Review: CHOETECH 10W – 7.5W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount with USB-C

CHOETECH 10W - 7.5W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount with USB-C









  • Features 10W Fast charging for Samsung phones and 7.5W Fast charging for iPhones
  • There are quite a few knobs to use to position your phone where you want it to be
  • Comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable


  • Does not come with a car charger to power the wireless charger
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2020)


Car chargers are not new charging electronics. If you commute via a car, then there’s a high chance that you own a car charger. They can come with plenty of ports and make use of some of the same fast charging tech that you would find with a power bank or a wall charger, such as featuring Quick Charge or Power Delivery.

This CHOETECH wireless charger that we’re here to review can be a more helpful type of a car charger if you want to have the ability to charge your phone and use a navigation app at the same time. Also, you don’t have to deal with any wires with your phone directly.


Output Charging:

A Samsung Note 9 Fast wirelessly charging

When it comes to using this car charger, you’re dealing with a wireless charger. The most important part of this one is that it features Fast wireless charging and this is where half the value of this car charger is. The other half is with the design and the user experience that you get from the mount, but we’ll get to that later on.

This charger features three charging powers in total. If you’ve got a Samsung Qi Wireless charging smartphone, such as a Samsung Galaxy S8, S9+, S10+, Note 8, Note 9 or Note 10, and any other Samsung phone, then you’re able to get a 10W charging speed from this CHOETECH wireless car charger.

The next fastest charging speed that you can get from this car charger is 7.5W. However, this charging rate is only usable for Qi wireless charging smartphones. So the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone XS and the iPhone 11 Pro max can fast charge with the 7.5W charging speed.

If you don’t have either a Samsung phone or an iPhone, but still have a wireless charging smartphone, then the charging speed will be 5W for your phone. So, if you do have a Samsung phone or an iPhone, you definitely have more of an incentive to get this charger because you’re able to get a faster charging speed.

Input Charging:

This wireless charger does feature some powerful charging but to make use of it, you have to use a car charger that features Quick Charge. Yes, in order to power this wireless charger, you still need a regular car charger that plugs into your 12Volt outlet. If you want to use the fast wireless charging from this wireless charger, you’re going to need a Quick Charge port with the car charger.

This wireless charger uses a USB-C input port, and the great thing is that this charger comes with a USB-C charging cable. It does not come with a car charger though, that said, there is a variant that does come with a car charger and you can find it here.


Size and Weight:

One of the downsides to having a wireless charging mount is that they tend to be quite large, and this is due to two reasons. One is that the wireless charging portion because it’s the actual charger piece that has components inside. The other reason is that the base of the car charger has to be larger and tougher to support the weight of the wireless charger.

Telescope knob fully retracted point of view

So this car mount may be more noticeable while you’re driving, more so than a regular mount. That said, it does make up for that when you take into account how you’re able to customize the position of your phone when it’s on the mount.

Telescope knob extended about halfway through

Functional Components:

When you get the car charger, it comes in two pieces. There’s a wireless charger part and the mount part that holds the wireless charger. You simply hook on the wireless charger piece onto the mount holder.

Once that’s done, you can use the adjustment knob, telescope knob, and pivot knob at the back to change how you want your phone to sit.

The top knob controls rotation position of the charger piece

The adjusting knob changes the direction of the wireless charger, the telescope can move your phone closer or further away from you, and the pivot moves the charger up and down.

The knob below controls the telescope position

When it comes to using the knobs you have to untighten them (Lefty loosey) manually move where you want the position to be, and then tighten it back up (righty tighty) to hold it in place.

The most bottom knob controls the angle of the mount

At the base of the mount is where the suction holder is, and the twist knob to make it hold onto a surface. Just make sure that the surface that you place the mount on is flat and dust-free, this way the mount holds onto the surface that it’s placed on.

The most bottom knob is for the suction cup at the bottom

The USB-C input port can be found at the bottom of the car charger, and when you place your smartphone on the charger, there’s a Green light that turns on off to the side.


Structure and Material:

Rubber pads to the side and the bottom to prevent any wear and tear on your phone

Despite this charger being rather large, it has a great build to it. Once you get the charger part to the mount and tighten it to your desired position, it does not move. The same can be said about the telescoping knob and the pivot knob. You just have to tighten them and the position is solid.

The suction at the bottom of the mount doesn’t always have the same experience, but we found that cleaning even a textured dashboard makes it hold well.


The charger does not overheat, at least in cool weather. If you’re using this charger in the Spring or Summer time, we recommend that you keep an eye out for your phone overheating. That’s because wireless charging generates quite a bit of heat alone, so charging it during hot weather can prove to be a bit harmful.


The top back button opens up the side clasps

The design of this car charger is already reliable as you’re able to position your phone exactly where you want it to be. What is not exactly universal is the charging power that you’ll receive.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, if you have a Wireless charging Samsung phone or an iPhone, then you’re in luck because this CHOETECH wireless charger features fast 10W and 7.5W wireless charging for those two types of phones. All other phones will receive a 5W charging speed.



The charging power from this wireless charger is great for Samsung smartphone users and iPhone users from the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and beyond.


The size of this charger is going to be larger than a regular type of smartphone mount, but it makes up for that with its customizable up positions.


The only part that we find to be worrisome when it comes to the building is using this charger for extended periods during hot weather. You’ve gotta make sure that you’ve got your AC on to make up for the sun exposure that your phone might be getting.


Due to its use of fast wireless charging, it’s more reliable to use for Samsung users and iPhone users.

Specs for CHOETECH Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount:

  • Output:

Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Phones: 10W

Qi Wireless Charging iPhones: 7.5W

All Other Qi Charging Phones: 5W

  • Input: Quick Charge Car Charger | 5V-2A , 9V-1. 8A
  • LED Power Indicator: Single Green indicator light
  • Size: Phone as Telescoping mechanism can extend from 4.3 inches to 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 8.6 Ounces


This CHOETECH car charger brings a full package of fast charging, great design and build quality that’ll keep you at ease.

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