Review: Aukey 8,000mAh Wireless Charging 18W Power Delivery Power Bank with Quick Charge

Aukey 8,000mAh Wireless Charging 18W Power Delivery Power Bank with Quick Charge









  • Features USB-C Power Delivery and Quick Charge
  • With four ways to charge from, including wireless charging, you can actually charge four devices at once
  • Is about the same size as most smartphones on the market


  • The USB-C Power Delivery charging is only meant for fast charging smartphones and not really meant for laptops
(Last Updated On: February 25, 2021)

Portable chargers have changed a lot over recent years and in a good way. That’s because they’re now able to have more power capacity and still hold a small form factor. Another benefit of modern portable chargers is that they come with all sorts of charging methods, such as Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and even wireless charging.

That’s why we’re here to review this Aukey 8,000mAh wireless charging power bank. This power bank may have a rather low capacity, but the charging methods that it has and what you’re able to do with it all at once is quite incredible for its form factor and the portability that it brings.


Power Capacity:

So the power capacity of this Aukey power bank isn’t the most impressive part of this charger but at the same time, it is. The charger has an 8,000mAh power capacity, but we have to account for the conversion rate of the capacity during charing.

3.7 x 8,000 = 29,600 / 5 = 5,920

Even after the conversion of power during charging, this power bank still has quite a lot of power capacity left, nearly 6,000mAh. With this much power, you’re either going to be able to charge most smartphones to full power either once or twice.

Many phones now have large batteries, just take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, one has a 4,000mAh battery and the bigger one has an even greater one than that. With phones like those, you can expect a single full charge and some power left over to charge more, but not to full power again.

On the other hand, there are phones like the iPhone XS Max and the Google Pixel 3 that have about a 2,900mAh battery that have a better chance of getting two full charges from this Aukey power bank.

So, by what we’ve said above, if you want to charge a tablet with this power bank, then you’re going to be using the entire power capacity, but even then that might not be enough. This power bank is mostly geared towards smartphones, and that’s not just because of the power capacity but also because the charging abilities that it has.

Output Charging:

The highlight of this power bank is that you’re able to charge from it using four ways.

There are three ports to use on this Aukey power bank. There are two USB-A ports with one featuring Quick Charge and the other one has a 5V/2.4A charging speed. The one other port is a USB-C Power Delivery port with 18W charging speed. The one other way to charge from this Aukey power bank is wireless charging.

Wireless Charging

Yes, you can wirelessly charge your smartphone with this Aukey power bank. This is done by setting your phone on the side where the “Aukey” logo is. Of course, you have to have a Qi-compatible smartphone when it does come to wirelessly charge your smartphone.

The wireless charging speed is standard at 5W, so if you’ve got a Samsung phone or a Qi-compatible iPhone like the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone XS or iPhone 11 Pro, then you won’t be able to have a Fast wireless charging speed.

Since this power bank makes use of both Power Delivery and Quick Charge, two fast-charging technologies, you might be thinking whether you can use the full power of the two of them at the same time. No, you cannot.

Multiple Devices Charging at the Same Time

We charged a Samsung Galaxy S8 with the Quick Charge port and a Google Pixel with the USB-C Power Delivery port. The Google Pixel displayed that it was “Rapidly Charging” while the Galaxy S8 with the Quick Charge port got the standard charging.

Galaxy S8 is Wireless Charging Galaxy S6 is charging from the Quick Charge port Google Pixel is charging from the USB-C Power Delivery port Xcentz power bank is recharging from the Standard USB-A port

Also, we pulled out all the stops with this Aukey power bank to see if you could charge four devices at once. Yes, you can. It’s quite amazing as this power bank is so small and yet, we were able to charge a Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S6, and an Xcentz power bank all the same time.

Galaxy S8 fast charging using the Quick Charge port.

One more thing, remember that you can fast charge an iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro with the USB-C Power Delivery port. However, you will need a USB-C to Lightning cable to do so.

Galaxy S8 fast charging with the USB-C Power Delivery port.

Input Charging:

There are two ports that you can use to recharge this power bank, but they can only be used one at a time. One is the Micro-USB input port and the other is the USB-C Power Delivery port.

The Power Delivery port is the best option to recharge from as you can recharge the power bank at PD speeds (18W) when you use a PD wall charger. While the Micro-USB input port has a slower 10W recharging speed.


Size and Weight:

Coming right out of the box, the first thing that you’re going to notice about this power bank is just how small it is. The charger has a length of 5.7 inches, a width of 2.9 inches and a thickness of 0.5 inches. The weight of the power bank is 6.9 ounces.

So width and lengthwise, this power bank is the size of most smartphones.

Functional Components:

The two USB-A ports and the USB-C Power Delivery port are all on the same side of the power bank, while the Micro-USB port can be found on the long length side of the power bank.

The power button is off to the site along with four Green LED power capacity indicators. Charging automatically starts when you plug a device into the power bank.

One thing that would have helped greatly with this charger is if there was a circle on top of the power bank showing where you’d place your smartphone for wireless charging. Doing so would also remind the user that the power bank is capable of wireless charging as it’s something that can easily be forgotten because there’s no indication on the power bank.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of the power bank is great. Sure, it’s made of plastic, but the way that it’s put together is done very well. There’s regular plastic at the top and bottom, and to the side is where you’ll find glossy plastic.


Even when we were charging four devices at once, this power bank did not heat up. This is surprising as the form factor for this charger is so small, but it also makes sense as the charger has a max output of 18W, no matter how many devices are charging at the same time.


The reliability of this power bank is phenomenal for charging smartphones. Whether you’ve got an Android smartphone or an iPhone, this charger is able to supply enough power capacity to charge your phone to full power at least once or two times. The charging power is also there with the use of Quick Charge and Power Delivery to fast charge both Android phones and iPhones, too.

There’s one setback of course, and you may have noticed it. This power bank isn’t meant for charging tablets or laptops. The first reason being is that it doesn’t have a lot of power capacity, and the second reason is that the Power Delivery charging is only 18W, which is not enough for most USB-C PD compatible laptops.



Depending on what phone you have you’re either able to charge your phone to full power either once or twice. The charger excels with its charging abilities because of its use of Wireless charging, PD and Quick Charge. Also for the fact that you’re able to four devices at once.


The power bank is very small and about the same size as your smartphone.


The build quality of this power bank is solid, and even when we were charging four devices at the same time, it doesn’t overheat.


This Aukey power bank is great for charging a smartphone while you’re on the move. That said, even with its use of Power Delivery, the charging power from it is not enough to charge PD laptops and most tablets.

Aukey 8,000mAh Wireless Charging 18W Power Delivery Power Bank with Quick Charge Specs
Power Capacity8,000mAh
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A Port5V/3.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
Standard USB-A Port5V/2.4A (12W)
Wireless Charging5W
Micro-USB Input5V/2.0A (10W)
USB-C Input5V/2A | 9V/2A
Size5.79 x 2.95 x 0.55 inches
Weight7 ounces


This Aukey 8,000mAh wireless charging power with Power Delivery and Quick Charge is a jack of all trades and one of the best power banks to own for a Quick Charge or Power Delivery compatible smartphone user.

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