Review: CHOETECH 15W Wireless Charging Stand

CHOETECH 15W Wireless Charging Stand









  • Features fast wireless charging on three levels
  • Has two coils so you can place your smartphone either vertically or horizontally
  • Comes with a Quick Charge wall charger and Micro-USB cable

At this point, wireless charging has practically become the norm when it comes to charging. Not “normal” as in everyone is using it, but wireless chargers have been around for quite a long time, and they became even more mainstream when the iPhone finally became wireless charging compatible.

However, when it does come to purchasing a wireless charger, you’re going to want to go with a wireless charging stand. As it’s easier to use, and they usually have more powerful charging to offer. That’s what this CHOETECH wireless charging stand features, as it has 15W of charging power.

The most commonly fast wireless charging speed for a wireless charger is usually 10W, so let’s see where this power can be used.


Output Charging:

There are four different charging levels with this CHOETECH wireless charging stand.

The first charging level is the 5W wireless charging speed, and if you’ve got a smartphone that is NOT a Samsung, iPhone, or LG Qi-compatible phone, then your phone will charge at a 5W charging speed. Just to clarify your phone must be Qi wireless charging compatible to work with any wireless charger, though.

The next charging level is for Qi wireless charging iPhones, and this ranges from the iPhone X, iPhone 8, to 2018’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. When used with this CHOETECH charger, an iPhone can be charged at a 7.5W charging speed.

Fast charging a Galaxy S8

Perhaps the most prevalent type of fast wireless charging is Samsung fast wireless charging. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and onward, you have a Samsung smartphone that can be wirelessly charged at a 10W charging speed.

Finally, to top it all off, the final type of smartphone that can use the full power of this charger is LG smartphones. More specifically, if you own an LG V30 or newer, you’re able to charge your LG phone at 15W charging speed. This is quite impressive considering that 15W is 3 Amps and that’s the same speed that you would receive if you connected a standard USB-C port directly to the phone.

Input Charging:

To power this wireless charging stand, it uses a Micro-USB input port at the back. Fortunately, the charger comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger and a Micro-USB cable that you can use right out of the box to fully power the wireless charging stand.


Size and Weight:

The size of nearly any wireless charger on the market is not a problem, and same can be said about this CHOETECH charging stand. It has a 4.7-inch height and a width of 3.2 inches.

Functional Components:

The spot where you place your phone has a rubber pad at the bottom to prevent any scratches, and to prevent your phone from moving around. The entirety of the bottom portion of the charger is also rubber so the charger doesn’t slide around.

Once your phone is charging, there are three Green LED lights that light up at the bottom of the charger. Also, since this is a charging stand that uses two coils, you can place your phone either vertically or horizontally.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this wireless charging stand is great, but at the same time, it’s nothing new in comparison to what we’ve seen other brands have. The charger can support any smartphone, either vertically or horizontally and it doesn’t slide around as it has a large rubber pad at the bottom.


When you get into the fast wireless charging speed ranges, this CHOETECH charging stand does get warm. That said, this is something that commonly happens with wireless charging stands in general, and it’s not overheating, but simply a byproduct of induction charging and the heat that the coils within the charger generate.


Comes with a cable and wall charger

From its 5W to 15W charging speed, this CHOETECH wireless charging stand creates a blanket of charging power for Qi-compatible smartphones. To top it off, the charger also comes with its wall charger and cable.



When it comes to wireless charging, it isn’t nearly as powerful as wired charging. The best thing to do would be to have as many fast wireless charging standards in the same charger. That’s what this CHOETECH charger does, as it features four different charging specs for four different types of Qi-compatible smartphones.


The charger has a very similar design to other charging stands on the market with its use of rubber padding to prevent slippage, LED power light and its use of two coils. The one setback here though, is that it still uses a Micro-USB input port, while USB-C has now been the standard for quite a while.


The charger does tend to get warm when using fast wireless charging, but this is common for wireless chargers in general, even ones that use one charging coil.


If you’ve got a Samsung phone, an iPhone, or an LG phone, then this charging stand has got you covered.

Specs of the CHOETECH 15W Wireless Charging Stand:

  • Output:

LG Fast Charging: 15W

Samsung Fast Charging: 10W

iPhone Fast Charging: 7.5W

Standard Fast Charging: 5W

  • Input: 18W | Quick Charge wall charger
  • LED Power Indicator: 3 Green LED Power Indicator
  • Size: 4.7 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 Ounces


CHOETECH has created a great wireless charging solution, which is to create a wireless charger that features many types of fast charging features in a single product.

CHOETECH 15W Wireless Charger, Wireless Charging Stand 15W Compatible LG V30/V30+/V35/G8, 7.5W Compatible iPhone Xs Max/XR/XS/X/8/8+, 10W Fast-Charging Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E/S9(with QC 3.0 AC Adapter)

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as of July 16, 2022 7:38 pm


  • ✅【Charge Up to 15W】15W Fast wireless charge up to 15W for LG V30, V30+, V35, V40, V50, G7, G8,10W for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 plus, S10,S10+,S10E,S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, Note 9, Note 8,Google Pixel 3/3 XL, 11W charging for Google Pixel 4/4XL, 7.5W qi wireless charging for iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ X/ XS / XS Max/ XR/ 8/ 8 Plus /iPhone SE( QC2.0/3.0 adapter needed for fast charge) and 5W standard wireless charge for all Qi-enabled Phones.
  • ✅【Wider & Safer Charging Area】 built-in 2 coils offer a wide wireless charging area, which allows you to place your device in either portrait or landscape position. Featuring over charging and over temperature protection, never overcharges your battery or wastes energy.
  • ✅【Versatile Viewing】Charge vertically or horizontally for ideal use with Face ID, keeping track of messages, or watching videos, making phone calls hands-free, live chatting and anything else you may do at office or home.
  • ✅【Case Friendly Design】Our qi wireless charger can identify your phone sensitive and support phone case within 5mm(0. 2 inch) while 4mm(0. 16 inch) is the best wireless charging distance to charging your phone (please Note that metal attachments or credit cards will interfere with charging ).
  • ✅【What is in box】1 x CHOETECH wireless charger stand, 1 x 3. 3ft Micro USB cable, 1x QC 3. 0 AC adapter, 1 x user Manual, 18-month & 24*7 friendly customer service.