Review: Bestek Tower Power Strip with USB and Type-C Ports

Bestek Tower Power Strip with USB











  • Has 6 AC Outlets with 1875W of available power
  • Feature 3 USB Ports and a Type-C Port
  • Fast charging with USB ports and also with Type-C ports
  • Form factors offers a great experience with easy access to USB ports and AC Outlets
(Last Updated On: May 7, 2019)

Most of the time when we think about Surge Protectors we think about appliances that are flat and have many AC Outlet to power lots of appliances at once.

It’s right to think so too because Surge Protectors like those are very common and are quite useful, however, there are always more useful ways to do things and that is what Bestek has shown with their innovation that they have put into one of their newest Surge Protectors.

This is the Bestek Tower Power Strip that has a whole new type of form factor that is not too common when it comes Surge Protectors.

That said, this type of design has proved to be a lot more useful because of its placement of AC Outlets and also where the USB ports are. Let’s take a closer look to see what makes this such a great experience to use.

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Output Charging:

AC Outlets:

There are 6 AC Outlets with this Power Strip and the Max Output of the AC portion is 125V/max, at 10A.

The wattage max output of the AC Outlet is 1875W. So this is just as powerful as any other Surge Protector and you’re able to power any appliances that you want to.

If you’re using all 6 of the AC Outlets at the same time and the max power output of 1875watts is surpassed, then the Bestek power strip will actually automatically turn off.

Overall, there’s not a shortage of power when it comes to its AC Outlets and you’ll be able to power your blender, heater, fans or your TVs with no problems.

USB Ports:

There are 3 normal USB ports on this Surge Protector and each of them is capable of charging speeds of 5V/2.4A.

This is really good because 2.4 Amps is basically the charging speed that comes before Quick Charge and Type-C charging; so most smartphones and tablets such as iPads are going to charge at their max charging speed most of the time when it comes to these 3 USB ports.

Speaking of Type-C, there is also a Type-C port on this power strip and that means you’re able to charge Type-C compatible devices at their max charging speeds. In order to use the Type-C port to charge devices, you must use a USB-C to UBS-C charging cable.

The max power of the whole USB section of the power strip is 30W or in other words, it’s 6 Amps and that’s enough power to charge a MacBook using the Type-C port if you have one.

Also, if you’re using all of the USB ports at the same time, including the Type-C port and the max output of power is being reached at 6 Amps, then each of the ports is going to be able to have a charging speed of 5V/1.5A.

If you don’t have a USB-C compatible device and are just using the USB ports then the charging speed of each port will be 5V/2.0A if the max output of 6 Amps is being reached.

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Size and Weight:

The design of this Bestek Power Strip is easily one of the best parts of it and the reason for that is because of its form factor. Let’s just go over its size and weight first.

It has a length of 8.2 inches, a width of 5.9 inches and a thickness of 6.8 inches by going around the power strip since it basically has a circular shape to it. The weight of it is 2 pounds.

It’s not too large at all and this is going to be the perfect power strip to place onto your desktop because of ease of access that you can have with it and also because of its sleek design.

It has a heavy base to make sure that it doesn’t start leaning or falling down for when you have appliances and devices connected to it.

Functional Components:

The entirety of the Surge Protector is a functional hexagon and does it beautifully. On three sides of the hexagon is where there are the AC Outlets and on each side that there are AC Outlets there are two of them.

Then on just a single side, there are the standard USB ports and the Type-C port.

The best part of the placement of the AC Outlets and the USB ports is that they’re located at an angle and that makes it a lot easier to access the ports and outlets that this power strip has.

There’s a power button on one side and that is very useful because you don’t have to unplug/plug the power strip from its outlet, instead, you can just flip the switch and you’re good to go.


Structure and Material:

All the parts of the Surge Protector are durable and that is true when it comes to the portion with the AC Outlets and USB ports because it’s made of PC alloy ABS and that makes it resistant to fire and it’s also scratch proof.

The wire that is connected to the Surge Protector uses Phosphor Copper wire that is a lot more durable than just any regular wire and so it won’t tear even if you bend it constantly.

One of the best build quality features is that it uses Safety shutters with the AC Outlets.


On the tech side of things, the Power strip has all the necessary safety tech functions that are going to be able to keep you and your devices safe during charging. If it has gone over the max power output that it’s capable of, then it automatically turns off.


This is a highly reliable power strip, and it’s not only because of it 6 AC Outlets, 3 USB ports and also a Type-C. port

Those are great features to have on a power strip, but what makes this Bestek product really reliable to use is its Tower form factor that makes everything easy to access and use.

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The power from the AC Outlets is going to be enough to power nearly all the appliances that you would with an AC Outlet.

The standard USB ports have powerful charging and it even has a Type-C port to charge Type-C compatible smartphones, MacBooks or other devices.


Its design is the perfect part of it and that’s because all of the functional parts are at an angle that makes them easily accessible.


It has a great build quality from the outside and the inside. Even the wire of the power strip is strong.


This is one of the best power strips on the market with all of its features combined and especially the way that it’s been built.

Specs of the Bestek Tower Power Strip with USB and Type-C Ports:

  • Output:

AC Outlets: 125V/max, at 10A | 1875W

USB Ports:

Standard Ports: 5V/2.4A Each

Type-C: 3A/30W

Max Output: 6A/30W

  • Input:

AC Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz

  • Type-C: Yes
  • LED Power Indicator: Has a Power Switch Indicator
  • Size: 8.2 x 5.9 x 6.8 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds


The Bestek Tower Power Strip is a great quality power strip that definitely brings a full package that has power for nearly anyone that uses it, usability with its shape and it also has a great build quality to make sure that everything goes smoothly while you’re using it.