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Review: CHOETECH 15W MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger

CHOETECH 15W MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger









  • Magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 for easier charging
  • 15W fast wireless charging for the iPhone 12, and 10W wireless charging for many other Qi wireless charging smartphones
  • Includes a 20W Power Delivery wall charger in the box to power the pad

Apple doesn’t always innovate in the most practical ways, as they sometimes take features away from their products only to add something else on for the customer to purchase. That said when Apple does innovate, it comes with peace of mind that users may not have thought of, and for the iPhone 12, it’s MagSafe wireless charging.

MagSafe wireless charging is mainly compatible with the iPhone 12, and what makes it unique is that the pad magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone 12. This makes it easier to charge and use it simultaneously, and it also enables you to keep the port available for file sharing. The MagSafe charger is causing rumors that Apple may drop the charging port on the next iPhone.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this CHOETECH MagSafe 15W wireless charging pad. Suppose you don’t want to purchase an Apple MagSafe charger, as it’s expensive and lacks a Power Delivery wall charger. Then this CHOETECH charger may be a better fit for you. 


Output Charging:

The charging speed from this MagSafe charger is what you can expect from Apple’s very own MagSafe product, this CHOETECH one can also output a 15W wireless charging speed for the iPhone 12. This is double the charging speed that previous Qi-compatible iPhones could charge at, which was 7.5W, and at this point, it’s safe to say that wireless charging is catching up to wired charging.

Along with providing a max wireless charging speed for the iPhone 12, it can also charge any other Qi wireless charging smartphone.

This CHOETECH charger can charge older iPhones at 7.5W, such as the iPhone 11, iPhone X, and the iPhone 8. Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones can charge at 10W. Most other Qi wireless charging smartphones will charge at 5W with this CHOETECH MagSafe charger, and it’s also important to know that the magnetic feature will only work with the iPhone 12 the best, with the Google Pixel 5 being the only other phone known to attach to a MagSafe charging pad magnetically.

Input Charging:

To use the 15W max wireless charging speed from this CHOETECH charger, you have to use a 20W Power Delivery wall charger. Thankfully, included in the box is a 20W Power Delivery wall charger. The MagSafe charging pad itself already has a built-in 5-foot USB-C cable that you plug into the PD wall charger. You may also used the included Power Delivery wall charger to directly charge your iPhone 12 with a USB-C to Lightning cable or a USB-C to USB-C cable for Android smartphones.


Size and Weight:

The size of this CHOETECH MagSafe charger is the same as Apple’s MagSafe charging pad. That said, since it is a MagSafe charger, the size is small, and you have to make sure the pad is centered with the phones that you’re charging. When it comes to charging the iPhone 12 with this charger, it’s simple to align it to the center as it magnetically sets itself. For other phones, you have to set the charging pad manually.

Charging Bluetooth earbud cases such as an AirPods case is simple as you only have to place them on the pad.

Functional Components:

Using this MagSafe charger is simple, as you only have to plug the pad into the included Power Delivery wall charger and set it to the back of your Qi wireless charging smartphone. MagSafe is primarily for the iPhone 12 for now as it magnetically attaches to the phone’s back.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this CHOETECH charger can be best described as more lightweight than Apple’s MagSafe charger, which is likely the reason for the lower price. However, the Magnetic attachment is the same, and the same can be said about the charging speed.


Like wireless charging in general, this charger does heat up during charging, and so does your smartphone. It’s nothing to be worried about as it’s completely normal, and both the charger and your phone warm up a little bit.


This CHOETECH MagSafe wireless charging pad will be most useful for charging the iPhone 12 and the Google Pixel 5. Those two phones are known to be compatible with the Magnetic attachment feature of the MagSafe charging pad.



Charging power is not lacking even from such a small charging pad, with this one being able to deliver 15W of charging power to the iPhone 12.


The charging pad’s size is tiny, but because of its magnetic attachment, it easily aligns with the center of the iPhone 12.


Your phone will get a little warm during charging, but that’s completely normal with wireless charging in general.


This charging pad is most reliable for iPhone 12 users, simply because of the magnetic attachment feature that the iPhone 12 is compatible with when it comes to MagSafe.

 CHOETECH 15W MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger Specs
Wireless Charging Output15W
PD Wall Charger Output5V /3A | 9V/2.22A | 12V/1.5A
Size2.42 x 2.42 x 0.26 inches
Weight5.1 Ounces


Suppose you’re looking for the full packaging of MagSafe wireless charging that includes the charging pad and a Power Delivery wall charger to fully power it. In that case, we recommend this CHOETECH MagSafe 15W fast wireless charging pad.