Review: Anker PowerDrive 4 Car Charger

Anker 4-Port Car Charger











  • 4 Charging Ports
  • Fast Charging of 5V/2.4 Per Port
  • Great Build


  • Large Size
  • No Light for Individual Ports
(Last Updated On: April 9, 2018)


We’ve reviewed a 4-Port Car charger from Aukey, and we found it to be absolutely stellar when it came to a full-on charging experience but it did have its share of limits by being able to malfunction. Now we’ve got the Anker 4-Port car charger that may be just as good, with a different look. How does it stand in terms of power? Are all 4-Port chargers equal or should you be very selective when it comes to having so much charging ports with a car charger?

Know what makes this Anker 4-Port car charger a well-defined competitor among the rest.


Car chargers tend to be a category of charging tech that is expected to stay a few steps behind because since they’re small and used within a car, their abilities seem to be underrated. That’s a mistake, though because car chargers are absolutely capable of performing at the same level as other charging technologies like power banks and wall chargers. It’s shown to be very apparent with this Anker 4-Port car charger.


Anker’s 4-Port car charger can indeed charge 4 devices at the same time. What’s even more amazing about the car charger is that it can charge 5V/2.4A charging speed through each port. Let’s take it to another level by telling you that the car charger can even keep its max charging speed of 5V/2.4A per port even when 4 devices are connected to each of the car charger’s ports.

This means the car charger is actually capable of charging 4 iPads at full charging speed at the same time because the max Amperage output of the car charger is 9.6 Amps. 2.4 x 4 = 9.6A

1-Port Charge Speed5V/2.4A5V/2.4A5V/2.4A5V/2.4A
2-Port Charge Speed5V/2.4A5V/2.4A5V/2.4A
3-Port Charge Speed5V/2.4A5V/2.4A
4-Port Charge Speed5V/2.4A
Total Charge Speed2.4A4.8A7.2A9.6A

This 4-port car charger may not be equipped with Quick Charge but it’s sure to give the fastest charge for any of your USB charging devices from your smartphones to your tablets.



It’s a very well designed car charger that takes as much advantage that its 4 ports give it. The stem of the car charger, which is the part that goes into the electrical outlet is about 2.2 inches long; It makes the car charger quite long and as a result, the car charger does stick out quite a lot from the outlet. Although, it’s important to remember that this kind of design can’t be helped because of the 4 charging ports. You can’t exactly compare it in the range of RAVPower’s Insanely small 2-Port car charger because this car charger has 4 ports.

The best thing about the car charger is the brick-like shape where the charging ports are installed. It’s a very organized way to show where the car charge is and a blatant way to put the charging ports in an easy access location. Although the brick piece will be sticking out, along with the charging stem piece; Some may not like this kind of design. With that said, the car charger is “Low Profile” in its own way because it’s not taking up too much space that you’ll be annoyed by its presence.


On the charging brick portion, you’ll find the 4 charging ports lined up at the same angle, the PoweriQ logo to signify that all charging ports offer max standard charging speed, and a blue LED light. The LED light is on regardless if a device is connected to the charger or not, and it’s meant to illuminate the charger so the car charger is more accessible during low light situations. All the ports do not light up blue, it’s only the charging port at the end of the car charger that lights up because that’s where the LED light is placed closest to.

The 4-Port car charger’s design is actually necessary for anyone actually seeking to charge 4 devices at the same.


Build quality of the car charger is surprisingly very good and we say “Surprisingly” because usually, the case with higher port car chargers is that they tend to lose their quality of build.

The stem of the car charger is made of plastic and is a unibody piece. There aren’t any slits throughout the middle of the stem so there’s really no chance of it falling apart from there. Then there’s the charging port block that’s made of Aluminum that has a rough varnish finish that actually feels alright and looks stellar. The charging block is a uni-body design as well and simply goes on top of the charging stem. Ultimately the car charger has only a single point that involves two pieces sticking together and that’s the car charger’s stem and block coming together.

The USB charging connectors within each of the ports hold strong and we didn’t find any bending between any of them. Along with the structurally sound construction of the car charger, are charging safety tech features. This kind of technology is especially important for car chargers within the higher port range because there are times that the 4-port car chargers can become heated and as result the safety tech Temperature Control is able lower Amp current to cool down the car charger to prevent damage to the charger itself, your devices and ultimately keeping you safe.


It’s a reliable charger that’s going to offer the MOST reliability when you take the utmost advantage of it. Let’s just say that if you plan on only charging a single device at any time within your car, then maybe this 4-port car charger isn’t for you and maybe lower ported car chargers are a better choice.

However, this car charger can be heavily relied upon for nearly any situation because it’s able to charge 4 devices at the same time and at full charging speed. We did mention that if you’re only going to charge a single device, it may not be worth it, but the car charger will still charge that single device at full speed. Then there may be times when you’re riding with family and friends and they want to charge their devices; It’s times like those that this car charger is the most helpful and reliable. It’s a car charger that can mean the most in the most important of times because it can fulfill many people’s charging needs all at the same time.



It’s got the absolute most output of power at 5V/2.4A. You can quite literally charge 4 iPads at the same time, all at max charging speed. Most smartphones will be meeting their max charging potential as well. It’s a great charger for anyone in your car wanting to charge their device because no matter what device they have, it’s going to charge at max standard speeds. Best of all there’s 4 ports for it.


A well kept and neat design can make even a 4-port car charger seem small and low profile. Sure, the car charger does stick out than most other car chargers but that’s mostly because of its 4 charging port. The block that features the ports is well designed with all the charging ports aligned the same for easy access and a blue LED light within the car charger shines brightly for easy visibility of the car charger.


The build of the car charger is tight. The stem and block parts of the car charge are both uni-body. The two main body pieces connect and form only a single spot that is connected from two different  pieces. The charging stem is made of plastic and the block is made of Aluminum. The USB connectors within the ports actually hold up well but if they do bend due to the somewhat heavier weight of a 4-port car charger, then you can always take advantage of Anker’s sweet warranty.


The reliability of the Anker 4-port car charger is naturally universal. The car charger has 4 charging ports, which means that you can potentially charge 4 devices at the same time. However, if you’re sure that you’re only going to be charging a single device with a car charger, then maybe going with a lower port range is a better idea. If not, no worries because it’ll be ready for any of those car pool moments.

Specs of the Anker 4-Port Car Charger:

  • # Of Ports: 4
  • Output: 5V/2.4A Per Port
  • LED Power Indicators: Just a single Blue LED light within the car charger
  • Size: 3.4 x 1.9 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • 18-month warranty


The car charger is powerful, the charger has 4 ports to charge 4 devices at the same time; Or 3 or 2 or 1 device. It’s got a larger size than your conventional car charger but that’s how it is because of its charging capabilities. The safety tech within the car charger is designed for the power it can output so it’s prepared for those heated situations of charging. The Anker 4-Port car charger is everything that you’d hope for what a car charger could be. It gives if you use it solo, but the car charger gives, even more, when you use more of its charging ports. If you’re searching for a car charger for those long road trips or a car charger that is going to accommodate your passengers in the best way, then we recommend this sublime car charger.