Review: CHOETECH 61W GaN USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

CHOETECH 61W GaN USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger









  • Has a 61W Power Delivery output that can fast charge most laptops and basically all Power Delivery compatible smartphones
  • Uses GaN that makes the charger super small while still being able to deliver lots of power


  • Only uses a single port


If you have a laptop that uses a USB-C port then there’s a high chance that you’re able to charge your laptop using a USB-C Power Delivery charger. The great part about Power Delivery charging is that you’re able to use it for many more devices than just charging laptops, and it can be useful for charging your smartphone, too.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this CHOETECH 61W USB-C Power Delivery wall charger. It’s a very powerful PD charger that can be a great replacement if you’ve lost your PD charger for your laptop or want to be able to charge your laptop through its USB-C PD port.


Output Charging:

The charging power from this CHOETECH charger is not complicated, but it is powerful. The single USB-C Power Delivery port has a 61W charging speed, and this is a lot of power when it comes to Power Delivery charging. You’re going to be able to charge a USB-C MacBook Air at its max charging speed, and you’ll also be able to charge a MacBook Pro near its max charging speed.

Charging a Microsoft Surface Go with the CHOETECH 61W Power Delivery Wall Charger

Most USB-C Power Delivery compatible laptops can charge fast with this CHOETECH charger such as most Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface laptops like the Surface Laptop 3, the Surface Pro X, the new Surface Pro 7 that uses a USB-C port, and many other USB-C laptops.

The only laptop that we don’t think this PD charger would work with is HP laptops and this is due to HP making it so that their USB-C PD laptops are only compatible to use with their own PD chargers.

Charging stats for the Surface Go

In our case, we were able to charge a Microsoft Surface Go tablet that uses a USB-C port and it was able to charge at about 30W. Lower than what this CHOETECH charger is capable of, but it’s still quite a bit of power that this charger can deliver.


Size and Weight:

One of the best parts of a single port USB-C Power Delivery charger that sues GaN is that it’s tiny. What is GaN?

You may have seen it around Amazon with other PD chargers, and GaN chargers are ones that use Gallium Nitride chips. These chips are designed to replace parts in a charger and as a result, this makes the overall size of the charger smaller. At the same time, GaN chips can deliver more power, and what you end up with is a CHOETECH charger like this that has a length/width of 2 inches and a thickness of 1 inch. When you fold the plug the charger is just a cube.

Functional Components:

All you have to do to use this charger is to unfold the plug and plug it into an AC outlet. Once it’s plugged in there ‘s a Blue LED power light that turns on.


Structure and Material:

The builds of the wall charger is small, and using a single port has its benefits. As the charger is so compact and there are few parts used, and the only thing that you would have to worry about physically breaking is the foldable plug, but even that is solid to use. Foldable plugs have been used with wall chargers for many years and have improved a lot, so this one breaking has a low chance.


This is a tiny PD wall charger with a high 61W PD port, and normally a Power Delivery would warm up because of that. However, thanks to the GaN chip, the wall charger does not heat up even if you’re charging for a long duration of time.

That said, the charger itself may not heat up, but the device you’re charging might because you’re charging the battery at a fast speed and batteries tend to heat up when charged quickly. This shouldn’t cause concern though as it’s completely normal.


The only real unreliable part of this CHOETECH charger is that it only uses a single port, so you can only charge a single device at a time with it, but you already know that. Therefore, this charger is going to be useful for charging most USB-C Power Delivery laptops at or near their max charging speed.



The charging speed of 65W is powerful enough to charge most USB-C laptops at or near their max charging speed. This wall charger can also be used to fast charge USB-C Android smartphones and iPhones that are Power Delivery compatible.


This will likely be one of the smallest and most powerful PD chargers that you ever own because it’s a small cube that you can seamlessly fit into your pocket.


The charger is not low quality and the retractable AC adapter is solid.


The only unreliable part is that you can only charge a single device with this charger because it only uses a single port. The charging power is enough to charge a wide range of devices.

Specs of the CHOETECH 61W GaN Power Delivery Wall Charger:

USB-C Power Delivery Output5V/3.0A | 9V/3.0A | 12V/3.0A | 15V/3.0A | 20V/3.0A | 20.3V/3.0A (61W)
Input PowerAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz 1.5A
LED Power IndicatorSingle Blue Power Indicator
Size2 x 2 x 1 inches
Weight5.1 Ounces


Singe port USB-C Power Delivery chargers might seem limited, and they are because you can only charge one device at a time. However, they have their place and that would be because they hold a ton of power to be able to fast charge many types of devices, and this CHOETECH 61W GaN PD charger is one of them.

USB C Charger, CHOETECH 61W Power Delivery Fast Charger [PD 3.0 & GaN Tech] Type C Foldable Wall Charger Compatible with iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max/9, MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, Dell XPS, Pixel 4 and More

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  • 【One for All】 61W Max output PD charger supports top charging speed for PD devices from laptops to smart phones and tablets, such as MacBook Pro 13.3’’ 2020, MacBook Pro 13’’ and Dell XPS 13, iPhones, iPad Pro, and other compatible USB-C devices that support USB Power Delivery.
  • 【Charge Faster】Built-in smart identification chip automatically identify the voltage and current required by the device. Fully charge a MacBook Pro 13'' in 2 hours or a MacBook Air in 1. 6 hours, Dell XPS 13 in 2. 5 hours, HP Spectre X360 in 2. 3 hours.(USB C to C Cable is needed when quick charge, NOT INCLUDED)
  • 【Compact Size】Advanced gallium nitride (GaN) technology make the charger 50% smaller than original 61W MacBook charger, without sacrificing a single Watt of charging power. Ultra compact and lightweight to ensure maximum portability wherever you want to go, always to keep it in your daily bag or travel bag.
  • 【Certified Safety】TUV Certified, after rigorous testing, made of fire retardant PC material and design with over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, and short-circuit protection, exhaustive protection while high-power outputting. Ensure safety charge for you and your laptops and phones.
  • 【What You Get】CHOETECH 61W USB C GaN Charger, worry-free 18-month warranty, easy-to-reach customer service within 24 hours, life time technical support. (cable is not included)

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