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Review: Bluetti AC200 1700Wh AC 2000W Portable Power Station

Bluetti AC200 Power Station









  • Has a massive 1700Wh power capacity and a high 2000W max output
  • Many ports to use, and you can power 17 devices at the same time, the most impressive part being that there are six AC outlets
  • Digital Touchscreen that shows a lot of data and allows you to charge settings


  • Very heavy, and only meant to be picked up and placed down to use

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Portable power stations can be one of the most useful types of appliances that you can own. The main reason for this is because power stations can power appliances wherever you are, and different power stations are capable of outputting a certain amount of watts and they also feature a different amount of ports that you’re able to charge or power appliances from.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at this Bluetti AC200 portable power station. Here at Charger Harbor, we’ve done quite a few reviews on Bluetti power stations, and with each one, we’ve found that they’re capable of providing very high power capacities while at the same being able to power multiple high wattage appliances.

The AC200 power station is one of their newest that is currently in the crowdfunding stage. With that said, we thought that we might as well review it to let you know just what it can do and if you’re interested, you can fund it to get this incredible piece of tech to the mass market.


Power Capacity:

Portable power stations are in their own league when it comes to their power capacity, and should not be compared to power banks. In this case, the AC200 has a 1700Wh power capacity, and this is a ton of power to use and at the same time, it’s a necessary amount of power when you consider how you’re able to use the AC200.

However, there are two main power capacities that you’re able to use from this power station, and that would be using this power station at either 3.7 Volts and another would be at 14.8 Volts. When it comes to using the power stations at 3.7V then you’re going to be using the USB-A ports, but when it comes to using the power station at higher voltages such as using the DC port, USB-C Power Delivery port, and the AC outlets.

High Capacity

First, let’s check out how much power capacity you’re able to use when it comes to using the power station at 3.7Volts.

1700Wh x 1000 = 1,700,000 / 3.7V = 459,459mAh

So if you’re solely charging from the USB-A ports or the USB-C Power Delivery port at lower voltages then you have about 459,000mAh of power capacity to use. This is a ton of power, and if we’re talking about charging phones to full power multiple times, then you can potentially charge most smartphones that have a 4,000mAh battery to full power about 115 times. Charging phones with even larger batteries such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with its 5,000mAh battery can charge about 90 times to full power with this AC200.

Alright, so to put it simply, you have a few week’s supplies for charging smartphones with this Bluetti power station.

Lower Capacity

When it comes to using higher charging power then you will receive a lower power capacity and this is prevalent with all power stations and portable chargers in general. Right here, we’re going to be calculating how much power capacity you’re able to use when it comes to using a power output of 14.8V.

1700Wh x 1,000 = 1,700,000 / 14.8V = 114,864mAh

So using a higher power output for this Bluetti power station is going to result in being able to use less power capacity. This is mostly due to power being lost due to heat generation. In this case, with a higher power you’re going to be able to use significantly less power, but at the same time, it’s still a lot.

If we consider that you’ll use the DC ports or the USB-C Power Delivery port on this power station for charging a laptop, and with most laptops having about 6,000mAh batteries or even smaller than that; then you can get about twenty full charges for most laptops on the market. This is pretty good because you have enough power that can last for a week or more straight without having to worry about this power station running out of power.

Overall, when it does come to the power capacity of this Bluetti AC200 you can rest assured that it’s perfect for emergencies, and also for camping trips, too. We’re talking days, and weeks of power to use when you’re not at home.

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Output Charging:

The type of charging and powering features that a power station has been one of the most valuable parts of it. Sure, the power capacity is important because it dictates just how long you’re able to use the power station, but how you’re able to utilize this Bluetti AC200 power station is something that few others are capable of doing on the market. If any. There are a total of seven-way to use this AC200 and in all, you’re able to charge and power 17 devices at the same time. Sound impressive? It is.

USB-A & USB-C Power Delivery Port / Dual Wireless Charging

First, the basics. The AC200 gets the basics perfectly, and that’s because it has a total of four USB-A ports and a single USB-C Power Delivery port.

