Review: Aukey PA-Y2 USB-C Wall Charger

Aukey PA-Y2 USB-C Wall Charger









  • Features Quick Charge with the USB-C port, allowing you to fast charge most USB-C Android smartphones
  • Comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable


  • Does not feature Power Delivery

There are now quite a lot of USB-C wall chargers on the market. One of the main troubles is knowing whether a USB-C charger has Power Delivery or not. Or what the difference is between a PD charger or a Non-USB-C PD charger.

In this review, we’re going to be reviewing a Non-Power Delivery wall charger. It’s Aukey’s PA-Y2 USB-C charger that does look like it has PD charging, but it doesn’t. Does that make it less useful for charging your devices? Let’s find out.


Output Charging:

So there are two ports to use on this charger. One is a standard USB-A port and the other one is a USB-C port. The best way to explain the charging power from this Aukey wall charger is to say that it’s optimal at a standard level.

That’s because the USB-A port has a 12W (5V/2.4A) charging speed, so it doesn’t feature Quick Charge but it still has a faster rate of charging power than the wall charger that comes with an iPhone.

For the USB-C port, it’s a Quick Charge port, and we say that for two main reasons. One of the reasons is because the charger itself has a Quick Charge logo under the USB-C port. The other reason is because of its charging power which 15W. Power Delivery charging starts at 18W, so that’s really where it would be considered a PD charger.

With 15W of charging power, most USB-C Android smartphones on the market will be able to fast charge. The photo above is showing a Samsung Galaxy S8 fast charging from the USB-C port.


Size and Weight:

It’s a small wall charger, and that’s no surprise. It has a length of 2.7 inches, a width of 1.8 inches, and a thickness of 1 inch. The charger weighs 3.8 ounces.

You could fit it into a pocket or just throw it into a purse if you want to. Along with its use of a retractable AC adapter, the charger poses no trouble when it comes to portability.

Functional Components:

Just like any other wall charger, the two ports are on the same side, you can take out the AC adapter, plug it in and you’re ready to use it.

There’s a small Green LED light on charger to show that it’s powered and ready to use.


Structure and Material:

The charger has a solid build, but the one thing has we’re never sure about the is the built-in AC adapter. At this point, the built-in retractable AC adapter on wall chargers is very common and we’ve found that their quality has gotten better for each brand. This includes Aukey, and this USB-C wall charger of theirs does feel sturdy and feels like it can take a lot of flexing before it gives in.


The charger does not overheat, and that can be expected as it doesn’t output much power, to begin with, and that’s even when you’re charging two devices at once.


This charger is going to be most reliable for charging USB-C Android smartphones, and that’s because the USB-C port features Quick Charge and even if you don’t have a Quick Charge compatible Android smartphone, the use of a USB-C to USB-C connection still offers faster charging than a USB-A port.

This Aukey wall charger is not meant for charging larger, more powerful devices such as laptops.

Also, one great side is that this charger does come with a USB-C to USB-C cable.



Charging power is in the mid-range, as it doesn’t feature anything spectacular, but the USB-C port does use Quick Charge, and therefore you can fast-charge USB-C smartphones.


The charger has a small form factor and a LED light to show that it’s been powered on.


The build is good and feels solid. The retractable AC adapter is also well built.


The charger holds its place as a charger that you would use to charge USB-C smartphones at a fast charging speed. It does not feature Power Delivery, and therefore it’s not the best solution for charging USB-C tablets or laptops.

Specs of the Aukey PA-Y2 USB-C Wall Charger:

  • Output:

USB-A Port: 5V/2.4A (12W)

USB-C Port: 5V/3.0A (15W)

  • Input: AC 100-240V 
  • LED Power Indicator: Single Green LED Power Indicator
  • Size: 2.7 x 1.8 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 Ounces


Aukey’s PA-Y2 USB-C Quick Charge wall charger holds a strange place in the charging ecosystem as it’s in-between a greater source of power and a standard charging level. It’s not greatness, but it is good simple charging for the USB-C smartphone user.

AUKEY USB C Wall Charger, Dual Port USB Charger, Foldable Plug, Compatible for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR, Google Pixel 2/2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9+ / Note9, LG, and More

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  • QC 3.0 27W Powerful Dual-Port Charger: 5V 3A USB-C port + 5V 2.4A USB-A port
  • Universal Compatibility: Rapid and future-proof USB-C charging combined with max speed USB-A charging in one compact charger. Versatile power source for all your USB-powered gear under 15W(C-Port) and 12W(A-Port), including phones, tablets, earphones, etc.
  • Portable Design: Dual ports simultaneously charge two USB-powered devices. Also features a convenient foldable plug. Handy for home & office or when traveling
  • Safety Features: Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging
  • Package Contents: AUKEY PA-Y2 Amp Dual-Port Wall Charger, 3.3FT C to C Cable, User Manual