Review: Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 Portable Charger

PowerCore Speed 10000 Portable Charger











  • Fast charging for Quick Charge compatible smartphones
  • Has a output power capacity that can still charge most smartphones two times to full power
  • Has the form factor of a mini power bank


  • Only makes use of a single charging port
(Last Updated On: March 30, 2019)

Portable charging has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. By that, we mean that portable charging has the ability to use fast charging techs such as Quick Charge and USB-C Power Delivery with a variety of capacity power banks.

Another thing is that high power capacities are able to fit into smaller form factors. That’s what this PowerCore Speed 10000 portable charger is like. As it features a 10,000mAh power capacity and yet the charger has the form factor of a mini power bank.

Let’s see what it’s like actually using the power bank, in terms of its power, too.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this power bank is what we would call mid-range, with it being at 10,000mAh. That said, since this power bank only features a single Quick Charge port, you’re likely going to be using a Quick Charge compatible smartphone with it.

The result of using a fast charging technology with a power bank is a worse conversion rate because the charging rate is faster, and therefore more heat is generated.

In this case, we’re going to calculate the average conversion rate that you would get with regular charging, and then subtract 1,000mAh from the standard conversion rate output capacity.

10,000 x 3.7 = 37,000 / 5 = 7,400 – 6,400

So if you’re charging a Quick Charge smartphone with this power bank, which you likely will be if you’re getting this power bank, then you will be getting about 6,000mAh of power capacity to actually use.

With 6,000mAh, even though quite a bit lower than what the PowerCore Speed 10000 starts out with, the charger is still able to charge most smartphones to full power twice.

You’ll be able to charge a Samsung Galaxy S8, or Galaxy S9 to their full power about two times. If you’re charging the newer model Galaxy S10, S10e, or S10 Plus, then you’ll likely get a little less than two full charges as they have larger batteries that go above 3,000mAh.

Output Charging:

Fast charging a Galaxy S8

When it comes to charging, this power bank is heavily streamlined as it only makes use of a single charging port.

The single port on this PowerCore Speed features Quick Charge 3.0. However, it can still be used to fast charge Quick Charge 2.0 compatible smartphones, too. As the fast charging tech is backward compatible.

Also, you can still charge Non-Quick Charge compatible smartphones with this power bank, too. The port will simply default back to a 2.4 Amp charging speed.

Input Charging:

Recharging the power bank is done through a Micro-USB input port, and it has a recharging speed of 5V/2.0A.

It would have been even better if the power bank made use of Quick Charge, so you can recharge at Quick Charge speeds, with a Quick Charge wall charger.


Size and Weight:

The size of the power bank is by far the most impressive thing about this power bank, in conjunction with the charging power that it holds.

It has a length of 3.9 inches, a width of 2.4 inches, and a thickness of 0.9 inches. The weight of the power bank is 6.9 Ounces.

So the power bank can easily be held in the palm of the hand, placed into a pocket and can overall be treated as a mini power bank.

Functional Components:

Using the power bank requires that you just plug your device in and charging automatically starts.

The Quick Charge output port is blue and the Micro-USB port is on the same side, too.

There are four blue power capacity indicators at the top of the power bank. To the side, there’s a power button that can be used to check the power capacity or to restart charging if charging has stopped.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this power bank is great, even though it’s made of plastic. Anker has a history of creating some well-built products and it shows.

The power bank is solidly built and there are loose parts. The ports feel great to use, and the power button is great to press.


The main selling point of this power bank and why it has a blue port is because Anker uses some better cooling tech with it. So even if you’re fast charging a Quick Charge smartphone, the power bank doesn’t overheat.


This Anker PowerCore Speed power bank is going to be the most reliable for those that own an Android Quick Charge compatible smartphone, as you’ll be able to fast charge your smartphone with it.

You can still charge Non-Quick Charge compatible smartphones with this power bank, such as iPhones, but at a standard charging speed.



The power capacity is enough to charge most smartphones to full power about two times. The charging power is great as the single port features Quick Charge 3.0.


The size of the power bank is very small and can be placed into a pocket or easily carried, too.


The charger has a solid build and it feels premium to use the power bank, too.


With its use usage of Quick Charge, those that own a Quick Charge compatible smartphone are going to find this power bank to be more reliable.

Specs of the PowerCore Speed 10000 Portable Charger:

  • Power Capacity:

Initial: 10,000mAh

Output Capacity: 6,400mAh

  • Output: 5-8V/3A | 8-10V/2.4A | 10-12V/2A
  • Input: 5V/2.0A
  • LED Power Indicator: 4 Power Indicators
  • Size: 3.9 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 Ounces


Anker’s PowerCore Speed 10000 power bank is a minimal but powerful power bank with Quick Charge that makes use of a small form factor that you’d think it would have a 3,000mAh power capacity with standard charging.