Review: BlitzWolf 10,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge 3.0

BlitzWolf Quick Charge 3.0 10,000mAh Power Bank











  • Has Enough power capacity to charge a single smartphone about 3 times or more. Tablets can possibly charge 1 full time.
  • It's portable enough to comfortable hold in a single hand.
  • Fast Charging speeeds through each port, with Port 1 having a 2.4 Amp Speed and Port featuring Quick Charge 3.0
  • Strong Build


  • Too thick to fit in your pocket
  • If you're charging 2 devices at once, then the power capacity can deplete quite quickly

There’s a certain standard that a power bank must reach before it’s able to have two charging ports.

This mainly is attached to its power capacity, because a power bank with a power capacity of the only 5,000mah would not have 3 Ports and yet there are still portable chargers that have 6,700mAh of power capacity that have 2 charging ports. At that point, it then matters more of what those charging ports are capable of doing.

This is the BlitzWolf 10,000mAh power bank and it has quite the capable charging ports.

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Power Capacity:

So the power capacity initially starts at 10,000mAh and you’ll lose a respectable amount during charging. This means that you’re not going to be losing much power capacity since this charger uses Panasonic battery cells that allow it to have a better conversion rate during charging.

In the end, you’re really going to receive a power capacity of about 7,500mAh of power.

With 7,500mAh of power capacity to actually use, you can get about 3-4 charges for most of the smartphones.

As for tablets, if you wish to charge your tablet devices at or at least close to their full power capacities then it’s best to charge them alone so the conversion doesn’t worsen with 2 devices charging at once.

Overall, it’s a real standard of the amount of power that can either last you one entire day if you’re charging 2 devices. Or it can very well last you for a few days if you’re using it to only charge your smartphone.

 BlitzWolf Quick Charge 3.0 10,000mAh Power Bank (Output Power Capacity = 10,000mAh)Phone CapacityBlitzWolf Portable Charger Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE7,500mAh1,624mAh5,876mAh Left Over

4.6 Full Charges
iPhone 67,500mAh1,810mAh5,690mAh Left Over

4.1 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus7,500mAh2,915mAh4,585mAh Left Over

2.5 Full Charges
iPhone 6s7,500mAh1,715mAh5,785mAh Left Over

4.3 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus7,500mAh2,750mAh4,750mAh Left Over

2.7 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S67,500mAh2,550mAh4,950mAh Left Over

2.9 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge7,500mAh2,600mAh4,900mAh Left Over

2.8 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S77,500mAh3,000mAh4,500mAh Left Over

2.5 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge7,500mAh3,600mAh3,900mAh Left Over

2.0 Full Charges
Apple iPad Mini 27,500mAh6,470mAh1,030mAh Left Over

1.1 Full Charges
Apple iPad Mini 47,500mAh5,124mAh2,376mAh Left Over

1.4 Full Charges

Output Charging: Output 1: 5V/2.4A   Output 2: 5V/2.4A (Universal) 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A (QC3.0)

On the charging side of things, Blitzwolf really knows what standard of charging speeds are.

This is because the first port has an Output charging speed of 2.4 Amps and this speed is the Max standard charging speed before Quick Charge. This port is perfect to charge any standard device as this port will be able to charge those devices at their fastest charging speeds.

This definitely goes for iPads, as iPads have a max charging speed of 2.4 Amps, and most smartphones that aren’t compatible with Quick Charge tech are able to charge anywhere below 2.4 Amps and at their max charging speed.

With that said, though, Output 2 has all the same charging capabilities that Output 1 has, AND it takes advantage of Quick Charge 3.0.

Yes, Output 2 can have an Output of 5V/2.4A and still be able to provide Quick Charge charging speeds. On the Quick Charge 3.0 spectrum, those compatible devices will be able to charge at 3A/2A/ and 1.5 Amps of charging speed.

Of course, the other major part of Quick Charge is not only the increased Amperage, but it’s also the increased Voltage.

At 3 Amps: 3.6-6.5V

At 2 Amps: 6.5-9V

1.5 Amps: 9-12V

The increased voltage during charging makes the Amperage current more stable and therefore provides more constant fast charging. You can read and learn more about Quick Charge tech here.

Input Charging:

On the recharging side, this power bank does well enough.

