Review: BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter










  • Has 4 AC Adapter that you can slide out for different countries and it also has 4 different AC Outlets adapters too.
  • Uses two USB ports so you have to use a USB wall charger with the travel adapter
  • Actually has a easy to access Fuse and has a Spare Fuse just in case the one you're using blows out


  • Larger than most USB wall chargers but it at least comes with a travel pouch

If you’re someone who travels internationally a lot, then you’ve probably noticed that you have to adapt to the constantly changing environment. Whether it’s converting currency, knowing a little language for the place that you’re visiting, learning their customs and of course knowing where you want to go once you’re there. There are lots of things to consider, however, one of the most important things to remember when you’re visiting another country is how you’re going to power your appliances that you’re bringing with you when the country that you’re visiting has a completely different type of AC Outlet.

The solution to powering your appliances and charging your devices would be using this BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter that has other country’s AC Adapters. It’s a highly useful plug adapter that doesn’t leave you with a clutter of adapters that you have to take off and on, instead, it has all the adapters built-in. So let’s take a closer look to see what else it has.


Output Charging:

USB Ports:

Even though the main part about this travel adapter is that it has four AC adapter plugs for different countries, one of the other useful aspects of it is that it uses two USB charging ports. The use of two USB charging ports is a lot more useful than people might give this travel adapter credit for. That’s because having USB ports built into the wall adapter means that you don’t have to use a USB wall charger with your travel adapter since it doubles as a USB wall charger and a travel adapter at the same time.

As a result, you’re able to plug in an appliance and not have to worry about where to charge your device.

There are two USB ports on this travel adapter and each of the ports has a charging speed of 5V/2.5A and that is good charging speed to charge most smartphones and tablets at their max power. That said, the ports do not feature Quick Charge and so Quick Charge compatible smartphones will not charge at their max charging speed.

Another thing to know about the USB port portion is that the max output is 2.5A and as a result, you’re not able to use the max power of each of the ports at the same time. So if you’re charging two devices at once then each of ports will only be able to output a charging speed of 5V/1.25A. It’s nothing too serious we just thought you should that if you want to charge a device the fastest, then it’s best to charge it alone.

AC Outlet Power:

This travel adapter uses a total of four different AC Adapters.

Here they are:

The US Adapter


The Austrailia/China Adapter

The UK Adapter

The Europe Adapter

Of course, you’re able to connect different AC adapters into the Outlets of this adapter and that’s what truly makes it universal because this isn’t just for plugging into other country’s AC Outlets. With the AC adapters that are available, that’s what you’re able to the plugin as well, so the options of what appliances you have to power are wide open.

The max amount of power that this BESTEK travel adapter is able to output is 1380W of power. It’s enough power for you to use most of your appliances just as any other wall outlet would give.


Size and Weight:

With all of its built-in components, this travel adapter still does a great job at being as compact as possible. It has a length of 3.6 inches and a width of 2.8 inches. The weight of the adapter is 4 Ounces. Overall, even though the adapter is quite large when it comes to single type travel adapters or USB wall chargers in general, it still stays true to being a Travel adapter that you can indeed travel with.

One of the best parts about getting this adapter is that it comes with a travel pouch that makes it awesome for traveling and protecting the travel adapter.

Functional Components:

There’s a lot of things happening when it comes to this BESTEK travel adapter because of all of its built-in adapters and its capabilities of accepting another adapter too.

On the sides is where the sliders are to bring out the adapter that you want to use. You can of course, only bring out a single adapter at a time. On one side where the slider for the UK adapter is, is where you can find the two USB ports. Then on the USA adapter side is where the Fuse compartment is located and the Austraila/China adapter side is where you find the Spare Fuse which can be very useful if your main fuse burns out.

At the bottom of the travel,adapter is where you find the four adapters that you can actually use and each of the adapters is labeled for which location they’re used for.

Then at the top is where there are the outlets for the each of the adapters that this travel adapter uses. Along with the outlets is where you’ll find a Blue LED light that turns on once you plug the adapter into an outlet.

The LED light has two phases. If the LED light is just solid then it means that it’s functioning normally. If the LED light is flashing then it means that the adapter is overloading and you should unplug a device that you have connected.


Structure and Material:

The structural build quality of this travel adapter is solid and it shows from the moment that you look at it and when you use it too. The adapters that come out are sturdy and don’t feel loose at all and the sliders to bring them out function well too.


On the tech side, this travel is exactly like using an AC outlet and that is a good thing as there’s plenty of power to use and if you’re going over its power usage then it starts flashing its LED light.


On the reliability side, this BESTEK travel adapter has it all and is one of the best solutions for your powering and charging needs while you’re traveling internationally as you can go power your appliances and charge your smartphone or tablet as it has USB ports that are built-in.



It’s able to output nearly as much power as a wall AC Outlet and the use of two USB ports is very useful as you can charge your devices without having to use a USB wall charger.


It has a good design and form factor and the way that you can use a travel adapter is good too as it uses a slider system to access all the different adapters. Access to the Main Fuse and the Spare Fuse is very helpful.


The build quality holds strong with no loose adapters and the outlets on the adapter are also really good too because they hold strong onto the appliances that you plug into it.


This is a highly reliable travel adapter as it has four different AC adapters to use and the use of two USB ports is just a plus.

Specs of the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter:

  • Output:  

AC Outlet Power: 20V-1320W/110V-660W

Two USB Ports: Each Port is able to Output 5V/2.5A | Max Output: 2.5A

  • Input: 100-250VAC Max, 50/60HZ
  • LED Power Indicators: Single Blue LED Light
  • Size: 3.6 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 4 Ounces


BESTEK has created a great all-in-one solution for those that travel internationally as this travel adapter can charge your devices and power appliances at the same time without any compromises.

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