800mAh3,600mAh11,200mAh

4.1 Full Charges
iPad Air 214,800mAh8,820mAh5,980mAh

1.6 Full Charges
iPad Mini 214,800mAh6,470mAh8,330mAh

2.2 Full Charges

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Overall, you’re going to be getting Output power capacity of about 14,800mAh that you can actually use towards charging your devices and it’s with this capacity that you’re still able to charge most smartphones to full power about 4.5 times.

Charging tablets with this capacity can also be done, but you’re only going to want to charge a tablet once, as it’ll deplete a lot of power and you’re still going to want to have power left over to charge other devices.

The PowerCore 20100 has lots of power even after its conversion of power.

Output Charging:

The charging from this Anker power bank is one of the best when it comes to it comes to standard charging with high capacity power banks.

This charger does not feature Quick Charge, but its ports to have very powerful charging no matter what USB chargeable devices you’re charging with it.

That’s because it has two USB ports which each have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. A 2.4A charging speed is able to charge most Non-Quick Charge devices at their max power, such as most smartphones and it can even charge iPads at max speed.

Another great part about the charging with this power bank is that the max output is 4.8A, therefore, you can use each of the two ports at their max speed at the same time. Just to put this into perspective, you can potentially charge two iPads at their max charging speeds.

Input Charging:

Nothing too impressive about the Input for recharging the power bank, it just uses a Micro-USB input port that has a recharge speed of 5V/2.0A. Take a look at Anker’s PowerPort 2 USB wall charger for recharging this PowerCore 20100, as each of the ports on the PowerPort 2 have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A.



Very few power banks of its class are able to achieve great ergonomics when you hold it in your hand and yet here we are. The PowerCore 20100’s cylindrical flat shape is absolutely mind-blowing when it comes to just carrying it around or just laying it down.

The small size coupled with the capabilities of the power bank is hands down the best we’ve seen.

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Size and Weight:

It’s got a very premium feel to it, with the matte finish leaving a dark undertone that just isn’t black but a special kind of look to it.

Although the Anker power bank is being advertised as not being prone to smudges or fingerprints, well that’s kinda not true.

You see, when you have someone like me with sweaty palms there tend to be smudges everywhere. Although I’m sure Anker truly thinks that the power bank can’t be smudged, they didn’t account for people like me.

Large, but not Too Large

Onto the size of the power bank. It’s slim. Real Slim. The power bank is able to fit completely around my hand when I clench it into a fist.

Sure, I may have large hands but even for smaller hands, the power banks can absolutely be taken for a walk.

The weight of the power bank was to be expected, coming in at 12.6 ounces. Just 4 ounces shy of being 1 pound, the PowerCore 20100 is a portable charger that is brimming on the portable side.

The weight is acceptable for what the power bank delivers, and all the capacity had to be really dense somehow. It has a length of 6.5 inches, a width of 2.3 inches and a thickness of 0.9 inches.

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Functional Components:

On the top side of the charger, you’ll see 4 LED capacity indicators. Each representing 25% of the capacity. They make the charger look even better when they’re on and flash when the power bank is either charging a device or recharging itself.

You can check the capacity of the power bank simply by pressing the power button on the side. It’ll turn on the LED lights to show the capacity and turn on-off automatically.

When the power bank is being recharged and reaches full capacity, the charging stops. It’s an absolutely brilliant way of not harming neither the PowerCore or the outlet,  overall it’s a safety precaution that is very welcomed.

USB charging outputs and the Micro-USB input are on the top side of the power bank. The USB charging ports are right beside each other, with the PoweriQ logo upon them. immediately to the right is the Micro-USB input.

This power bank masters simplicity. Everything is just where’s suppose to be and just how it’s supposed to be. Your user experience is going to be smooth sailing.


The build quality of the PowerCore 20100 is top tier.

But first, off we need to mention that this isn’t a ruggedly made power bank and we haven’t done a drop test but if it were to fall onto a hard surface then it could be damaged. However, we’re quite sure that it can take a carpet fall.

Now the power bank is built with two main body pieces that connect; the rest of the things for the power bank are built internally except for the power button.

Everything about the body designs? Solid. The sides are tight and with all the openings on the power bank feeling like they spent hours to place them perfectly.

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Charging Ports are Built Very Well

Something that felt the best about this power bank was the ports. when you placed a USB port into the charging ports, the ports stuck strongly there. Pulling the ports out took a bit of effort, but wow!

They were so secure that we didn’t have to worry about the charging cable falling out of the power bank

The PowerCore 20100 felt like it would last forever and that’s what a portable charger should feel like.


Oh, it’s reliable. When the PowerCore is at a capacity of 25% and above it’ll charge a device well enough.

That’s because of the high capacity of the power bank, no matter what capacity it’s at is able to achieve great charging feats. 25% of 20,100mAh is 5025mAh.

So you can expect a full charge and a half for smartphones with very little capacity left in the power bank. For iPads, that’s about three-quarters of a full charge. Not bad at all if you’re searching for reliability.

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Then there are the two ports. If you’ve got the PowerCore charged at full capacity or near full capacity, then you can enjoy charging TWO devices at the same time at max charging speeds. Portability of the charger is not a problem, taking it to the office may make you a charging hero.

The power bank delivers on nearly all aspects of what you’d rely on a power bank to give you.



Two ports on the power bank are able to charge at 2.4A max charging speed.

The recharge rate is 2.0A. Couple the two ports, the power and the high capacity of the power bank, then you’ve got yourself a charger that will not disappoint.


The flat cylindrical design of the PowerCore 20100 makes it very slim and as a result, it’s easy to hold. All the functions are easily noticeable and accessible.

With the USB charging outputs being right next to each other, the power button on the side and the LED lights at the top of the power bank to indicate capacity.


Build of the PowerCore 20100 is solid with all the components feeling very premium. From the feeling of the matte finish to connecting the charging USB into the output.

The charger feels very well put together.


For what it’s made for, PowerCore 20100 power bank delivers for what it’s relied on to do. It’s able to charge two devices at the same time, with the max standard charging.

Along with the fast charging, it can do it constantly because of its high capacity. Constant and fast use is what you’re getting.

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Specs of the PowerCore 20100:

  • Capacity: 20,100mAh
  • Output: 2.4A Per Port | 4.8A Max Output
  • Input: 2.0A via Micro USB Input
  • LED Power Indicators: Four-LED status system
  • Size: 6.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces
  • 18-month warranty


The PowerCore 20100 is power bank made for nearly any situation you’d need power in. It’s able to deliver a fast charging experience that will last a long time because of its enormous capacity.

The premium feel of the power bank will make you enjoy using it and the components of the charger are high quality.

If you want that “More” from a power bank, then you’re looking at it. There are higher capacity power banks out there, but for what the PowerCore 20100 delivers; It gives it its all.

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