It has a max recharge rate of 5V/2.0A and as a result, if you’re using a 2 Amp wall charger then it will be fully recharged within about 5 hours. If you’re using anything lower like a 1 Amp wall charger then it will take 10 hours to fully recharge. So take our advice and make sure that you use a 2 Amp wall charger or higher.

We recommend something very standard but still very powerful like the Anker PowerPort 2, that has two 5V/2.4A Output ports.

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Size and Weight

For what’s able to do and the amount of power capacity it has, we really like the size and weight of the charger.

It has a length of 5.5 inches, a width of 4.3 inches and a thickness of 1.3 inches. The weight of the Blitzwolf power bank is 8.8 ounces.

Overall it’s actually not that bad to hold in a single hand, as long as you’re charging only a single device like your smartphone. trying to fit it into your pocket isn’t a comfortable experience and even if you do have a big enough pocket this power bank is simply too thick.

Most of the time you’re going to be finding yourself either holding it or setting it down. It’s not the most portable in its class but does a well enough job that you can still walk and use it.

Functional Components

All functional components are on a single side of the power bank, except for the 4 LED Power capacity indicators which can be found on top of the charger.

On the side of the power bank is where there is the 2 USB Output Ports, the Micro-USB Input port, and the power button. The power bank begins charging automatically when you plug a device into in and charging stops when there aren’t any devices connected to the power bank.

This leaves the power button to really only have the function of checking the power capacity.


Structure and Material

The power bank is made of Anodized Aluminum and it makes it structurally strong against falls but you shouldn’t be treating it like a rugged power bank, though. Moreover, the portable charger only has 3 parts that make it whole with only the large centerpiece and the 2 side panels.


On the tech side of things, the power bank takes advantage of Pansonic battery cells that allow it to have a better conversion rating edge and also, the batteries are able to last longer and not lose their power capacities over time as quickly.

On the safety side, the charger uses the basic set of Short-Circuit, Surge and Overcharging protections to keep you and your devices safe during charging.

Jackery Black420 20,100mAh Power Bank

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This power bank is the very vanilla type of reliable and we mean that in a nice way. It doesn’t do anything special but it has optimized Power and Design to it that makes it reliable for what it has.

There aren’t any points of this power bank where we “Wish” for it to have something different than what it already has. Instead, it does just well enough for what it has and with that, it can provide enough power capacity and a powerful charging experience that can satisfy anybody’s charging needs.

Even the size of it can be very portable and reliable.

iMuto 20,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge 3.0



Output power capacity is pretty good and will allow you to get 3-4 full charges for most smartphones, and if you want to charge your tablet near or at its full power capacity then it’s best to charge it alone.

The charging speeds are quite good with Output 1 being able to supply a Max Standard charging speed of 5V/2.4A and Output 2 being able to also Output 5V/2.4A and Quick Charge 3.0 charging speeds.


It’s a small enough power bank that you can easily hold and use it at the same time. All the functional parts are nearly on a single side and the charging automatically begins. It’s a very easy to use power bank.


Even though it’s not a rugged power bank it does a good job at holding itself together with its Anodized Aluminum shell. The power bank uses Pansonic battery cells that make the conversion rate better and Panasonic battery cells are better batteries to use in the long-term.


It’s really standard way of doing things is what makes it so reliable. It has just enough power capacity to stay on the safe side with 2 very powerful charging ports.

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Specs of the BlitzWolf Quick Charge 3.0 10,000mAh Power Bank:

  • Capacity:            Advertised: 10,000mAh            Output Capacity: 7,500mAh
  • Output:  

USB Port 1: 5V/2.4A

USB Port 2: 5V/2.4A (Universal)

Quick Charge Speeds: 3.6-6.5V/3.0A | 6.5-9V/2.0A | 9-12V/1.5A (QC3.0)

  • Input: 5V/2.0A Via Micro-USB Input
  • LED Power Indicators: 4 LED Dotted Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 5.5 x 4.3 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 Ounces


This BlitzWolf power bank doesn’t do anything too much out of the ordinary but it does take nearly all the extraordinary things that other power banks are seen to exclusively have and makes it rather ordinary.

We at Charger Harbor see this as a very strong attribute as this power bank is able to charge nearly any devices that you connect to it at its fastest charging speed.

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