There are two pairs of USB-A ports, and each pair has a 5V/3.0A power output. This is a great charging speed for basically charging any smartphone or tablet out there. That said, none of the USB-A ports features Quick Charge, so you won’t be able to fast charge your Android smartphone with any of the USB-A ports.

Then there’s the USB-C Power Delivery port. When it comes to Power Delivery, most power banks tend to use either an 18W, 30W, or 45W Power Delivery charging speed. Those are good pretty good charging speeds, but this AC200 has a 60W charging speed, higher than what most power banks have.

At the same time, a 60W Power Delivery charging speed can charge most USB-C PD laptops at or near their max charging speed. For example, the MacBook Air that has a 30W max charge rate, so this PD port can charge it at its max charging speed with the 60W PD port. The Lenovo Flex 5 laptop that I use is also able to charge at its max speed.

When it comes to charging smartphones, the Power Delivery port is also able to charge USB-C smartphones and iPhones at their max speed, too.

To add to the five charging ports, this power station even has two wireless charging pads at the top and this enables you to charge two Qi wireless charging smartphones at the top of the power station. The best part is that the two wireless charging pads have a combined 15W output, meaning that you’re able to fast charge a Samsung phone at 10W and charge another phone at the same time at 5W. Bluetti didn’t have to place wireless charging on this power station, and most power stations don’t have wireless charging in the first place. However, the fact that you’re able to charge your phone without a cable with this power station is incredible.

Two 12V/3.0A DC Ports

There are two 12V/3.0A DC ports on the AC200, and overall, DC ports can be useful if you have something to charge or power them with. In this case, the 12V/3.0A DC ports are going to be most useful when it comes to charging laptops that also use a DC barrel charging port.

12V/10A DC Car Port

The 12V/10A DC port is the same port that you’re able to find in most vehicles, and in this case, you would use this DC port for powering appliances. The most common appliance that we can think of when it comes to using the DC carport is a portable air tire pressure pump. These pumps almost always have a DC cable that can be plugged into this 12V/10A carport.

12V/25A DC Port

One other DC port on this AC200 is the 12V/25A port, and this port has a ton power and it’s mainly useful to power RV vehicles, and by doing so, it’s able to power quite a few appliances inside your RV.

6 AC Outlets with a Shared 2000W Power Output

The most impressive part of this Bluetti AC200 1700Wh power station is the use of its six AC outlets. There are very few portable power stations on the market that use six AC outlets, with most of them using either one or two, max. The other great part is that the six AC outlets share a massive 2000W power output.


Six AC outlets that share a 2000W power output enables you to power six appliances at the same time, meaning that you can have a Magic Bullet blender, a fridge, charge a laptop with a laptop charger, power a lamp, a mini fan, and a mini electric grill at the same time. With all this being powered no matter where you are with the AC200 truly makes this Bluetti power station one of the best on the market.

Another thing to add is that each of the six AC outlets is three-prong plugs so you have a more free range of what you’re able to connect to the AC outlets.

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Input Charging:

The output of this AC200 is powerful and there are many options. On the same note, the input for recharging this power station is just as good, and that’s because you have five options to recharge the AC200.

The two main methods of recharging the AC200 is the use of an AC or car adapter. The AC adapter is perfect recharging the unit while you’re at home, while the car adapter is useful for recharging the unit when you’re driving.


The good thing is that the AC200 comes with the AC and car charger. The one other more accessible way of recharging is by using a Solar panel, but this unit does not come with Solar panels. However, the AC00 does come with a Solar panel adapter that you can use to plug into Solar panels.

The two other methods of recharging this power station are not the most common and are ones that you likely won’t be using but are always there to use. One would be using a Gasoline or Diesel generator to recharge the AC200. The other would be using Lead Acid batteries to also recharge the unit.

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Size and Weight:

Before purchasing a portable power station it is important to acknowledge that it will be large and heavy. Portable power stations are not be held for a long duration of time and are more meant to be stored in case of an emergency or those places and times where you don’t have access to a stable source of power such as a wall outlet.

