Review: Aukey 7,000mAh Power Bank with Aluminum Shell

Aukey 7,000mAh Power Bank with Aluminum Shell











  • Has enough power capacity to charge smartphones about two times
  • Powerful 2A Charging for a Mini Power Bank
  • Still has a small form factor considering its increased capacity


  • Could have been better with 2.4A charging

There are lots of mini power banks on the market and it makes sense to have a lot of them out there. That’s because many people like having smaller gadgets that they can take anywhere with them, as small capacity chargers are able to do just that. These types of chargers usually have a power capacity of 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh. Usually. That said, in this review, we’ve got a power bank that is still on the mini side but it surpasses the usual capacity of mini portable chargers and actually goes into a higher capacity range of power banks.

It’s this Aukey 7,000mAh power bank, and it has a cylindrical form factor that most mini chargers have with lower capacities. It’s one of the first of its kind and so it’s quite fascinating to do a review on this power bank to truly see whether it holds up to a new generation of portable charging and if the power is better than its predecessors.

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Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this mini power bank is higher than most mini chargers, and it goes further than the average highest capacity such as 5,000mAh. The capacity of this charger is 7,000mAh and so it’s definitely a good amount of power to charge smartphones, and just maybe larger devices such as tablets.

First, though, we have to know just how much output capacity you’re actually going to be receiving to charge your devices.

3.7 x 7,000 = 25,900 / 5 = 5180

So the output capacity that you’re actually going to be receiving to charge your devices is 5,180mAh. This is a good amount of power to actually charge your devices with as it can charge most smartphones to full power about two times, or for most Android phones, you’re going to only be able to charge them 1.5 times.

Charging larger devices such as tablets will result in either a full charge if you’re using the entirety of the power capacity with this power bank. Or, you can charge some tablets near their full power with this Aukey power bank. Overall, it’s more power that you’re able to rely on when you’re on the go with a mini power bank and it can be more useful if you find that the 3,000mAh range or 5,000mAh range of portable chargers as simply not being enough.

DevicesAukey 7,000mAh Power Bank (Output Capacity = 5,180mAh)Phone CapacityAukey 7,000mAh Power Bank Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE5,180mAh1,624mAh3,556mAh

3.1 Full Charges
iPhone 65,180mAh1,810mAh3,370mAh

2.8 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus5,180mAh2,915mAh2,265mAh

1.7 Full Charges
iPhone 6s5,180mAh1,715mAh3,465mAh

3.0 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus5,180mAh2,750mAh2,430mAh

1.8 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S65,180mAh2,550mAh2,630mAh

2.0 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge5,180mAh2,600mAh2,580mAh

1.9 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S75,180mAh3,000mAh2,180mAh

1.7 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge5,180mAh3,600mAh1,580mAh

1.4 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S8+5,180mAh3,500mAh1,680mAh

1.4 Full Charges

Output Charging:

There’s just a single USB-A charging port on this power bank, just as there should be to keep the size of the charger small.

The charging port has a charging speed of 5V/2.0A and it’s in the higher charging speed range when it comes to mini power banks and that is a good thing. Most Mini power banks with 3,000mAh have just a single Amp of charging speed. But this one goes further than that and is able to charge most smartphones at a fast charging rate.

That said, it’s important to know that with most new smartphones, this power bank will likely not charge them at their max charging speed but it will charge them fast enough.

Input Charging:

This Aukey power bank is recharged from the usual Micro-USB input port and it has a max recharge rate of 5V/2.0A. So it’s vital to use a 2 Amp USB wall charger to ensure that you recharge this power bank at its max charging speed. Doing so will result in a full recharge within about 2-3 hours.

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Size and Weight:

The main thing with portable chargers is to fit as much power capacity into as small of a compartment as possible. This 7,000mAh power capacity power bank does a good job at fitting 2,000mAh of more power and the form factor of the charger doesn’t change too much in comparison to lower capacity 5,000mAh capacities.

That’s because this charger has a 5.3-inch length and a width/thickness of 1.2 inches. The weight of this power bank is 6.3 ounces. So you’re going to have no problems with fitting this charger into your pocket. You can even hold this charger while you hold your smartphone at the same time.

Functional Components:

It has a design scheme that is very easy to use and that’s exactly the way that it should be with its low capacity. All of the functional components are on just a single side and there are only three of them.

On the single side is where you’re able to find the Power button, USB-A charging output port, and also the Micro-USB input port. The power button has two main functions, with one being to actually turn on the power bank to begin charging. The power button also shows different colors to indicate how much battery life is left to use.

It shows Green to show that the power bank has a lot of power, Orange is medium power and Red shows that the power bank is nearly depleted of its power.


Structure and Material:

This 7,000mAh power bank is made of Aluminum and it’s better than most other Mini power banks that are made of plastic. That said, it does add a little bit of weight, but as we said before, this charger still weighs very light.

It has just three pieces that make it whole with its two side caps and large centerpiece, so there are not many pieces that can come loose and fall off. Using the functional components is also a good experience with the USB charging port receptacles holding strong onto the charging cable and the power button feels good to press.


On the tech side, this power bank does a good job at keeps things cool. Charging smartphones doesn’t cause any hiccups and charging larger devices such as tablets won’t even make this power bank warm as it outputs more power to tablets too.


The main reason that you’re going to purchase a Mini power bank is that it has a small form factor and also a small size. That said, this charger, in particular, has a higher power capacity than usual than with most other mini portable chargers. Therefore, you’re able to charge devices such as smartphones a few more times than you would with lower capacity power banks.

Another very reliable part is that despite its high capacity, it still has a very small size and lightweight that allows you to take it anywhere.

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It has a good amount of power capacity that can charge most smartphones about two times. Charging is also quite powerful at 2 Amps and therefore, you can charge most phones near there max speed or at least at a good rate.


The charger has a small form factor and lightweight that will give you no problems when it does come to charge and be on-the-go with your devices.


Build quality is very good with the Aluminum build and it has very few pieces that make it whole and therefore it has more structural integrity.


It’s a reliable charger and it brings a more reliable level of power when it comes to mini portable chargers. As it has a higher capacity and still holds a smaller size and lighter weight.

Specs of the Aukey 7,000mAh Power Bank with Aluminum Shell:

  • Capacity:

Initial Capacity: 7,000mAh

Output Capacity: 5,180mAh

  • Output: 5V / 2.0A
  • Input: 5V / 2.0A
  • LED Power Indicator: Yes
  • Size: 5.3 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.3 Ounces


Overall, this newer generation of Mini portable chargers is looking quite bright. This charger has a good amount of power that can charge smartphones about two times and still holds a small form factor. The only thing that would have been awesome to see was it to have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A, which is the max standard charging speed.

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