Review: Atumtek Dual Screen Monitor Computer Desk Mount

Atumtek Dual Screen Monitor Desk Mount









  • Comes with all the parts that you will need to tighten and put together the mount, with an exception of a Philips screwdriver
  • You're able to position your monitors however you'd like with many ways to turn and angle
  • The mount itself is built very well, with gas springs and an aluminum construction, this mount holds together very well

Using a single monitor screen is what most people are accustomed to using, but what about two monitor screens? The use of two monitors with a computer can greatly improve productivity, as there’s more space to view data.

What’s even better than just using two monitors, is using two monitors on a dual-screen mount. A mount allows you to save space on your desk, it looks a lot better than having a monitor on a  desk, and it can improve your posture as it prevents you from slouching over.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this Atumtek dual monitor desk mount stand. The stand is somewhat new on the market, but the quality of this new product from Atumtek is built very well, that you should consider getting one if you’re looking to save space, be more productive and improve your posture.

What’s in the Box

In the box for this Atumtek dual screen stand, you’ll find everything that you need to set it up. All the parts are in the box, from the stand that you have to place on the table, the arms that you place on the base stand and the attachments that you place on your monitors. There are also a few other accessories that are meant for curved screen monitors.

Also, three Hex wrenches come with the stand that are used to tighten the stand in certain spots. However, you will need a Philips head screwdriver for connecting hardware to your monitor, which is not included in the box.


In terms of setting up this Atumtek stand, it’s pretty easy, and we must say that you should not be intimated by how the stand looks like on the product page, and neither should be scared of how all the parts look when you open the packaging. You can do it.

Right out of the box, the first part that you have to install on your table is the base. Your table must have a thickness of 9cm or less, and if that’s the case, then you’re good to go. We placed the base in the center of our 1-inch desk, and once in place, you have to screw in the bottom upwards and make sure that it’s tight once it’s in all the way.

The base has a good amount of weight to it and once it’s screwed in, it stays. Also, no, you do not need a hole in your table to install this stand.

Once the base of the stand is installed, the next step is to have support holders for the arms installed onto the base and those are simple black holders that have tightening levers. After a support holder is in place, you can place the arm holder that holds your monitor, and that directly goes above the support holder. The arms themselves also need to be tightened onto the base.

Once the arm is connected, the only other step to get your monitor connected to the arm is to have the monitor attachment hardware screwed into the back of your monitor. Just make sure you have it positioned correctly, and that the “Up” logo is facing up. Once attached, you can place your monitor onto the arm attachment holder and you’re ready to use the Atumtek monitor stand.


The arms can move side to side at the base, and when you get up to the attachment that holds the monitor, that where get even more control. You’re able to rotate the monitor, change the angle, and the monitor itself can move from side to side. The one thing that you will likely experience is your monitor sagging down after you have placed it onto the Atumtek stand mount, but don’t worry, there are two Hex screws that you can tight that will keep the monitor in place.

Most monitors will sag down, don’t worry, it’s something that we experienced, too.


Overall, this Atumtek dual screen monitor stands mount is impressive. It has all the features that you need to make using two screens a great experience, as you have had two monitors exactly side by side, you can have one placed horizontally and the other vertically, one be lower and the other can be higher. 

However you want it, this Atumtek dual stand can do it, and one of the best parts is that you’ll get less tired of sitting at your desk because you’ll be facing up, or you can place the monitors a bit higher and use your computer while standing up.

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