That’s the case for this AC200 power station as it has a length of 16.5 inches, a with of 15.2 inches, and a height of 11 inches. Most importantly the AC200 power stations weighs 57 pounds. It’s very heavy and when it comes to picking it up we highly recommend that you pick up with your legs first and then your back. Once again, this is not a power station that you can hold for a long time, and it’s meant to stay in a single place when it comes to using it because of its larger size and heavyweight.

Functional Components:



Even with all of its features, using the AC200 power station is quite easy. All the output ports are at the front of the unit other than the two wireless charging pads at the top. The two input ports for recharging the power stations can be found to the side.

Also, at the front is where you’ll find a touch LCD screen. From the screen, you’re able to control quite a few things within the power station. The first thing is that you’re able to see how much remaining power capacity there is to use. Also, you’re able to see how much power the power station is outputting in wattage amount.

You can also select for the AC200 to enter into Power Saver mode, and in Power Saver mode the AC200 turns off automatically if it goes under a certain power output.

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Structure and Material:

The build quality of this Bluetti AC200 power station is great, and it’s on par with many of the other power stations that the brand has released. When all the ports are covered with their cover guards, then the power station does have a bit of water-resistant. On the shock-resistant side, well, there isn’t much shock-resistance, but these power stations are built well enough that you can place it into a trunk of a car and still not worry about it sliding and bumping around.


Since the power station is capable of outputting 2000W, it has a fan on the inside to keep things cool. If the power station is either 45° Celcius (113° Fahrenheit) or has an output greater than 250W or 1000W, then the fan is automatically turned on at low speed. On the other hand, if the power station is 50° Celcius (122° Fahrenheit) or over 1500W, then the fan speed is set to high automatically.


Power stations are built to be reliable, and they’re more reliable than any power bank that you will purchase. This Bluetti AC200 power station is one of the most reliable power stations that you can spend money on. There are very few power stations that make use of six AC outlets and to add to that, you have four USB-A ports, a 60W Power Delivery port, and two wireless charging pads at the top.

You also get three types of DC ports that can prove useful for charging or powering certain devices and appliances. With all of these ways to use the AC200 and combining it with the massive 1700Wh power capacity, using this power station is like taking your home with you no matter where you are.

 Bluetti AC200 Power Station Specs
Battery TypeLG,
Rated life cycle2500
AC Inverter (Continuous)2000W
Solar Input30-145V,
Charge time3.5-4Hrs for AC,
3.5Hrs for Solar
9Hrs for Car
# of 110v outlets6
# of 12V DC (Cigarette Lighter)1* (12v/10A, 13.5V,200W)
2* (12V/3A, 13.5V)
# of USB-C Ports1* PD60W
# of USB-A Ports4*5V/3A USB-A
# of Wireless Charging 2* 15W
# of RV output1* (12V/25A,13.2V)
Weight57 lbs
Dimensions16.5*11*15.2 inches

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There is a ton of power to use, with a 1700Wh power capacity that can charge smartphones into the hundred range and six AC outlets with a 2000W max output.


Power stations are going to be large and heavy. That’s the case with this AC200 that is a large block that weighs about 57 pounds. Even though the power station is large, it’s easy to use with everything being quite organized with its placement. To add to that, there is a Touch LCD screen that power stations, in general, don’t use at all.


The build quality of this power station is good, especially on the inside because there is a fan that has a low and high-speed setting depending on the output and temperature of the internals. On the outside, the AC200 power station is also built well, but it’s not a rugged power station, at the same time it can still take bumps and light falls.


This is a very reliable power station, it has high power capacity, many charging ports, and most notably the six three-prong AC outlets with a 2000W combined power output. Being able to power six appliances at the same time can be dream-like if you’re someplace where you don’t have access to a stable source of power.


Bluetti has done a lot in the portable power station space, and they’re pushing what power stations are capable of with this AC200. It has everything that you would want a power station to feature with its high power capacity, many, many charging and powering options, and innovative design that makes use of a touch-screen for certain controls. It’s one of the best out there, and if you’re looking for a power station that is capable of doing it all, then the Bluetti AC200 is it.

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